Balsamand Lake

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Balsamand Lake
Balsamand Lake is located in Rajasthan
Balsamand Lake
Balsamand Lake
Coordinates26°19′52″N 73°01′12″E / 26.331°N 73.020°E / 26.331; 73.020Coordinates: 26°19′52″N 73°01′12″E / 26.331°N 73.020°E / 26.331; 73.020
Basin countriesIndia
Max. length1 km (0.62 mi)

Balsamand Lake is a lake situated 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from Jodhpur on Jodhpur-Mandore Road. This lake is a popular picnic spot, built in 1159 AD by Gurjara-Pratihara rulers. It was designed as a water reservoir to provide water to Mandore. The lake has a length of one kilometre (0.62 mi), breadth of 50 metres (160 ft) and a depth of 15 metres (49 ft).

Balsamand Lake Palace[edit]

The Balsamand Lake Palace was built later as a summer palace on its shore. The lake is surrounded by lush green gardens that house groves of trees like mango, papaya, pomegranate, guava and plum. Animals and birds like the jackal and peacock also call this place home.[1]

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