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This is a list of significant characters from the television programs Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, its prequel Young Hercules, and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Main characters[edit]

Main Characters: (left to right) Gabrielle, Xena, Hercules and Iolaus.
  • Hercules (portrayed by Kevin Sorbo as an adult, Ian Bohen as young Hercules in flashbacks, Ryan Gosling as young Hercules in Young Hercules) - Son of Zeus and Alcmene.
  • Iolaus (portrayed by Michael Hurst as an adult, and Dean O'Gorman as young Iolaus in flashbacks and in Young Hercules) - Hercules' sidekick, best friend, and companion.
  • Xena (portrayed by Lucy Lawless and Hudson Leick) - Once a power-hungry warlord, she was shown the error of her ways by Hercules and later repented and renounced her old life as an evil warrior. However, as she was about to turn her back on her old life, she came across a group of young girls destined to be sold into slavery, one of which was Gabrielle, who later allied and morally guided Xena in her adventurous journeys. Xena is considered to be a counterpart of Hercules, despite her supposed pure-mortal blood-status. She is considered extremely powerful in the spiritual world, having defeated Alti on many occasions.
  • Gabrielle (portrayed by Renee O'Connor) - One of a number of farm girls, who were about to become slaves. She was rescued in Xena's first acts of good and immediately decided to remain with Xena as an ally. Though Xena initially resisted her, Gabrielle pushed her luck and impressed Xena enough to become her sidekick. She is Xena's moral guide, companion and soulmate.

The Amazons[edit]

The Amazons are an all-female tribe who make frequent appearances in the series. They are first depicted as a large nation that spreads throughout the land and then later as a number of tribes scattered throughout the world, segregated by an unknown cataclysm from their distant past. The Amazons trace their creation to the goddess Artemis,[1] and value an all-female society that strives to uphold the same rights and freedoms for women as those of men. Each tribe is headed by a queen, whose position may be either inherited, or passed on as a right of caste to any named successor. A queen's authority may also be openly challenged by another royal Amazon and her title relinquished if she is defeated in single combat.

Although several tribes are known in different countries, Xena deals prominently with the Greek Amazons and the Northern Amazons of Siberia.[2] With her fighting skills and advocacy for women's rights, Xena bears a striking resemblance to the Amazons. But she is careful to emphasize that she is not an Amazon, nor does she deserve the honor of becoming one. She turns down offers to join the tribes, preferring an independent, nomadic lifestyle to the membership of a collective. The series reveals that some of the Amazons do not trust Xena because of atrocities she committed against them in her past, although most respect her abilities as a warrior.

Gabrielle, on the other hand, during her first encounter with the Greek Amazon tribe throws herself over an Amazon named Terreis to protect her from falling arrows.[3] Although Terreis is already dying, she is impressed by Gabrielle's bravery and gives her right of caste. Terreis was the next in line to rule, and by giving Gabrielle the right, Gabrielle becomes an Amazon Princess of the Greek tribe.

This chance encounter leads to Gabrielle's acceptance into the Amazons, and with it she carries her title's duties and expectations. Although Gabrielle decides to continue to follow Xena on her adventures, she is occasionally called by her Amazon sisters in times of need or to fulfil her duties as royalty. The tribes also value Xena as an experienced warrior, and occasionally request her assistance.

Among the known Amazons are:

  • Amarice (portrayed by Jennifer Sky) - She is an over-zealous young Amazon. She disputed Eli's philosophy of non-violence and criticized Gabrielle for following it. Amarice vowed to live her life in memory of "The Warrior Princess". Killed in battle.
  • Lilith (portrayed by Susan Brady), Jodie Rimmer as a teenager - Jason's first love, and mother of his daughter Seska.
  • Princess Terreis (portrayed by Rebekah Mercer) - Princess of the Telaquire Amazons. Killed by Krykus in battle. She was replaced by Gabrielle.
  • Queen Cyane I (portrayed by Victoria Pratt) - Queen of the Northern tribes. Killed by Xena under Alti's influence.
  • Queen Cyane II - Another queen of the northern tribes.
  • Queen Cyane III (portrayed by Morgan Reese Fairhead) - The third and final queen of the Northern tribes.
  • Queen Ephiny (portrayed by Danielle Cormack) - The proud and loyal Amazon queen of the Telaquire tribe. Although loyal to her tribe, she wanted to foster peace between her people and the Centaurs. She later marries a Centaur named Phantes, and bears him a centaur son named Xenan in honor of Xena. She is the Queen of an Amazon tribe while the queen, Gabrielle, is away. She is later killed by Brutus.
  • Queen Gwyn-Teir (portrayed by Kirstie O'Sullivan) - Queen of the Celtic tribes. Killed in battle and her body fed to a shark to save the other Amazons from shark's teeth.
  • Queen Hippolyta (portrayed by Roma Downey) - Daughter of Ares and an unknown mortal woman. She is the queen of the Amazons.
  • Queen Kanae (portrayed by Marise Wipani) - Queen of the Telaquire tribes.
  • Queen Marga (portrayed by Sela Apera) - A queen of the Greek tribes who after killed by Prince Moloch.
  • Queen Mawu-Ka (portrayed by Michelle Blanchard) - Queen of the African tribes. Killed in battle.
  • Queen Mayam (portrayed by Tina Cleary) - The Queen of a renegade outlaw Amazon tribe. She was responsible for blinding Ruun, killing his parents, and abducting his sister Siri. She was later killed in battle by Hercules.
  • Queen Otere (portrayed by Sanelle Vosloo as a child, Sheeri Rappaport as adult) - A child who as an adult became a queen of the Northern tribes.
  • Queen Varia (portrayed by Tsianina Joelson) - Another queen of the Greek tribes who trained by Xena after Marga's death.
  • Tura (portrayed by Mia Korning) - Varia's younger sister. Killed in Livia's attack.
  • Yakut (portrayed by Kate Elliot) - The shamaness of the Northern tribes who revived Alti's spirit for good without the knowledge of the danger. Killed in battle but her spirit continued forever.


