Ethnic Chinese in Brunei

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Ethnic Chinese in Brunei
Total population
10.3% of the Bruneian population (2014)[1])
Regions with significant populations
Bandar Seri Begawan
Brunei Malay • Hokkien • Hakka • Teochew
Mandarin • Malay
Predominantly Buddhist • Taoist • Christian[2]  • Islam[3]
Related ethnic groups
Overseas Chinese
Chinese temple in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Ethnic Chinese in Brunei form roughly 10% of Brunei's population. As of 1986, it was estimated that over 90% were unable to obtain Bruneian citizenship despite generations of residence in the country.[4] In the recent years, Chinese in Brunei are allowed to obtain Brunei Citizenship[5][6] although more serious reforms are blocked by the Home Ministry.[7] Chinese Bruneian constitute one group of Overseas Chinese and represent one of the smaller groups of Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia.

Ethnic Chinese in Brunei were encouraged to settle because of their commercial and business acumen. The biggest dialect group is the Hokkien; many originated from Kinmen and Xiamen in China. The Hakka and Cantonese represent a minority of the Chinese population. Despite their small numbers, the Hokkien have a considerable presence in Brunei's private and business sector, providing commercial and entrepreneurial expertise and often operating joint business ventures with Malaysian Chinese entreprises.[8]

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