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RPG Capes cover.jpg
Designer(s) Tony Lower-Basch
Publisher(s) Muse of Fire Games
Publication date 2005
Genre(s) Indie, Superhero
System(s) Custom

Capes is a role-playing game by Tony Lower-Basch, independently published by Muse of Fire Games. It is a superhero role-playing game played in "scenes", in which players choose what character to play before each new scene. The game is a competitive storytelling game without a GM. Players create and play the villains who oppose other players' heroes.

Characters are generally co-owned, but controlled by one player at a time. Losers in conflicts can earn "story tokens" that can be used to influence the game, so it's sometimes beneficial to play a supervillain that gets beaten to get more story tokens.

The game also has a "gloating rule" that emulates situations where (for example) the villain can easily kill the heroes.

The only known module for the system is "Invasion from Earth Prime"

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