Chronological list of saints and blesseds in the 12th century

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A list of 12th-century saints:

Name Birth Birthplace Death Place of death Notes
Bruno 1032 Cologne, Germany 1101 Squillace, Italy
Thiemo (Theodinarus) 1040 Germany 1102 Corozain, Northern District, Israel Archbishop of Salzburg
William Firmatus 1026 Tours, France 1103  
Ebontius (Ebon, Pontius, Ponce)   Comminges, Haute Garonne, France 1104 Barbastro, Aragon, Spain Bishop of Barbastro
Peter   Salerno, Italy 1105   Bishop of Anagni
Aurelian 1010   1106   Bishop of Hanover
Benno 1010 Hildesheim, Germany 1106 Meissen, Saxony Bishop of Meissen
John of Lodi   Lodi Vecchio, Italy 1106 Gubbio, Italy Bishop of Gubbio
Nicetas   Kiev, Ukraine 1107 Novgorod, Russia Bishop of Novgorod
Blessed Benedict of Coltiboni     1107  
Alberic     1109 Cîteaux, France
Anselm 1033 Aosta, Kingdom of Burgundy 1109 Canterbury, Kent Archbishop of Canterbury
Bernard of Capua   Capua, Italy 1109 Carinola, Campania, Italy Bishop of Carinola
Dominic de la Calzada 1019 Viloria de Rioja, Spain 1109 Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Spain
Gerald   Cahors, Gascony 1109 Bornos, then in Portugal Bishop of Braga
Hugh of Cluny 1024 Semur, Brionnais, France 1109 Cluny, France
Peter of Burgo     1109   Bishop of Osma
Blessed Edigna     1109  
Berthold   Parma, Italy 1111 Parma, Italy
Robert of Molesme 1027 Troyes, Champagne, France 1111 Molesme, France
Benedict of Cagliari     1112 Dolia, Sardinia Bishop of Dolia
Blessed Odo 1050   1113   Bishop of Cambrai
Godfrey of Amiens (Geoffrey) 1066 Soissons, France 1115 Soissons, France Bishop of Amiens
Ivo of Chartres 1040 Beauvais, France 1115   Bishop of Chartres
Blessed Humbald     1115   Bishop of Auxerre
Blessed Peter the Hermit 1050   1115  
Blessed Peter     1115   Bishop of Poitiers
Lidanus 1026 Antinum, Italy 1118 Monte Cassino, Italy
Raymond of Toulouse (Raymond Gayrard)   Toulouse, France 1118 Toulouse, France
Erminold   Germany 1121 Regensburg, Germany
Frederick     1121 Liège, Belgium Bishop of Liège
Ogmund 1052   1121   Bishop of Hólar
Bernard Valeara     1122 Teramo, Italy Bishop of Teramo
Egino   Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany 1122 Pisa, Italy
Odo   Barcelona, Spain 1122   Bishop of Urgell
Blessed Vitalis of Savigny 1063   1122  
Bertrand of Comminges 1050 L'Isle-Jourdain, France 1123 Lugdunum Convenarum, France Bishop of Comminges
Bruno of Segni 1047 Solero in Lombardy 1123 Segni, Italy Bishop of Segni
Peter of Pappacarbone   Salerno, Italy 1123   Bishop of Policastro
Gerald 1070 Puissalicon, France 1123 Béziers, France Bishop of Béziers
Caradoc     1124 Haroldston, Wales
Constabilis 1060 Tresino, Lucania, modern Italy 1124 Cava de' Tirreni, Campania, Italy
Stephen of Muret (or Grandmont) 1046 Thiers, France 1124  
Adelina     1125  
Bonfilius 1040   1125 Osimo, Italy Bishop of Foligno
Blessed Adeline     1125  
Blessed Lambert     1125  
