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Diamond Guitars
Formerly called
DBZ Guitars
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 2008; 10 years ago (2008)
Founder Dean Zelinsky, Jeff Diamant, Terry Martin
Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States of America
Area served
Products Acoustic & electric guitars
Bass guitars
Owner Jeff Diamant and Terry Martin
Divisions Diamond Amplification
Website www.guitarsbydiamond.com

Diamond Guitars is an American guitar manufacturer owned and operated by Jeff Diamant of Diamond Amplification, along with partner Terry Martin. Former Dean Guitars founder and owner Dean Zelinsky was a co-owner from 2008 until his departure in 2012. He left the company to form his current brand, Dean Zelinsky Private Label.

Formerly known as DBZ Guitars, and later, DBZ Diamond; Diamond Guitars was officially formed in 2008 with their corporate headquarters and USA custom shop located in Houston, Texas.

Guitar Models[edit]

The company has a full line of electric guitars, both import and USA made, that include the DBZ Bolero, Barchetta, Cavallo, Imperial, Royale, and Hailfire Series.

For heavy metal and hard rock, DBZ Diamond has their Bird of Prey, Venom and Halcyon Series.

DBZ/Diamond offers a full range of acoustic guitars as well as bass guitars.

  • DBZ Barchetta
  • DBZ Bird of Prey
  • DBZ Bolero
  • DBZ Bolero "Croc Skin"
  • DBZ Cavallo
  • DBZ Cavallo "Peacemaker"
  • DBZ Halcyon
  • DBZ Imperial
  • DBZ Imperial Aliento
  • DBZ Mondial
  • DBZ Royale
  • DBZ Tuscan
  • DBZ Venom
  • DBZ Venom "Snake Skin"
  • DBZ Verona

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