Boethius (lunar crater)

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Boethius crater AS15-M-0936.jpg
Apollo 15 image
Coordinates 5°36′N 72°18′E / 5.6°N 72.3°E / 5.6; 72.3Coordinates: 5°36′N 72°18′E / 5.6°N 72.3°E / 5.6; 72.3
Diameter 10 km
Depth Unknown
Colongitude 288° at sunrise
Eponym Boethius

Boethius is a small lunar impact crater located on the east edge of Mare Undarum near the eastern lunar limb. To the southwest is the dark, lava-flooded crater Dubyago.

Boethius is circular and cup-shaped, with inner walls sloping down to the tiny central floor. It has a higher albedo than the surrounding terrain, and is not overlain by other impact craters of note. Boethius was identified as Dubyago U before being named by the IAU after Boethius, the Roman philosopher.


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