Conservative Workers & Trade Unionists

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Conservative Workers & Trade Unionists
Founded 2015
Honorary President Robert Halfon, MP
Director Spencer Pitfield[1]
Deputy director Richard Short
Parent organisation Conservative Party

The Conservative Workers & Trade Unionists (CWTU) is an organisation part of the Conservative Party[2][3][4] in the United Kingdom which aims at reaching out to support working people and trade unionists.[5][6] It is focused on improving employment rights, tackling low pay, raising productivity and supporting greater employment satisfaction.

The organisation was founded by Robert Halfon MP, former Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party and Spencer Pitfield, former Director of the Conservative Policy Forum. Spencer Pitfield is the organisation's current Director and former Conservative Parliamentary Candidate, Richard Short,[7] is Deputy Director.


  • Britain should be a country that works for everyone
  • Working people create wealth for their families and communities
  • Working people deserve fulfillment and health across their lives
  • Businesses, workers and government all have responsibility to improve productivity
  • Society should always value and support hard working people
  • There should be a constructive working relationship between the Conservative Party and Trade Unions.


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