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Stagg Music
Music Company
IndustryMusical instruments
HeadquartersBrussels, Belgium
ProductsGuitars, Percussion, Harmonicas, Wind instruments

Stagg music is a Belgian musical instrument company owned by Warren Hampton. They produce a wide range of budget musical instruments, including guitars, bass guitars, mandolins, drums, percussion, cymbals and brass instruments as well as audio equipment.

A blue Stagg acoustic guitar.


Cymbal Range As of 2009 Stagg brought new rolling machines and developed several new cymbal ranges.

As of May 2012 the current line of cymbals are as follows.

SH Series

The Stagg SH Series is the lowest priced range of cymbals. SH Standing for 'single hammered' these cymbals are put through a hammering process once.

DH Series

DH stands for Double Hammered; these cymbals go through the same process as the SH series but go through the process twice. This range is also available in Traditional or Brilliant finish and also come in a new 'Exo' range, which are distinguished by an unfinished bell surface.

Furia Series

Stagg's new Furia Series are all hand hammered and also precessed with equipment to give them all roughly the same sound. These cymbals come in Traditional or Brilliant and are also generally used by endorsers of the company.

Myra Series

The Myra series along with the Furia series go through exactly the same process of hand hammering and being pressed by equipment. These cymbals are only available in Brilliant finish.

Black Metal Series

Vintage Bronze Series

Classic Series

Traditional Series

Hand Hit Series

Marching Series

Stagg are known for the low costs of their cymbals. All Stagg cymbals are made from B20 bronze.


M20 Series[edit]

A Bluegrass "ff" Sound Hole Mandolin with basswood top, back and sides. Nato Neck, a Rosewood Fingerboard, and a Black-Stained Maple Bridge. Also with nickel tailpiece and Machine Heads, with a "Violin Burst" Color. Comes in Left-Handed mode also.[2]

The M20 S is similar to the M20, except it replaces basswood with Spruce, giving it a darker, red-ish color.[3]

M30 Series[edit]

Bluegrass "Redburst" color Mandolin, made with Spruce and Nickel. Has an oval-shaped sound hole right below the end of the Fingerboard.[4]

M40 Series[edit]

Bluegrass, "Goldburst" color, "ff" Sound holes. Solid spruce top, with solid Maple back and sides, with a maple neck. Rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Nickel machine heads with engraved nickel tailpiece.[5]

M50 Series[edit]

Electro-acoustic Bluegrass Mandolin with Nato Top, Back and Sides, and a Nato neck. Rosewood Fingerboard, with a Black-Stained Maple bridge. Nickel Tailpiece and Machine Heads. "ff" sound holes. Volume and Tone Controls. Comes in White and "Redburst" colors[6]

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