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Alignment Chaotic Neutral[1] or Chaotic Evil[2]
Type Aberration[1] or Aberrant Magical Beast[2] (Blind (4th edition only)[2])
Image image
Publication history
Source books Monster Manual (4th edition), Monster Manual IV (v3.5)
First appearance Monster Manual IV (v3.5)

In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, a balhannoth is an aberration.[1] They are horrid, hulking aberration that hunt underground.[1] They can blend into ceilings using their camouflage,[1][3] and they attack using their tentacles.[4] Anti-magic auras surround them, making them particularly dangerous to player characters that are dependent on magic to survive.[5]

Publication history[edit]

Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition (2003-2008)[edit]

The balhannoth makes its first appearance in Monster Manual IV (2006).[1][6] That book also contains a sample lair where a balhannoth might be encountered,[1] entitled "Balhannoth Cavern".[7][8]

Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition (2008-)[edit]

The balhannoth is one of the monsters in the core 4th edition Monster Manual (2008).[2] It is one of the few monsters in the core Monster Manual for which only one set of statistics are provided.[9]


A balhannoth miniature appeared in the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game set Dungeons of Dread[10] as a Rare.[11]


The balhannoth is included in the System Reference Document, to be used in conjunction with the Game System License.[12] It is not a part of the Open Game License's System Reference Document.


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