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Chocolate dipped cream cup.jpg
Chocolate dipped cream cone
Alternative names Choc bombs
Type Ice cream
Place of origin Australia
Main ingredients Vanilla ice cream, milk chocolate
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Choc-tops (also known as 'choc bumbs' or 'roundies' in Queensland and Western Australia respectively) are chocolate-dipped ice-creams popular in Australia and traditionally eaten at the cinema.

The traditional choc-top is one scoop of vanilla ice-cream covered in a hard milk chocolate shell, sitting atop an ice-cream cone. Variations include different ice-cream flavours, such as chocolate, strawberry, chocolate chili, and banana. The chocolate shell may be studded with confectionery and mixed with flavourings. Ice cream brand is irrelevant, some examples of branded choc-tops include, Connoisseur and Golden North.

Though today choc-tops are often mass-produced, many cinemas - including large chains - still make them by hand,[1][2] and the quality or novelty of a cinema's choc-tops can be a draw for movie-goers.


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