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Wafi City is a mixed-use development in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The complex includes a mall, hotel, restaurants, residences, and a nightclub. The "city" is styled after Ancient Egypt. This themed environment includes columns reminiscent of Karnak, small pyramids, and images of pharaohs. All the walls are the color of the light brown stone that can be found on all structures in Ancient Egypt.

Wafi Mall[edit]

The main feature of Wafi is the mall, called Wafi Mall. Opened in 1997, the mall includes over 200 stores. Wafi Mall is the premier lifs of glass especially selected from mosques and temples across the Islamic world. It's one of the largest windows of its kind and is a sight no visitor to Dubai should miss.

Raffles Dubai[edit]

Raffles Dubai under construction in July 2007

In November 2007, Raffles opened its first property in the Middle East. Raffles Dubai is a 5-star hotel in a pyramidal shape that contains 248 rooms on 18 floors.[1] The standard room sizes, 70 square metres (753.5 square feet), are the largest in Dubai.[2]

This iconic architectural gem is beautifully positioned close to the magnificent Khan Murjan Souk Wafi, Dubai International Airport and convention centers. Guests are also close to Dubai International Financial Cenp to the sea, sand and sunbathing off the coast.


The Pyramids is a complex that contains several restaurants, cafés, and spas,[3] including Cleopatra's Spa and Pharaoh's Club.[4]

Wafi Residence[edit]

Wafi Residence is a residential complex that opened in July 1995. Residents have full membership to the spas in the Pyramids.[5]


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