  • Alcmene (portrayed by Jennifer Ludlum, Kim Michalis, Elizabeth Hawthorne, Liddy Holloway, Rachel Blakely, and Sharon Tyrrell in the TV series, voiced by Josephine Davison in the animated film) - Alcmene is the mother of Hercules and Iphicles.
  • Alti (portrayed by Claire Stansfield) - Alti is an evil shaman who sought revenge against the Siberian Amazon nation for expelling her from their tribe. She is eventually defeated by Xena.
  • Atalanta (portrayed by Corey Everson) - Atalanta is a Greek athlete and female warrior exclusive in "Hercules: The Legendary Journey." She fell in love with Hercules right from her first appearance.
  • Autolycus (portrayed by Bruce Campbell) - Autolycus is the self-proclaimed "King of Thieves" who has a kinder heart than he lets on. He is friends with Xena and Hercules, though they don't always trust him for his devious nature. In Greek mythology outside of the show, Autolycus is a demigod son of Hermes and Chione.
  • Beowulf (portrayed by Renato Bartolomei) - A warrior who recruits Xena to kill the monster Grindl.
  • Borias (portrayed by Marton Csokas) - A warlord who became good. He later became Xena's Lover and the Father of Solan.
  • Brunhilda (portrayed by Brittney Powell) - A warrior woman who falls in love with Gabrielle during the ring trilogy of Xena episodes.
  • Cyrene (portrayed by Darien Talke) - Mother of Xena. Tavern and inn-keeper, prominent figure in the village of Amphipolis.
  • Deianeira (portrayed by Tawny Kitaen) - Deianeira was the wife of Hercules. She gave birth to his three children; Aeson, Klonus, and Ilea. She was known to be feisty when she met Hercules. However, Deianeira and her children were killed by Hera.
  • Draco (portrayed by Jay Laga'aia) - Warlord enemy of Xena.
  • Eli (portrayed by Timothy Omundson) - Mystical healer befriended by Xena and Gabrielle in India, who martyred himself to Ares.
  • Eve (portrayed by Adrienne Wilkinson) - Xena's daughter who bears Callisto's soul. When Xena and Gabrielle were believed to be dead, the infant Eve was taken in by Caesar and raised to become Livia, the ruthless and bloodthirsty Champion of Rome. The return of her mother eventually causes Livia to discard her role as the Champion of Rome and embrace her original name, Eve, and become the messenger of Eli. Known as the bringer of Twilight, Eve's life has been targeted since birth as Xena has the power to kill the Gods so long as her daughter is alive.
  • Ilainus (portrayed by Musetta Vander) - Champion of Athena and second-in-command of her army. She is also Athena's implied lover. She appears in the Xena episode "Amphipolis Under Siege."
  • Julius Caesar (portrayed by Karl Urban) - Roman general and statesman and the Conqueror of Gaul. Once a lover and now enemy of Xena. Just like his historical counterpart, Julius Caesar was assassinated by a group of senatorial conspirators led by Brutus and Cassius on the Ides of March, 44 BC.
  • Joxer (portrayed by Ted Raimi) - Joxer is a loyal friend to both Xena & Gabrielle. He is in love with Gabrielle, but his love is unrequited, so Joxer just settles for being a good friend. Joxer comes from a ruthless warlord family, but he is the White Sheep. He eventually marries Xena look-alike Meg and is the father to Virgil. Joxer is killed by Livia while he tries to protect Gabrielle.
  • King Iphicles (portrayed by Kevin Smith) - Half-brother of Hercules. His father is Amphitryon and his mother is Alcmene. He bears a passing resemblance to Ares. Iphicles became a successor to Jason after he married Alcmene.
  • King Jason (portrayed by Jeffrey Thomas at middle-age, Chris Conrad at young-adult) - The legendary ruler of Corinth and Argos, hero to Hercules, and leader of the Argonauts. Jason later gave up his crown to Iphicles and married Alcmene.
  • Lao Ma (portrayed by Jacqueline Kim) - Lao Ma is a woman of peace and wisdom. She is hard and soft at the same time, like water. She is probably one of the most influential figures in Xena's life. Lao Ma possesses great spiritual power, which she tried to teach to Xena.
  • Lyceus (portrayed by Aaron Devitt) - The younger brother of Xena and Toris. He was killed by Cortese
  • Mabon (portrayed by Nicko Vella) - A 10-year-old boy who is a Druid and the Keeper of Wisdom. Mabon is modeled after the Celtic god Mabon.
  • Najara (portrayed by Kathryn Morris) - A strange warrior woman who is lead through life by Djinn. She leads a group of warriors to fight for the light against evil. Xena discovers that Najara is not as good as she appears to be. Najara gives the wrongdoers the chance to repent and turn to the light, but if they refuse or she senses their conversion is not pure, she then kills them. Xena eventually incarcerates her.
  • Nebula (portrayed by Gina Torres) - A female pirate who is the half-sister of Gilgamesh and the princess of Sumeria.
  • Salmoneus (portrayed by Robert Trebor) - A salesman who is always on the lookout to make a quick dinar and not above tricking people by selling faulty goods. Also a friend to Xena and Hercules. On a rare occasion, Salmoneus shows some caring and kindness.
  • Solan (portrayed by David Taylor and Nicko Vella) - Xena and Borias' son. Killed by Hope, but his spirit later creates the Land of Illusia to help Xena and Gabrielle make amends for their friendship and past, and is the one who names Xena's daughter as Eve.



