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Chorompotro (Bengali: চরমপত্র) was a popular radio program during the Bangladesh Liberation War coming out from the hidden Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro uttered by M. R. Akhtar Mukul.[1]


Mukul, a young Bangali started a program from the hidden Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendro, The Radio Station for Independent Bangladesh in 1971 while a war between Bangladeshi civilians and Pakistani armed forces was running.[2]


Charampatra, meaning 'the extreme letter' was a program. Here, Mukul used to describe the positions of the war with a witty funny voice. He used to describe the uncomfortable position of Pakistani militants and victorious position of the Bangladeshi fighters.[2]


It was the most popular program of that station. The most effective plus point of that program was that people of Bangladesh started to realize that even the Pakistani military was not invincible. It is said that hundreds of Civilians became soldiers just being inspired by this program.[1]

Later, Chorompotro was printed and published as a collection.[1]