Raymond of Barbastro   Durban, France 1126 Barbastro, Aragon, Spain Bishop of Barbastro
Blessed Conrad of Seldenburen     1126  
Albert   Normandy 1127 Motta Montecorvino, Apulia, Italy Bishop of Montecorvino
Henry of Cocket     1127 Coquet Island, England
Blessed Charles the Good 1083   1127  
Blessed Godfrey of Kappenberg 1097   1127  
Blessed Gualfardus (Wolfhard) 1070   1127  
Cellach (Ceilach, Keilach) 1080 Ireland 1129 Munster, Ireland Archbishop of Armagh
John Theristus ("Harvester") 1049 Sicily, Italy 1129 Calabria, Italy
Elizabeth Rose     1130 Courtenay, Loiret, France
Isidore the Farmer 1070 Madrid, Kingdom of Castile 1130 Madrid, Kingdom of Castile
William Breteuil     1130 Breteuil, near Beauvais, France
Blessed Diemoda (Diemut) 1060   1130  
Blessed John of Therouanne     1130  
Adjutor   Vernon, France 1131 Tiron, France
Canute 1096 Roskilde, Denmark 1131 Haraldsted near Ringsted in Zeeland, Denmark Martyr
Hugh of Châteauneuf 1053 Châteauneuf-sur-Isère, France 1132 Grenoble, France Bishop of Grenoble
Bernard     1133 Parma, Italy Bishop of Parma
Allucio 1070 Valdinievole, Italy 1134 Valdinievole, Italy
Landulf of Yariglia     1134 Asti, Italy Bishop of Asti
Norbert 1080 Xanten, Electorate of Cologne, Holy Roman Empire 1134 Magdeburg, Archbishopric of Magdeburg Bishop of Magdeburg
Stephen Harding 1059 Dorset, England 1134  
Belina     1135 Troyes, France Virgin and Martyr
Blessed Humbeline 1092   1135  
Leopold of Austria 1073 Melk, Austria 1136 Niederosterrich, Austria
Peter of Juilly   England 1136  
Blessed Jutta of Diessenberg 1091   1136  
Adela 1067 Normandy, France 1137 Marcigny-sur-Loire, France Daughter of William the Conqueror
Grimoaldus     1137  
Ollegarius (Oldegar) 1060 Barcelona, Spain 1137 Tarragona, Spain Archbishop of Tarragona
Christian   Armagh, Northern Ireland 1138 Clogher, Northern Ireland Bishop of Clogher
Blessed Gerard of Clairvaux 1090   1138  
Blessed Waltman     1138  
John of Pulsano (John of Matera) 1070 Matera, Italy 1139 Pulsano, Italy
Otto 1060 Mistelbach, Franconia 1139 Pomerania, Poland Bishop of Bamberg
Aybert (Aibert) 1060 Espain, Belgium 1140 Tournai, Belgium
Baldwin     1140 Rieti, Italy
Gaucherius 1060 Meulan-sur-Seine, France 1140  
Blessed Stilla     1140  
William of Vercelli 1085 Vercelli, Italy 1142 Sant'Angelo dei Lombardi, Italy
John de Urteca (John the Hermit) 1050 Burgos, Spain 1143  
William of Norwich 1132 Norwich 1144 Norwich blood libel - cult suppressed
Blessed Ayrald (Airald)     1146   Bishop of Maurienne
Malachy O'More 1094 Armagh, Northern Ireland 1148 Clairvaux, France Archbishop of Armagh
Guarinus (Guerin) 1065 Pont-à-Mousson, France 1150 Aulps Abbey, France Bishop of Sion
Blessed Theobald (Theobald Roggeris)   Vico, Italy 1150  
Bellinus     1151 Padua, Italy Bishop of Padua
Blessed Raynald de Bar     1151  
Adelelmus   Flanders, Belgium 1152  
Chelidonia   Ciculum, Abruzzi, Italy 1152 Subiaco, Italy
Thethmar (Theodemar)     1152  
