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Starring Deryck Whibley
Cone McCaslin
Dave Baksh
Steve Jocz
Distributed by Island
Release date
March 2008
Language English

DeeVeeDee is a DVD by Canadian pop punk band Sum 41, released in 2008. It features live and backstage footage of the band, as well as humorous short films the band made between 2001 and 2005. All footage on the DVD has been previously released.


Live footage[edit]

  1. Iggy Pop with Sum 41 - Performance at the CASBYs (1.5 min)

Backstage footage[edit]

  1. Gavin - unedited Road to Ruin 7 footage
  2. Reading Festival: backstage footage
  3. Warped Tour: Road to Ruin 5 (original) footage

Short films[edit]

  1. 1-800-Justice: short movie from 2001
  2. Anti-Drug PSA: short movie from, 2005
  3. Basketball Diaries - later renamed "Basketball Butcher"
  4. The Baby - short animation from, 2005

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