Lala-Bisa language

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Native to Zambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Region Copperbelt
Native speakers
350,000 in Zambia (2010)[1]
unknown but smaller number in DRC
  • Ambo (Mbo)
  • Luano
  • Swaka
  • Bisa (Ichibisa, Wiza)
  • Lala (Ichilala)
Language codes
ISO 639-3 leb
Glottolog lala1264[2]

Lala-Bisa is a Bantu language of Zambia that is closely related to Bemba.

Swaka dialect is divergent, and sometimes classified as a separate language (Nurse 2003). Maho (2009) lists Biisa (Wisa), Lala, Ambo, Luano, and Swaka as distinct languages, with Ambo and Luano closest to Lala.


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