Chè trôi nước

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Chè trôi nước
A bowl of chè trôi nước
Type Dessert
Place of origin Vietnam
Serving temperature Warm
Main ingredients Mung bean paste, glutinous rice flour, water, sugar, ginger root
Variations Bánh trôi, banh chay
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Chè trôi nước (or sometimes is called Chè xôi nước, both meaning "dessert wading in water") is a Vietnamese dessert consisting of balls made from mung bean paste wrapped in a shell made of glutinous rice flour. The balls are served in a thick, sweet clear or brown liquid made of water, sugar, and grated ginger root. It is generally warmed before eating and garnished with sesame seeds.

Two northern Vietnamese desserts, bánh trôi (also called bánh trôi nước) and bánh chay, are similar to chè trôi nước (the latter being served with coconut milk). Chè trôi nước is also similar to a Chinese dish called tangyuan.

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