Olympian Gods (left to right) Athena, Deimos, Ares, Hades, and Artemis as seen in the Xena episode "Motherhood".
  • Aphrodite (portrayed by Alexandra Tydings) - Aphrodite is the Greek Goddess of Love. She is the half-sister of Hercules and other gods as well. Her son is Cupid, the God of Love. She is depicted as a Valley girl and even portrays the behaviors as such. She is married to Hephaestus until Hephaestus is killed by Xena. Despite her anger towards Xena for killing her husband, Aphrodite still indirectly aids Xena by transporting her, an injured Gabrielle, and a dying Eve to Olympus. She temporarily loses her godhood when the demented Emperor Caligula starts leeching off of her powers. Her immortality is eventually restored by golden apples.
  • Apollo (portrayed by Scott Michaelson) - Apollo is the Greek God of the Sun and son of Zeus and Leto. He is one of the rudest and most arrogant gods on Olympus. When it came to the birth of Eve, Apollo sent a priest named Tazor to destroy Eve.
  • Ares (portrayed by Kevin Smith) - Ares is the Greek God of War. He is the half-brother of Hercules and other gods as well. He is known to be served by Discord, Strife, and Deimos. Ares is considered to be easily swayed, joining forces with Dahak at one point. He is disliked by most of the gods, and is taunted relentlessly by Athena. Despite the malevolent front he puts up, he is surprisingly sympathetic and caring, even going as far to giving up his immortality to resurrect Eve and heal Gabrielle so Xena could not be killed by his sister, Athena. His unrequited love for Xena is considered to be the main theme between the two characters, as Xena's love for Ares is platonic at best. As Xena says "You were bad for me, Ares. You still are". To repay Ares for his sacrifice, Xena steals golden apples from the Norse-god Odin to restore Ares's godhood.
  • Artemis (portrayed by Josephine Davison in Xena, portrayed and voiced by Rhonda McHardy in Hercules and the animated movie, and by Anna Bernard in Young Hercules) - The twin sister of Apollo, Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Wild, and is also the patron deity of the Amazons. Artemis once joined forces with Xena, Gabrielle, Iolaus, and others to battle the Titans that Hera had unleashed. Upon enlisting Hermes as her messenger, Artemis enlisted the aid of Hercules to reclaim her sacred bow after Autolycus stole it from her temple and sold it to Discord. During the Twilight, Artemis tries to shoot Xena, but is killed when Xena catches her arrows and throws them back at her.
  • Athena (portrayed by Amanda Lister, Jane Fullerton-Smith, and Paris Jefferson) - Athena was the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Warfare, and Weaving. She was the daughter of Zeus and Metis. Despite many depictions of Athena in classical mythology, Athena is depicted as more self-righteous and condescending than wise. She takes command of Olympus after Hercules kills Zeus. Uniting many of the gods and goddesses under her leadership, Athena strategically plans for the demise of Eve and even Xena later on. When Xena storms Olympus and tries to kill Athena, Eve has already died from a stab-wound inflicted by a Fury-possessed Gabrielle, stripping Xena of the power to kill gods. Just as Athena is about to kill Xena, Ares resurrects Eve which restores Xena's power to slay gods. Xena quickly kills Athena with a second jab to the stomach.
  • Bacchus (portrayed by Anthony Ray Parker and Kevin Smith) - The God of Wine. In this show, Bacchus is depicted as having an appearance of a ram-horned demon and is an outcast of the Olympians. Xena lets herself become a Bacchi, depicted as a sort of vampire, herself in order to destroy Bacchus.
  • Celesta (portrayed by Kate Hodge) - The fictional Messenger of the Underworld and sister of Hades. King Sisyphus once chained her so that no one could die. Xena uses the same trick to obtain Celesta's tears, which have the ability to create a deathlike state in those who consume it, which she uses as part of a plan to fool the gods into believing that she, Gabrielle, and the infant Eve have been killed.
  • Cupid (portrayed by Karl Urban) - The God of Love and the son of Ares and Aphrodite. His grandmother Hera curses him into becoming a green-eyed monster if he fell in love with a mortal who did not return his love as part of a plot to kill his uncle Hercules. The curse appears when he falls in love with the beautiful mortal girl Psyche, who had feelings for Hercules, whose feelings are platonic until he is enchanted into falling in love with Psyche. Though the spell on Hercules is removed and Psyche realizes her feelings for Cupid, Aphrodite decides to make Psyche immortal to break the curse on Cupid after realizing the sincerity of Cupid and Psyche's feelings for one another. Cupid and Psyche later have a son, Bliss, who inherits a number of his father's traits.
  • Deimos (portrayed by Joel Tobeck) - Deimos is the Greek God of Terror. He is Strife's cousin and is the twin brother of Phobos. Deimos was known for his annoying laughter and idiotic ideas. During the Twilight of the Gods, he with the other gods tried to kill Xena. Deimos was killed when Xena caused a platform to fall on him with her chakram.
  • Demeter (portrayed by Sarah Wilson) - Sister of Zeus and Goddess of Agriculture. She bore Zeus a daughter named Persephone.
  • Discord (portrayed by Meighan Desmond) - Discord is the Greek Goddess of Discord and Retribution. She always tried to earn Ares' favor, constantly fighting with her son, Strife, and later Deimos for the position of Ares' second-in-command. Discord also had a bitter rivalry with Aphrodite. Discord is killed during the Twilight when Xena decapitates her.
  • Fatuus (played by Philip Grieve) - The God of Prophecy. He can only predict the future if the prophecy is bad.
  • Fortune (portrayed by Lori Dungey) - The goddess of Luck. When Iolaus blamed himself for being unable to save a woman's life, Fortune granted him the request of memory loss so that he wouldn't be plagued by the event. Later at Hercules' request, she restored Iolaus' memories.
  • Hades (portrayed by Mark Ferguson, Erik Thomson, and Stephen Lovatt) - Hades was the God of the Underworld. Though he is Zeus' older brother, he appears to be much younger. During the Twilight, he with Athena and Hephaestus made Xena fall in the 26 year sleep. After Xena woke up, Hades tried to kill Eve but Xena set him on fire with her fire-breathing technique.
  • Hephaestus - The God of Fire and the Gods' Blacksmith. He is considered to be an ugly god and was disowned by Zeus and Hera because of it. Married to Aphrodite. Hephaestus was known to have created any weapon or equipment throughout the show like the Sword of Hephaestus (as seen in "Prometheus"), the Chains of Hephaestus (as seen in "Prometheus", "Looking Death in the Eye," and "Motherhood"), the Metal of Hephaestus (as seen in "The Dirty Half Dozen" and "The Deliverer"), the Eye of Hephaestus (as seen in "The Xena Scrolls"), the Shield of Perseus (as seen in "Love Takes a Holiday"), the Metal Panther (as seen in "Love Takes a Holiday"), the Armor of Hephaestus (as seen in "Love Takes a Holiday"), Galatea (as seen in "Cyrano de Hercules"), and Hercules' gauntlets. He is killed by his own hammer when Xena deflects it with her chakram and throws it back at him.
  • Hera (portrayed by Meg Foster in the TV series, voiced by Joy Watson in the animated movie) - Hera was the Queen of the Olympian gods and the sister/wife of Zeus. Hera is Hercules' jealous stepmother. Hera has many followers where some of them pray to her for help in defeating Hercules. During her fight with Hercules, Hera was tossed into Tartarus by Hercules. Zeus later used Evander to free Hera, who had no memory of her past actions until Ares obtained help from the Fates to restore her memories. After helping to keep Evander alive, Hera drops her vendetta against Hercules. She later reforms to help her former enemy Hercules kill Zeus when it came to a prophecy revolving around Xena giving birth to Eve. She was killed by Zeus when he finds out that she betrayed him.
  • Hermes (portrayed by Murray King) - The Messenger of the Gods. In "Porkules," Hermes delivered a message to Hercules stating that Artemis' bow had been stolen.
  • Lachrymose (portrayed by John Gadsby) - The God of Despair who isn't very good at promoting it.
  • Momus (portrayed by Ranald Hendriks) - The God of Satire, Mockery, and Censure. He is also associated with writers and poets. He was a close friend of Apollo's and could often be found in one of Apollo's temples. He was often exiled from Mount Olympus for mocking the other gods.
  • Morpheus (portrayed by Stephen Lovatt) - The God of Dreams. Strife once told Morpheus to give Hercules a nightmare where he kills Serena in her sleep.
  • Nemesis (portrayed by Karen Witter, Teresa Hill, Kimberly Joseph, and Charmaine Guest) - Nemesis is the Greek Goddess of Divine Justice & Retribution. She was Hercules' childhood friend and sweetheart. Hera once sent her to kill Hercules. After she failed to do that, Hera rendered Nemesis mortal and created the Enforcer to take her place. She later gave birth to Evander.
  • Persephone (portrayed by Andrea Croton) - Daughter of Zeus and Demeter. She is married to her uncle Hades as in the myths.
  • Poseidon (voiced by Charles Siebert in the first appearance, Rick Jacobson in the fourth appearance) - Poseidon was the God of the Sea and the brother of Zeus. He is made completely out of water and stands 30 feet tall. He carries a yellow trident and wears a crown. He takes part in the attack upon Xena and is killed when Xena deflects a fireball at him which ends up evaporating Poseidon.
  • Strife (portrayed by Joel Tobeck) - Strife is the Greek God of Strife. He is the cousin of Deimos. Strife constantly tagged along with Ares in his numerous plans to fight Hercules and Xena, but he usually bumbled the operations. Also butting heads on occasion with Discord, who also wanted attention from Ares, Strife usually tried Ares' patience. Strife was killed by Callisto when she stabbed him with a dagger that was stained with the Golden Hind's blood (one of the only things that could kill a god).
  • The Fates - The Fates are Clotho (a young girl), Lachesis (a mother), and Atropos (a crone). They are the embodiment and manifestation of fate itself. It was the Fates that first warned Zeus of the "Twilight of the Gods." After Gabrielle destroyed their loom, it wasn't said what happened to them.
  • Triton (portrayed by Bruce Hopkins) - A sea god who is the son of Poseidon and the father of the mermaid Nautica.
  • Zeus (portrayed by Anthony Quinn in the TV movies, Peter Vere-Jones in "Judgement Day," Roy Dotrice in Season 4, John Bach in "Valley of the Shadow," Charles Keating in "Full Circle" and "God Fearing Child", voiced by Peter Rowley in the animated movie) - Zeus was the King of the Olympian Gods. After impregnating Alcmene, he had never been there for Hercules. However, he intended on making up for it. He was portrayed as a caring father who drops in on Hercules quite frequently as seen in the TV movies and some episodes. However, he refused to help Hercules with the loss of Deianeira, Serena, or his children since he says that a god cannot bring anyone who has been killed by another god back to life. Hercules killed Zeus using a Rib of Cronus when he tried to prevent Xena from giving birth to Eve however, Zeus uses his last breath to say he is proud of Hercules.

