Chinese people in Uruguay

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Chinese people in Uruguay
Chinos en Uruguay
Regions with significant populations
Montevideo, Uruguay
Chinese, Uruguayan Spanish
Related ethnic groups
Overseas Chinese

Chinese Uruguayans are Uruguayans of Chinese descent.

The first flow of immigration arrived in 1949, coming from mainland China and Taiwan.[1] Nowadays there are some 400 Chinese immigrants in Uruguay, mostly living in Montevideo. Their activities include gastronomy, fishing, groceries.[2]

The 2011 Uruguayan census revealed 226 people who declared China as their country of birth.[3] As of 2013, there are 44 Chinese citizens registered in the Uruguayan social security.[4] Compared to neighboring Argentina, Chinese immigration is too small in Uruguay.[1]

There are a Chinese Uruguayan Association[2] and a Uruguay-China Chamber of Commerce in Montevideo.[5]

Some Chinese immigrants teach their language to Uruguayans.[2]

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