Artemis (crater)

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Coordinates 25°00′N 25°24′W / 25.0°N 25.4°W / 25.0; -25.4Coordinates: 25°00′N 25°24′W / 25.0°N 25.4°W / 25.0; -25.4
Diameter 2 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 336° at sunrise
Eponym Greek Goddess Artemis

Artemis is a tiny lunar impact crater located in the Mare Imbrium. Craters of this dimension typically form cup-shaped excavations on the surface of the Moon. It lies near the midpoint between the craters Euler to the west and Lambert to the east. Just a few kilometers to the southeast is the even smaller Verne.

It is named after Artemis, Greek goddess of the moon.