Norse Gods[edit]

  • Baldur (portrayed by Rupert Cox) - Baldur is the Norse God of Light. He is the youngest and third son of Odin and Frigga. His brothers are Loki and Thor. Baldur is one of the few gods in the world that cares about mortals. Baldur and Hercules each had exactly the same dream at the same time, in which Baldur asks Hercules to help him just before he dies. Hercules travels to the Norseland after the dream, and meets Baldur. After Baldur is killed, Hercules must find out who did it and why. Hercules ended up changing the past with the paint of Fate and he saves Baldur's life and stops Ragnarök, the Twilight of the Gods.
  • Frigga - The Norse Goddess of Marriage and the Sky, the wife of Odin.
  • Loki (portrayed by Ian Hughes) - Loki is the Norse God of mischief. He and Dahak team up in an attempt to start Ragnarök.
  • Norns - The Norse counterparts of the Fates.
  • Odin (portrayed by Peter McCauley in "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," Alexander Peterson in "Xena: Warrior Princess") - Odin is the father of the Norse Gods, and Ruler of Asgard and Valhalla.
  • Thor (portrayed by Ben Reed) - Thor is the Norse Thunder God and son of Odin and Jord. He is pictured to be big, powerful and short-tempered, preferring to solve things with force.

Hindu gods[edit]

The Hindu gods only appear in Xena: Warrior Princess.

Other Gods[edit]

  • Callisto (portrayed by Hudson Leick and Lucy Lawless) - Callisto is born as a mortal and loses her family at an early age when Xena's army razes Callisto's village. Her hatred towards Xena fuels her motivation to kill in Xena's name. She hates Xena, but despises Hercules and often works as Hera's assassin to destroy both of them. Callisto is given immortality by Hera, but Hercules traps her in a cavern, which Xena reluctantly frees her from. Xena offers her a chance at godhood, in exchange for getting rid of the newly-immortal Velasca, only to trap both of them in lava-encasing. Callisto meets Gabrielle's daughter, Hope, and conspires to kill Solan and eventually Xena. She eventually is pushed aside by Hope and Xena agrees to grant Callisto her well-deserved oblivion in exchange for killing Hope. When Gabrielle pushes Hope and herself into Dahak's fiery pit, Callisto quickly changes her mind, only for Xena to stab her with the hind's-blood dagger. Months later, Mephistopheles grants Callisto a second-chance at immortality, in exchange for her indirectly orchestrating Xena's demise. She harms Xena directly, thus reverting to her demonic form. When she captures Gabrielle and brings her down to Hell, Xena sacrifices her own divinity to heal Callisto, thus transforming Callisto into an angel and Xena into a demon. After Eli resurrects Xena and Gabrielle, Callisto makes amends with both of them and puts herself in Xena's unborn child, thus orchestrating the Twilight of the Olympian Gods.
  • Cabiri (voiced by Donogh Rees) - An elemental force that predates the Gods. She is said to be an ally of Hephaestus. Hercules had to knock down some pillars in her ruins in order to get her to listen to his plea to make another trident to save Triton's life. Cabiri agrees to help Hercules and makes a new trident for Triton.
  • Dahak (portrayed by Michael Hurst and Mark Newnham) - Dahak is a powerful godly entity that is bent on evil, chaos, and destruction. He had impregnated Gabrielle, the Battling Bard of Potetedia, with his evil daughter. When Gilgamesh killed Iolaus, the evil god took control over Iolaus' body. Dahak had made his way into killing the Sumerian Gods and the Druids. He almost eliminated the Norse Gods and the Greek Gods, but was stopped by the combined effort of Hercules and Iolaus in a spiritual battle.
  • Dumuzi is a Sumerian god who acts as the gatekeeper of the underworld. Dumuzi first appears in season 5, episode 2, Descent.
  • Kernunnos (portrayed by Stuart Devenie) - Kernunnos is the horned god of Celtic polytheism. He is a nature god associated with fertility.
  • Mephistopheles (portrayed by Anthony Ray Parker) - Mephistopheles was the King of Hell until he was killed by Xena and replaced by the Archangel Lucifer.
  • Velasca (portrayed by Melinda Clarke) - Velasca served time as an Amazon Queen after defeating her adoptive mother Queen Melosa for the crown. Also during her time as a deity, she dubs herself the "Goddess of Chaos".
  • The One God - The One God, though never seen, is the ruler of Heaven and is usually represented through the Archangel Michael. Like Dahak, he is one of the original Gods, and his prophet Eli tells of the ending of the Olympians' rule. This One God sends Michael to inform Xena that she has been granted the power to kill Gods, as she was chosen to be the Mother of the Messenger, her daughter Eve. She uses the power to kill most of the Olympians in order to protect Eve. Eventually, however, he takes this power away from her after she tried to kill Michael. It is assumed that the One God will eventually take over from the other gods and is biding his time.


