California's 35th State Assembly district

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California's 35th State Assembly district
Map of the district
Current assemblymember
  Jordan Cunningham
Population (2010)
 • Voting age
 • Citizen voting age
Registered voters 215,727
Registration 39.15% Republican

California's 35th State Assembly district is one of 80 California State Assembly districts. It is currently represented by Republican Jordan Cunningham of Templeton.

District profile[edit]

The district is located on the Central Coast and contains a mix of rocky coastlines and agricultural valleys. The district is anchored by the city of Santa Maria.

List of assemblymembers[edit]

Due to redistricting, the 35th district has been moved around different parts of the state. The current iteration resulted from the 2011 redistricting by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission.

Assemblymember Party Years served
  W.H. Cobb Republican 1898–1900
  Edward F. Treadwell Republican 1900–1906
  Fred Hugo Hartmann Republican 1906–1908
  Frederick Carsten Gerdes Republican 1908–1912
  Alfred L. Morgenstern Republican 1912–1914
  Paul J. Arnerich Republican 1914–1918
  William J. Locke Republican 1918–1920
  Homer R. Spence Republican 1920–1926
  Roy Bishop Republican 1926–1932
  Ellis E. Patterson Republican 1932–1938
  Frederick Weybret Republican 1938–1940
  S.L. Heisinger Democratic 1942–1949
  William W. Hansen Republican 1950–1952
  Roscoe L. Patterson Republican 1952–1956
  Myron H. Frew Democratic 1956–1964
  Gordon W. Duffy Republican 1965–1967
  John Briggs Republican 1967–1974
  Gary K. Hart Democratic 1974–1982
  Jack O'Connell Democratic 1982–1994
  Brooks Firestone Republican 1994–1998
  Hannah-Beth Jackson Democratic 1998–2004
  Pedro Nava Democratic 2004–2010
  Das Williams Democratic 2010–2012
  Katcho Achadjian Republican 2012–present

Election results[edit]


California State Assembly election, 2016
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Democratic Dawn Ortiz-Legg 55,577 45.0
Republican Jordan Cunningham 45,750 37.0
Republican Steve Lebard 18,170 14.7
Libertarian Dominic Robert Rubini 4,142 3.4
Total votes 123,639 100.0
General election
Republican Jordan Cunningham 105,247 54.7
Democratic Dawn Ortiz-Legg 87,168 45.3
Total votes 192,415 100.0
Republican hold


California State Assembly election, 2014
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Katcho Achadjian (incumbent) 54,615 65.3
Democratic Heidi Harmon 29,030 34.7
Total votes 83,645 100.0
General election
Republican Katcho Achadjian (incumbent) 77,452 62.7
Democratic Heidi Harmon 46,126 37.3
Total votes 123,578 100.0
Republican hold


California State Assembly election, 2012
Primary election
Party Candidate Votes %
Republican Katcho Achadjian (incumbent) 62,747 64.9
Democratic Gerald "Gerry" Manata 33,862 35.1
Total votes 96,609 100.0
General election
Republican Katcho Achadjian (incumbent) 103,762 61.3
Democratic Gerald "Gerry" Manata 65,500 38.7
Total votes 169,262 100.0
Republican hold

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