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Rupes Recta.jpg
The lunar crater Birt and its environs. Since this is a telescopic view, this image is inverted.
Coordinates 22°24′S 8°30′W / 22.4°S 8.5°W / -22.4; -8.5Coordinates: 22°24′S 8°30′W / 22.4°S 8.5°W / -22.4; -8.5
Diameter 17 km
Depth 3.5 km
Colongitude 9° at sunrise
Eponym William R. Birt
Birt crater and other features on the Moon, also Rima Birt - a slightly curved ~50 km long channel that starts and ends in a pit. Photo: Georgi Georgiev, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Since this is a telescopic view, this image is inverted.

Birt is a lunar impact crater located in the eastern half of the Mare Nubium and west of the Rupes Recta, further west is Nicollet and south-southwest is the smaller Lippershey.

Birt is a bowl-shaped formation with a raised rim, slightly intersected along the southeast edge by the much smaller crater Birt A. To the west of Birt, a rille named Rima Birt runs north-northwest in an arc from Birt F to Birt E.

Oblique view of Rupes Recta (left), Birt (center), and Rima Birt (right), from Apollo 16

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Birt.

Birt Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 22.5° S 8.2° W 7 km
B 22.2° S 10.2° W 5 km
C 23.7° S 8.3° W 2 km
D 21.0° S 9.8° W 3 km
E 20.7° S 9.6° W 5 km
F 22.3° S 9.1° W 3 km
G 23.1° S 8.2° W 2 km
H 23.0° S 9.1° W 2 km
J 23.0° S 9.4° W 2 km
K 22.4° S 9.7° W 2 km
L 21.6° S 9.3° W 3 km


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