Christina Boudreau

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Christina Boudreau
Guiding Light character
Portrayed by Karla Mosley
First appearance October 22, 2008
Last appearance September 18, 2009

Christina Boudreau is a fictional character from the daytime soap opera Guiding Light, portrayed by Karla Mosley.

The character first appeared in Guiding Light in October 2008, as a pre-med on a scholarship hoping to become a doctor, with a back-story of being brought-up in poverty by her mother. When fifteen years old, after her mother died, she lived with her grandmother Loretta who had a history of illness. Christina's nature was presented as sweet, intelligent and kind-hearted.

She met Remy Boudreau, and was immediately attracted to him; they married in a casino chapel during a drunken night together. After a financial aid representative overheard Christina and Remy talking over the circumstance of their marriage her student scholarship was revoked; she had to give up her work and study. Christina and Remy later found that they were not legally married, after which she surprised him by saying she was pregnant.

After looking after Reva and Jeffrey O'Neill's baby, Colin, she made a decision to start a day care centre.

In May 2009, James Spaulding paid for Christina, with characters Daisy and Ashlee, to visit Universal Studios Orlando theme park.

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