Corberrie, Nova Scotia

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Corberrie, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Corberrie, Nova Scotia
Corberrie in Nova Scotia

Corberrie is a community in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, located in the District of Clare in Digby County.


According to the Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management's Place-Names and Places of Nova Scotia (1967):

(Corberrie) is approximately two miles south-east of Porcupine Lake. The name may be a variation of the old English word, corbie, for crow, or of the French word, corbeille, which means "basket", or sometimes, "a clump of trees". The settlement was founded by Mathurin McCollough in 1829.

Located at the corner of Patrice Road and Route 340 is the St. Jean Baptiste Roman Catholic Church, which is a mission church of the Notre Dame Du Mont Carmel church in Concession. The church was built in 1837 and, as of 2007, no longer holds service. Surrounding the church is a small cemetery, where the grave of Frederick Armand Robicheau is located.

By the late 1880s, the community was predominately inhabited by French-Acadians where lumbering and farming were the principal industries.

Coordinates: 44°14′8.18″N 65°55′49.18″W / 44.2356056°N 65.9303278°W / 44.2356056; -65.9303278 (Corberrie, Nova Scotia)