Blessed Ralph     1152  
Blessed Redigund (Wedigund)     1152  
Atto 1070 Badajoz, Spain 1153 Italy Bishop of Pistoia
Bernard of Clairvaux 1090 Fontaine-lès-Dijon, France 1153 Clairvaux, France Doctor of the Church
David I 1084   1153 Carlisle, Scotland King of Scotland
Blessed Eugenius III 1100   1153   pope
Lambert 1084 Bauduen, France 1154 Vence, France Bishop of Vence
Stephen of Obazine 1085 Limousin, France 1154 Obazine, France
Vicelin 1086 Hemeln, Lower Saxony, Germany 1154 Neumünster, Lorraine, France Bishop of Oldenburg
William   York, England 1154 York, England Archbishop of York
Wulfric 1080 Compton Martin, Bristol, England 1154 Haselbury Plucknett, Somerset, England
Blessed Conrad of Bavaria 1105   1154  
Blessed Ulric     1154  
Bernard of Valdeiglesias     1155  
Florentius of Carracedo     1156  
Henry   England 1156 Köyliö, Finland Bishop of Uppsala
Blessed Peter the Venerable (Peter of Montboissier) 1092   1156  
William of Maleval   France 1157 Castiglione della Pescaia, Italy
Blessed Robert Bruges     1157  
Guarinus (Warin) 1080 Bologna, Italy 1158 Pavia, Italy Bishop of Palestrina
Ronald 1100 Norway 1158 Caithness, Scotland Earl of Orkney
Blessed Serlon     1158  
John of Meda   Meda, Milan, Italy 1159 Brera, Italy
Robert of Newminster 1100 Gargrave, North Yorkshire, England 1159 Newminster Abbey, Morpeth, Northumberland, England
Blessed Amadeus of Lausanne 1110   1159  
Arnulf 1095   1160 St. Jakob, Regensburg, Germany Archbishop of Mainz
Cosmas   Palermo, Sicily, Italy 1160 Sicily, Italy Bishop of Aphrodisia
Mechtildis of Edelstetten   Bavaria, Germany 1160 Diessen, Bavaria, Germany
Rainerius of Pisa 1117 Pisa, Italy 1160 Pisa, Italy
Ubald Baldassini (Ubaldus) 1086 Gubbio, Italy 1160 Gubbio, Italy Bishop of Gubbio
Blessed John the Spaniard 1123   1160  
Blessed Roger of Ellant     1160  
Blessed Waltheof of Walthen     1160  
Eric of Sweden 1120 Sweden 1161 Uppsala, Sweden Martyred King of Sweden
Blessed Leo of Saint-Bertin     1163  
Blessed Raymund of Fitero (Raymond, Ramon Sierra)     1163  
Eberhard   Nuremberg, Germany 1164 Rein Abbey, Gratwein, Styria, Austria Archbishop of Salzburg
Elizabeth of Schonau 1129 Germany 1164 Bonn, Germany
Blessed Hartman     1164   Bishop of Brixen
Blessed Hugh of Fosses 1093   1164  
Adalgott     1165   Bishop of Chur
Goswin 1086 Douai, France 1165 Pecquencourt, France
Rosalia 1130 Palermo, Sicily 1166 Mount Pellegrino, Sicily Virgin
Theotonius 1082 Ganfei, Valença, Portugal 1162 Coimbra, Portugal
Harold   England 1168 Gloucester, England Martyr
John of the Grating 1098 Brittany, France 1168   Bishop of Aleth
Richard of Vaucelles   England 1169 Cambrai, France
Gerlac 1100 Houthem, the Netherlands 1170 Houthem, the Netherlands
Godric of Finchale 1065 Walpole, Norfolk, England 1170 Finchale, County Durham, England
Hugh of Noara   France 1170 Novara, Sicily
Thomas Becket 1118 Cheapside, London, England 1170 Canterbury, Kent, England Archbishop of Canterbury
