Chinese people in Bangladesh

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Chinese people in Bangladesh
Regions with significant populations
Dhaka • Chittagong • Sylhet • Cox's Bazar
Mandarin Chinese • Bengali • English • Hakka Chinese • Varieties of Chinese
Majority: Buddhism • Taoism • Confucianism  • Chinese Folk Religions
Minority: Islam • Christianity • Hinduism

There are over 700 Chinese citizens and nationals who live in Bangladesh.[1] Most Chinese expatriates are based in Dhaka and Chittagong, and consist largely of diplomats or employees of foreign companies.

Chinese food enjoys large popularity and is widespread in Bangladesh, with there even being Bangladeshi-style Chinese cuisine.[1] Chinese women in Dhaka have a reputation for running popular beauty parlours.[2]

Social and cultural events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Chinese New Year are celebrated quite often by those who cannot go home.[3][4] There is also a local organisation, Bangladesh-China People's Friendship Association (BCPFA), which has been active since 1986.[5]

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