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Coordinates: 25°20′00″N 55°16′05″E / 25.33333°N 55.26806°E / 25.33333; 55.26806

New developments in Dubai with Palm Deira in the upper right corner

Deira Island is a group of artificial islands in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project was initially planned to be part of the Palm Islands and was called Palm Deira.


By early October 2007, 20% of the initial palm island's reclamation was complete, with a total of 200 million cubic metres (7 billion cubic feet) of sand already used. Then in early April 2008, Nakheel announced that more than a quarter of the total area of the Palm Deira had been reclaimed.[1] This amounted to 300 million cubic metres (10.6 billion cubic feet) of sand. Since the planned island was so large, it was being developed in several phases. The first one was the creation of Deira Island. This portion of the Palm sits alongside the Deira Corniche between the entrance to Dubai Creek and Al Hamriya Port. By early April 2008, 80% of Deira Island Front's reclamation was complete.

A new redesign was quietly introduced in November 2008, further reducing the size of the project.[citation needed] Since 2008 the project was on-hold.[2][3]

In October 2013 the developer Nakheel announced to remodel the project and rename it to 'Deira Island'. Deira Island will have about 1,400 retail units plus a hotel and an amphitheatre.

Recently the construction of the Palm Deira has been discontinued and is not expected to be completed.

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