Cyrus Foley

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Cyrus Foley
Guiding Light character
Portrayed by Murray Bartlett
First appearance March 9, 2007
Last appearance September 18, 2009
Occupation Con artist
Residence The Foley House
Springfield, Illinois

Cyrus Foley is a fictional character from the CBS soap opera Guiding Light, portrayed by Murray Bartlett. He was introduced during the episode airing on March 9, 2007, and made his last appearance on the series finale on September 18, 2009. The character is a known con artist who at first is quite ruthless but soon develops into a rational human being by the end of the series when he discovers that he is the son of Jenna Bradshaw and the missing link of the Cooper family.


Cyrus Foley arrived in Springfield in 2007. Having had to resort to theft to help feed himself and his brother after the death of their mother when they were children, he was now a master of the con. Upon arriving, he immediately robbed a jewelry store. However, when a beautiful woman started chasing down the wrong suspect, Cyrus acted like the Good Samaritan and took down the suspect with a punch. After flirting with the beautiful police detective, Marina Cooper, Cyrus went on his way. He went to the home of his old partner in crime.

Cyrus Foley is an accomplished thief, of both jewelry and identity. He and Dinah Marler (then known as Didi Moore) spent time together robbing their way through Europe before he was arrested and sent to prison.[1] He has recently moved to Springfield, and has forced her to extort money from Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon (her mother) in order to keep their past a secret from Dinah's husband, A.C. Mallet. He has somewhat of a flirtatious relationship with Marina Cooper. He was married to Alexandra Spaulding, a former baroness, for his green card so he can stay in the country for Marina.

Alexandra Spaulding has become aware that Cyrus is a dangerous man and in an attempt to keep him from Marina, she had Marina kidnapped. Cyrus and Harley went to aid and find Marina as Cyrus promised to divorce Alexandra when Marina was found. As of January 2008, Cyrus has seemed to develop deep feelings for Harley Cooper and vice versa, with the problem of her just getting a divorce from her husband Gus, and him being in a relationship with her niece Marina. In February, Cyrus admitted his feelings to Harley while visiting New York City, where Harley was on the hunt for Phillip Spaulding. The two came close to making love before Harley decided they would only be hurting Marina, although they made love days later and decided to tell Marina they were in love. By starting a relationship with Harley, Cyrus had worsened his already unstable relationship with the rest of the Cooper family, most notably Frank. Soon after Cyrus moved in with Harley, Phoebe, a woman from Cyrus' past, came back to town and blackmailed Cyrus. Harley came up with the money Cyrus had stolen from Phoebe by getting a second mortgage on her house, which put her into severe debt. Despite the money problems, Cyrus and Harley remained happy together. In April, Harley's ex-husband, Gus Aitoro, was in a motorcycle accident. From the moment Harley told a dying Gus that she loved him, Harley and Cyrus began to drift apart. She had no desire to kiss or touch Cyrus, although she insisted she wanted him to keep living with her. Cyrus, angry that he was playing second fiddle to her dead ex-husband, slept with Cassie Layne Winslow after an evening of heavy drinking at Towers.

Cyrus and Cassie initially kept things secret, but Cassie, feeling guilty, confessed she slept with a man to her husband, Josh Lewis. Cyrus didn't tell Harley, however, and their sporadically romantic relationship continued until May 2008, when Harley, distraught that Gus' son, Rafe, was facing jail time for shooting district attorney Jeffrey O'Neill, convinced Rafe Rivera to flee the country with her so he could avoid jail time. Before leaving, Harley shared a heartfelt goodbye with Cyrus, who was unaware she was leaving. For nearly a month, Cyrus wondered where Harley had gone. In June, Buzz got a hold of Harley, who was worried about his daughter. Cassie, angry that Cyrus had put a strain on her marriage, asked to speak to Harley, and admitted the affair to her, leaving her devastated. In Beth Ehlers' final scenes, she convinced Buzz that her relationship with Cyrus had come to an end. Cyrus found out what Cassie had done, and was furious, although he maintained hope that Harley would come home. In the meantime, his long lost brother, Grady Foley, returned to Springfield to find Daisy, Harley's daughter. During the summer, Cyrus had his hands full keeping Daisy safe for Harley, and keeping Grady out of the Cooper's way for his own good.

During this time, Cyrus began doing odd jobs around the house for Cassie, feeling he needed to redeem himself to her because of what his brother had done to her daughter (Grady Foley was the one who ran over Cassie's daughter Tammy). Later that summer, Cassie received word from the Coopers that Harley decided to stay in Europe, even though Rafe had returned, because she had a new man in her life. As Cassie broke the news to Cyrus, he lashed out at her, telling her he wanted nothing more to do with her. Later that day, however, Cyrus confronted her at the Beacon, and passionately kissed her. Since then, Cyrus has continued to do things around the house for Cassie, and the two have realized they enjoy being partners in crime, with Cassie going back to scheming ways when Cyrus stole her neighbors stereo. The two have also gone out for drinks and dinner, and there appears to be romantic feelings between the two. However, this relationship lasted a short time, and after her step son Will was sent away, she and her remaining son R.J. moved to Hawaii. After Cassie left he spent time helping his brother Grady who had turned up in Springfield. In the summer of 2009 Grady disappeared after Phillip Spaulding, the father of Lizzie Spaulding, who Grady kidnapped, threw him off a cliff. Cyrus started spending time with Buzz Cooper (Harley's father and Merina's grandfather) who had just lost his own son Henry. The two became close and started working on a book Henry had started about his mother Jenna Bradshaw. Cyrus soon found lost Australian diamonds that are linked to Jenna.[2] He and Buzz found a map that would supposedly lead them to treasure and Buzz became angry at Cyrus when he went to Australia without Buzz. What they found was treasure of a different sort. Jenna had left a note and a dog tag that matched the one on Cyrus. The note said that her parents had made her go visit her aunt and uncle in Australia when they found out she was pregnant. She had to give the baby up, but hoped the dog tag would help her and her child reconnect one day. The baby was Cyrus which overjoyed Buzz. Before leaving for Australia, Cyrus had been arrested and with the help of Mel Boudreau he was able to get out. Soon the two started to have feelings for each other and on her birthday ended up having sex and becoming a couple.[3]


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