Wivina 1103 Oisy, France 1170 Groot-Bijgaarden, near Brussels, Belgium
Blessed Marinus     1170  
Aimo   Rennes, France 1173  
Peter 1102 Saint-Maurice-l'Exil, France 1174 Bellevaux Abbey, France Archbishop of Tarentaise
CorneliusConor/Connor (Cornelius Mac Conchailleadh or McConchailleach)   Ireland 1176 Chambéry, Savoy, France Archbishop of Armagh
Galdinus 1096 Milan, Italy 1176 Milan, Italy Archbishop of Milan
Anthelm 1107 Chambéry, Savoy, France 1178 Belley, France Bishop of Belley
Blessed Emilina 1115   1178  
Hildegard of Bingen 1098 Bermersheim vor der Höhe, Germany 1179 Bingen am Rhein, Germany
Aventinus     1180 Touraine, France
Bernard de Alzira     1180  
Herbert Hoscam   England 1180 Conza, Italy Archbishop of Conza
Lawrence O'Toole 1125 Castledermot, Kildare, Ireland 1180 Eu, Normandy, France Archbishop of Dublin
Raynerius of Split (Renier of Split)     1180 Split, Croatia Archbishop of Split
Blesseds Nicholas and Anne Giustiniani     1180  
Galgano Guidotti 1148 Chiusdino, Siena, Italy 1181 Monte Siepe, Tuscany, Italy
Blessed Albert of Clatina     1181  
Blessed Eskil of Lund 1100   1181  
Blessed John Sordi     1181  
Bogumilus (Bogimilus, Theophilus) 1135 Dobrow, Poland 1182 Uniedow, Poland Archbishop of Gniezno
Blessed Bernard the Penitent     1182  
Hildegund   Germany 1183  
Blessed John Cacciafronte     1183   Bishop of Mantua
Benedict Benezet 1163 Hermillon, Savoy, France 1184  
Silvester of Troina   Italy 1185  
Drogo (Droun) 1105   1186 Sebourg, France
Blessed Christian (Christian O'Conarcy, Giolla Criost Ua Condoirche)     1186  
Eysteinn Erlendsson     1188 Nidaros, Norway Archbishop of Nidaros
Blessed Humbert III 1136   1188  
Gilbert of Sempringham 1083 Sempringham, Lincolnshire, England 1189 Sempringham, Lincolnshire, England
Maurice of Carnoet 1117 Kerbarth, Croixanvec, France 1191  
Albert of Louvain 1166 Brabant, Belgium 1192 Rheims, France Bishop of Liège
William of Pontoise     1192 Pontoise, France
Barlaam of Khutyn   Novgorod, Russia 1193 Khutyn, Veliky Novgorod, Russia
Bartholomew of Farne (Tostig)   Whitby, Northumbria, England 1193 Farne Islands, England
Thorlak Thorharlsson 1133 Fljótshlíð, Iceland 1193 Skálholt, Iceland Bishop of Skalholt
Blessed Desiderius (Didier)     1194   Bishop of Thérouanne
Ascelina 1121   1195  
Berthold   Limoges, France 1195  
Richard   England 1196 Andria, Italy Bishop of Andria
Homobonus   Cremona, Lombardy, Italy 1197 Cremona, Lombardy, Italy
Blessed William Tempier     1197   Bishop of Poitiers
Donatus 1179 Ripacandida, Italy 1198  
Hatebrand   Frisia, Netherlands 1198 Frisia, Netherlands
Peter Pareuzi   Rome, Italy 1199 Orvieto, Italy Martyr
Conus   Diano, Italy 1200 Cardossa, Lucania, Italy
Hugh of Avalon 1140 Avalon, Burgundy, France 1200 London, England Bishop of Lincoln
Blessed Odo of Novara 1105   1200  
Raymond the Palmer 1140 Piacenza 1200 Piacenza

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