  • Deon (portrayed by David Drew Gallagher) - Son of Aphrodite and Jacobus. He has the power to order people to follow his commands. This is known in the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series' as charmspeaking. One known demigod to have it is Piper.
  • Eryx the Boxer (portrayed by Jorge Gonzales) - The son of Aphrodite and King Butes. He is later killed by Hercules.
  • Evander (portrayed by Rachel Ackerly and Rose Schicker) - Evander is the demigod son of Nemesis and Ares. His powers mainly consist of whatever he imagines turns into reality, which makes him a valuable asset for Ares. Zeus once used him to free Hera from Tartarus and Evander unknowingly released the Titans Helios and Oceanus.
  • Hope (portrayed by Amy Morrison and Renée O'Connor) - The daughter of Dahak and Gabrielle, she possessed a link to the powers of Dahak, telekinesis and telepathy. She killed Solan, Xena's son. She and Ares have a monster child, which kills Hope when Gabrielle tricks the monster and stabs it.
  • Morrigan (portrayed by Tamara Gorski) - She is the half god/half mortal counterpart to Hercules, appearing at first as evil, working as an assassin for the Ireland Gods. Hercules quickly comes to understand why she is doing it and helps her to overcome her dark side and become The Druid of Justice.
  • The Sovereign (portrayed by Kevin Sorbo) - In an alternate timeline, Hercules became the tyrannical Sovereign and never became the people's champion. Following Dahak's defeat, Ares kills him before escaping the prison dimension.


Xena's Titans: Hyperion, Thea and Crius.
  • Atlas (voiced by David Press) - Atlas was a field general for Cronus during the fight against the Gods. He was frozen in ice by Zeus, but later freed by Helios under Ares' orders. Hera accidentally turns Atlas to stone and now he's holding up Mount Olympus.
  • Crius (portrayed by Edward Campbell in the TV series, voiced by Ted Raimi in the animated movie) - Crius was one of the Titans who favored the humans. He was accidentally freed from his stone imprisonment by Gabrielle and later killed by Hyperion during an argument over the humans. In the animated movie, Crius appears with the depiction of a Wind Titan. He is portrayed as being extremely stupid and somewhat romantically linked to Mnemosyne. He is dark blue in color, with a light grey underbelly and hands and small horns. In some scenes he is portrayed as having a pot belly, and in others he is in relatively good shape. His form is later altered by Hera using the Cronus Stone, giving him large wings, a VERY loud scream and more wind related abilities, this transformation leaves him, as more of an animal than the others, walking on all fours and speaking in only screams. He is the least reluctant of the group to accept these new forms (actually going so far as to say in his sleep "no, I don't want to change"). He is the first of the group to be thrown into Tartarus.
  • Cronus - Former ruler of the Titans. Cronus is the father of Zeus and thus the father of the Greek gods as well. He once took out one of his ribs (with the artifact now known as the Rib of Cronus) in order to dispose of his father Uranus. Cronus is defeated by Zeus shortly after the Titans defeat Dahak in ancient prehistory and is sentenced to eternity in Tartarus. He was avenged-unintentionally-by Hercules when the demigod used the Rib of Cronus-or another of his ribs-to kill Zeus.
  • Gaia - The personification of Earth. This Titan is referred to several times, but never seen.
  • Helios (portrayed by Phil Grieve) - A Titan who is the physical incarnation of the sun. He is among the Titans that Evander frees from Tartarus when he uses his powers to bring back Hera. He uses his powers to thaw out Atlas from his frozen imprisonment. Helios and Oceanus are defeated by Hercules when he causes them to collide in their tornado forms.
  • Hyperion (portrayed by Mark Raffety) - The Titan of the Sun. He was turned to stone by the Gods, but accidentally restored by Gabrielle.
  • Mnemosyne (portrayed by Claire Stansfield in the TV series, voiced by Allison Wall in the animated film) - A fiery Titan who is trapped in a cave. Hercules seeks her out for advice on how to defeat Dahak. Aside from Zeus, she is the only living being that was around to witness Dahak's first defeat and is accessible from the mortal realm. In the animated film, Mnemosyne appears as a fiery Titan with fiery hair who is freed by Hera. Hera later used the Cronus Stone to alter her form to having brown hair, beast-like legs, a devil-like tail, and markings on her face. Iolaus defeated her and Tethys by causing them to collide and drift into Tartarus.
  • Oceanus (portrayed by Andrew Kovacevich) - A Titan who personifies the oceans. He is among the Titans that Evander frees from Tartarus when he uses his powers to bring back Hera. Helios and Oceanus are defeated by Hercules when he causes them to collide in their tornado forms.
  • Porphyrion (voiced by David Mackie) - In the animated movie, Porphyrion is depicted as a Titan that has the element of Earth. He was freed from Tartarus by Hera and seeks to claim the Cronus Stone. Hercules runs into him and is allowed to go free as he isn't defending the Olympian Gods. When Hera uses the Cronus Stone to alter the Titans' appearances, Porphyrion's form is altered to appear with horns, empty wings, and one large "trunk" instead of legs. He manages to steal the Cronus Stone from Hera and shrink her with it. With help from Gabrielle's eagle form, Hercules sends Porphyrion back into Tartarus.
  • Prometheus (portrayed by Mark Ferguson and John Freeman) - A Titan who gave fire to the humans. Hera stole a torch from his lair causing all the fire to slowly die out. Prometheus was later trapped by Hera to rob humanity of his gift of fire and healing. He was freed by the joint effort of Xena and Hercules.
  • Tethys (voiced by Allison Wall) - A female Titan that appears in the animated movie. She is a watery Titan who is the most humanoid of the four Titans. Hera later used the Cronus Stone to alter Tethys' appearance which gave her a mermaid-like fin that sprouts octopus tentacles instead of legs. Unlike the other Titans, she is pleased with her makeover. Iolaus defeats her and Mnemosyne by causing them to collide and drift into Tartarus.
  • Thea (portrayed by Amanda Tollemacke) - A female Titan associated with sight and shining light of the clear blue sky. She was turned to stone by the Gods, but accidentally restored by Gabrielle.
  • Typhon (portrayed by Glenn Shadix) - An extremely gentle giant and the husband of Echidna. Typhon is first seen being rescued by Hercules from his imprisonment inflicted by Hera. Hercules managed to reunite him with Echidna. He is shown to have a twin brother named Typhoon.
  • Typhoon (portrayed by Glenn Shadix) - The twin brother of Typhon. This Titan lives in a cloud castle and abducts a human woman named Leanna to be his bride. He and Leanne currently live together guarding the last three unhatched Harpy eggs.

