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William V. "Bill" Cowan, is a retired USMC lieutenant colonel, a decorated Vietnam veteran, a public speaker on matters of national security and terrorism, and a former contributor for the Fox News Channel.

Cowan has a graduate degree in computer science and is a member of Mensa. But he is known internationally for his expertise in planning and executing difficult and often dangerous counterterrorism, intelligence, and military special operations. Described by a retired special operations general as a 'steely eyed killer', Cowan worked highly classified international operations until 2013, while concurrently working in the media.[1]

Cowan was a co-host with Ambassador Dick Carlson on the radio and television show Danger Zone, and he has written articles for The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Caller, Breitbart, and The Hill.

He is married to the former Velvet Leigh Shelton, a conservative political activist from Mount Airy, North Carolina.

He co-wrote Snatching Hillary, A Satirical Novel (Tulip Hill Publishing, 2014, ISBN 0692337008) with Dick Carlson.[2]


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