Mythological Creatures[edit]

The following mythological creatures appear in both series. Some of them were exclusive to both series:

  • Angel - The Angels are the common inhabitants of Heaven.
  • Antaeus (portrayed by Mark Newnham) - An Earth Giant who is the son of Poseidon and Gaia. He guards the shortcut to Mount AethionMount_Athon and collects skulls of those who dare to trespass his domain. He was considered invincible, for he gathers his strength from the ground. With the help from Deianeira, Hercules was able to defeat him and left his remains on top of his "trophies".
  • Arachne (portrayed by Josephine Davison) - A Half-woman, half-spider creature. In this show, Arachne was once a queen who didn't want her daughter to upstage her beauty and had her drowned in the ocean. Zeus turned her into a half-woman half-spider creature and banished her to a deserted island in the Charybdian Sea. When a shipload of pirates landed on the island to bury their treasure, Arachne began to kill them. She laid eggs inside their bodies, planning to grow an army of spiders to rule over. Hercules and Iolaus landed on the island shortly after the pirates and with the help of the pirate captain Nebula, they defeated Arachne by burning her and her webs.
  • Archangel - The Archangels are the fighting forces of Heaven. Some Archangels are recruited from exceptional souls that must pass a grueling test of moral conviction. Others are born from the Lights of the Powers Above. The Archangels are more powerful than Demigods and a few of them possess enough power to rival the Gods. The Archangels resemble the Guardian Angels, but have black wings with emerald streaks on them and wear elaborate plate armors.
    • Lucifer (played by Alex Mendoza in the first appearance, Joel Tobeck in the second appearance) - An Archangel that Michael sent to trap Xena in Hell. Due to the machinations of Xena, Lucifer was transformed into the new King of Hell following Mephistopheles' death.
    • Michael (played by Charles Mesure) - The Commander of the Archangels. He once released the Four Horsemen from their seals and ran afoul of Hercules, Iolaus, and Ares. After Hercules sacrifices himself to stop Death, Michael reveals that it was a test to determine if mankind can survive. Michael then returned Hercules and Iolaus to the living. Michael later encountered Xena and Gabrielle when they were crucified by Julius Caesar and sent to Heaven. He helped Xena rescue Gabrielle from Hell and reunited a reformed Callisto with her family.
  • Archdemon - A race of elite demons that live in Hell.
  • Ares Monster (portrayed by Mark Newnham, voiced by Al Chalk) - A full-armored monster that is associated with Ares. In the toyline, it was immortalized as "Ares."
  • Ares' Snake - A giant snake that guards the Urn of Zeus in Ares' Cave.
  • Argo - A palomino horse, which happens to be the cavalry horse of Xena and also her double stunt. Argo can sense danger, use martial arts, and issue commands to other horses. During the 25 year sleep of Xena and Gabrielle, Joxer would ride Argo to find them until Argo died of old age. Before Argo died, she had a daughter whom Joxer named Argo II.
  • Argo II - During the 25 year sleep, Argo died of old age and had a daughter whom Joxer named after Argo and never let anyone ride her. When Xena returns, Argo is her new Cavalry horse.
  • Armor of Hephaestus - A group of living armors that were forged by Hephaestus. In "Love Takes a Holiday," Iolaus fights a bunch of these armors.
  • Bacchae - The bloodthirsty vampire slaves of Bacchus.
  • Banshee - A race of shade-like beings.
  • Blue Serpent - A sea serpent that works for the Blue Priest and Hera. It swallowed Deianeira and Hercules when they were en route to Troy. Hercules managed to kill the Blue Serpent by wrapping himself around the Blue Serpent's heart.
  • Braxus - A young dragon that was used by Adamis. However, Braxus was only being controlled by Adamis' lies that Hercules killed his mother. When Braxus finally meets Hercules and Iolus, they try to convince Braxus that they didn't kill her and have him subdued to try and reason with him. When Adamis and his men battle Hercules and Iolus, Adamis admits that he killed Braxus' mother and Braxus, now furious engulfs Adamis in a fireball and befriends Hercules and Iolus.
  • Centaur - A race of creatures that are part human and part horse.
    • Cassius (portrayed by Julian Arahanga) - A centaur who is a student of Ceridian. He was angered by the discrimination against Centaurs that was rampant in Greece and plotted to go to war with the local humans when they wouldn't let the centaurs drink from the town fountain.
    • Ceridian (portrayed by Tony Blackett) - A centaur who was a teacher and mentored many important students, including Hercules, Jason, Asclepius, and Theseus. Hercules once told him that he was the best father anyone could have as Ceridian was a father figure to Hercules whenever Zeus was unavailable to see Hercules. When Ceridian was dying, he asked Hercules to help him with Cassius who was about to bring war to the local village. Hercules managed to stop the war and Cassius, Hercules and Theseus were all present when Ceridian died. The actual trainer of Hercules was the satyr Philoctetes.
    • Cheiron (portrayed by Nathaniel Lees) - A centaur that is a great and powerful warrior. He opened up Cheiron's academy to train young warriors. Cheiron had many famous students including Jason of Corinth, Hercules, Iolaus and Yvenna. When it came to the "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys" episode "The Academy," it was mentioned that Cheiron is dead.
    • Deric (portrayed by Peter Muller) - A centaur who worked on a farm that was owned by Penelope's father in Nespa. Deric later attended the wedding of Jason and Alcmene.
    • Kefor (portrayed by James Croft) - A young centaur who is the son of Deric and Lyla.
    • Lyla (portrayed by Lucy Lawless) - A female centaur who is the wife of Deric and the mother of Kefor. She was killed by Merkus, but was brought back to life by Zeus.
    • Nemis (portrayed by Cliff Curtis) - A centaur who was the twin brother of Nessus. He wanted revenge on Hercules for the death of Nessus. Nemis was later killed in a cave-in when he sacrificed his life to hold up the cave ceiling so that Hercules could get out.
    • Nessus (portrayed by Cliff Curtis) - A centaur who was a farmhand for Hercules and Deianeira. He has a twin brother named Nemis. Nessus tried to rape Deianeira only to be shot by an arrow by Hercules. As he laid dying with some of his blood getting on Deaneira's dress, Nessus prayed to Hera to make the blood on Deianeira's dress poisonous.
    • Phantes (portrayed by Colin Moy) - Chief of the Centaurs. He was framed for the murder of the Amazon Terreis. He was later killed by the Mitoan dogs.
  • Cerberus - A three-headed dog that is the son of Echidna and Typhon. It guards the entrance to the Underworld to prevent the living from entering and the dead from leaving.
  • Cloud Serpent - A giant snake that lived in the clouds outside of Typhoon's castle.
  • Cyclops - A race of one-eyed giants.
    • Cyclops of Traycus (portrayed by Richard Moll) - This Cyclops was picked on in his youth by the people of Traycus as seen in "Eye of the Beholder." He was brought in by Castor who used him to guard Hera's Sacred Vineyard after a man named Castor. He was defeated by Hercules who couldn't bring himself to vanquish the Cyclops. The villagers became more friendly towards the Cyclops when he helps Hercules defeat Hera's Executioners where Hercules even threw the Cyclops enough to crush the Chief Executioner.
    • Conjunctivus (portrayed by Patrick Wilson) - A Cyclops that was blinded by Xena during her warlord days.
    • Polyphemus - A Cyclops who is the son of Poseidon. In the "Xena: Warrior Princess" episode "Ulysses," Xena learned during dialogue between her, Ulysses, and Poseidon that Odysseus blinded Polyphemus.
  • Demon - A race of creatures that live in Hell.
  • Destroyers - Six monstrous creatures that are the children of Ares and Hope.
  • Dryad - A race of winged creatures that guard the lair of Bacchus.
  • Echidna (portrayed by Bridget Hoffman) - Echidna is the infamous Mother of All Monsters. She was married to Typhon, but Hera trapped him and so Echidna became evil and used her children for the same purpose and Hercules was forced to kill them all. Echidna took it upon herself to kill Hercules in front of his mother Alcmene so Alcmene could see how it feels. Echidna turns good when Typhon is brought back to her.[4][5][6]
  • Four Horsemen - Four skeletal horsemen that represent War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. They were once used by the Archangel Michael in a plot to end the world. When Hercules sacrifices himself to stop Death, Michael states that this was a test to see if humanity can be given another chance which Hercules succeeded in. The Four Horsemen were assumed to have been resealed afterwards.
    • War - The Horseman who engineers a massive and bloody battle between the armies of King Lineus and King Valtel.
    • Famine - The Horseman who engineers a massive famine.
    • Pestilence - The Horseman who engineers a massive plague.
    • Death - The Horseman who would kill all of humanity.
  • Ghidra - A two-headed, fire-breathing reptile creature with a scorpion-like tail that is one of Hera's "pets." In the event that its tail was cut off, it would grow back. It attacked a lot of villages before being slain by a younger Hercules, Iolaus, and Jason.
  • Giant - The Mediterranean Giants are much like humans, but are larger and stronger. Giants can measure up to 15 to 20 ft. and weigh about 2800 pounds.
    • Gareth (portrayed by Jim Ngaata) - A Giant who was responsible for killing Goliath's family. He was later killed by Xena who avenged Goliath's family.
    • Gargan (portrayed by Onno Boelee) - A Giant who attacked a town in Hercules and the Lost Kingdom where he was looking for Hercules. Gargan ends up killed by Hercules who swung Gargan's own club against him and then punched him in the head.
    • Goliath (portrayed by Todd Rippon) - A Giant that had encountered Xena during her time as a warlord. Goliath's family was previously killed by Gareth. He was later killed by David of the Israelites as he tells Xena to avenge his family. In "A Day in the Life," Xena accomplishes Goliath's dying wish by slaying Gareth.
    • Talos (portrayed by Shane Dawson) - In this show, Talos is an ordinary giant who was under the employ of Ares where he guarded the Golden Fleece. He was later killed by Hercules.
  • Golden Hinds - In this show, the Golden Hind is a golden creature that is part female human and part deer. Their blood is poisonous to Gods.
    • Hellene (portrayed by Amber Sainsbury) - A Golden Hind and a devotee of Artemis that Hercules met in his youth.
    • Serena (portrayed by Sam Jenkins and Kara Zediker) - Serena was the last of the Golden Hinds. She was turned into a human by Ares. Hercules fell in love with Serena and gave up his powers so he could marry her. She was murdered by Ares and Strife. When Autolycus used the Cronus Stone to bring Hercules back in time, he saw how Serena was brought into Ares' services after her family was killed by Zeus. When Serena was wounded by Ares' dagger, Hercules strangled Ares and forced him to eliminate Serena's Golden Hind side making her completely human. When Hercules returned to the present, Serena was married to someone else.
  • Graegus - The Dog of War who is a pet of Ares.
  • Grindl - A creature that created from The Ring.
  • Guardian Angel - The Guardian Angels are recruited from the souls or the occasional living being that arrive in Heaven.
  • Harpies - A race of monsters that attacked Leanna's village. The villagers made a deal with Hades to withdraw the Harpies to the Underworld if Leanna would go live with Typhoon.
    • Fee - A Harpy that was born in Typhoon's cloud castle.
    • Fie - A Harpy that was born in Typhoon's cloud castle.
    • Foe-Fum - A Harpy that was born in Typhoon's cloud castle.
  • Hydra - A Polycephaly serpent that is said to be spawned from the "Infernal Regions." The Lernaean Hydra is the daughter of Echidna and Typhon. She was killed by Hercules and Iolaus. In "Pride Comes Before a Brawl," Iolaus finds another one in a cave near Thrace. This Hydra is left alive due to a lack of fire to burn the wounds.
  • Krafstar (portrayed by Marton Csokas) - A human who has a demon form called the Deliverer (portrayed by Anthony Ray Parker, but also voiced by Marton Csokas). He is associated with a cult that worships Dahak and once tricked Gabrielle into thinking that he is associated with the One God. He was killed when Xena threw him into Dahak's flames.
  • Lead Bounty Hunter (portrayed by Julian Arahanga) - A creature that works for Hera. It led a bunch of bounty hunters to look for Hercules and a group of homeless people who are heading to Calydon. Hercules defeated the Lead Bounty Hunter and his men who then exploded. In the toyline, the Lead Bounty Hunter was immortalized as "Mole Man."
  • Mandragora Lizard - A lizard-like creature that sprouts from the roots of a mandrake.
  • Mermaid - A creature that is half-woman, half-fish.
    • Nautica (played by Angela Dotchin) - A mermaid who is the daughter of Triton. Poseidon gave Nautica a heart so pure that it warms the oceans.
  • Mesomorph - The Mesomorph is a monster that was once a man. In "Let the Games Begin," Ares turned several Elean soldiers into Mesomorphs in order to fight Hercules at the Olympian Games.
  • Metal Panther - A metallic panther that was forged by Hephaestus. In "Love Takes a Holiday," Iolaus fought and defeated the panther in defense of his grandmother Leandra.
  • Minotaur - A creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man.
    • Gryphus (portrayed by Anthony Ray Parker and voiced by Al Chalk) - The son of Zeus that was once a handsome man and said to be more handsome than Adonis. When he began to lead people away from the worship of the Olympians and killed those who opposed him, Zeus punished him by turning him into a Minotaur and imprisoning him in a Labyrinth in Alturia. Gryphus remained imprisoned for one hundred years until Andis and Danion accidentally set him free. Gryphus was bent on revenge and in order to hurt Zeus, he targeted Hercules. Hercules had to kill Gryphus to defeat him before he can kill any more people. When Gryphus charged toward Hercules after mentioning that he is Hercules' half-brother, Hercules was unable to fight back. After Gryphus threatened to kill Iolaus, Hercules managed to throw Gryphus onto a stalagmite which impaled Gryphus as Zeus arrived. When Hercules tries to say something, Zeus states that Gryphus was already dead when he started to lead people away from the Olympians. When Gryphus asks Zeus not to let him die like this, Zeus changes Gryphus back into a human upon his death as Gryphus' body disappears into the mist.
    • Hera's Minotaur (portrayed by Anthony Ray Parker) - A Minotaur that was created by Hera in "The Sword of Veracity." There was a second Minotaur (played by Shane Dawson) that Hera also created to be the assistant of this Minotaur. Hercules and Iolaus managed to outsmart and defeat Hera's Minotaur and its Minotaur assistant where they ended up tricking them into killing each other.
  • Mummy (portrayed by Mark Newnham) - The mummy of the ancient ruler Ishtar.
  • Nemean Lion - Hercules had once slain this monster and still had its pelt in his possession.
  • Obie - Short for Orthrus, Obie is the offspring of Echidna and Typhon. Echidna didn't want to give him to Hera after what happened to her other children. Klepto kidnapped Obie, intending to give him to the warlord Bluth for the same reasons. However, in the time Klepto and Obie were together, they grew fond of one another. Once Klepto apologized for his wrongdoing, Echidna and Typhon accepted him as Obie's babysitter.
  • Perfidia - A giant sea serpent used by the Blue Priest to kill Hercules at the wedding of Jason and Alcmene. Hercules managed to kill the Perfidia from within by severing its spine.
  • Primord - A race of Homonid that are a cross between man and beast. A tribe of Primords lived near Zebron where they were befriended by Tarlus. Several of these were executed by King Beraeus when he was searching for Ramina. Primords were capable of making guttural sounds, but not of speech.
  • Pyro (portrayed by Daniel Batton) - A fire monster summoned by Hera and given to her disciple Zandar to use against Hercules. Hercules was able defeat him by capturing him in a barrel and cutting off his supply of oxygen.
  • Sand Rays - A race of stingray-like creatures that live in the sands of a deserted island.
  • Sand Shark - A deadly creature that lives in the sands of the island Golgoth.
  • Satyr - A creature with the upper body of a human and the legs of a goat.
    • Cheiron (portrayed by Kevin Atkinson) - An immortal Satyr who was a friend of Hercules. He was left with a debilitating mortal wound across his stomach after accidentally being struck by Hercules' sword. After many journeys to find a cure, Hercules managed to finally cure Cheiron of his wounds with the Circle of Fire which rendered him human. His name is not to be confused with the centaur Cheiron.
    • Clarin and Cletis (portrayed by Darren Warren and Daniel Warren) - Twin Satyrs who once swindled Pyturis in a drinking contest when he wasn't looking where one of them would take the other's place. Their trick did not work on Hercules.
  • She-Demon (portrayed by Nicky Mealings) - A lovely female monster that serves Hera. She wears a long dress and lures men close with promises of love. Once they step onto her dress, she stabs them with her snake's tail and turns them to stone. Hercules dodges the tail and it turns the She-Demon to stone turning her victims back to normal.
  • Sirens - A race of women with beautiful singing voices.
  • Skeleton Warriors - A bunch of Skeletons that work for Hera. They were summoned by Marcus to fight the Argonauts when the heroes returned from their second expedition. They were all defeated by Hercules, Jason, and the Argonauts.
  • Stymphalian Bird - A bird-like creature that is the offspring of Echidna and Typhon. Hera corrupted it to serve her and terrorize Stymphalian Swamp. It attacked Hercules and a group of homeless people when they are heading to Calydon. Hercules defeated the Stymphalian Bird by throwing it into the quicksand.
  • Subterranean Serpent - An underground serpent that lives in an abandoned castle in Cyros after its inhabitants fled from it.
  • Valkyries - Female Warriors with supernatural powers who work for the Norse god Odin.
    • Grinhilda - Once the leader of the Valkyries, she transformed into a monster when Xena forced her to wear the ring forged by the Rhinegold. She was pregnant at the time and her baby Grindl transformed into a monster as well. She returns as commander to Odin's army after Xena changes her back into a Valkyrie.

Xena characters[edit]

  • Bellerophon believes himself to be a son of Artemis by a mortal father. (Possibly a replicant?) He swore to exterminate the Amazons after they had abandoned Artemis as their Goddess of worship. When Bellerophon recognizes Xena among the Amazons he is attacking, he makes a plan to trap and kill her in retribution for having killed his mother Artemis. When Xena prevails in battle, she gives Bellerophon the opportunity to live by giving up his fight against the Amazons, but he believes he can't be killed since he is a half-god, thus sealing his fate.[7] Bellerophon is played by Craig Parker, making this his third character in the Xena series, previously playing Prince Sarpedon[8] and King Cleades.[9]
  • Chilapa is the second-in-command to the residing Amazon queen Ephiny. When Ephiny is killed in battle at the hands of Brutus while leading the Amazons in an attempt to stave off a Roman invasion, Chilapa leads the Amazons until the return of Gabrielle, who is the true queen of that tribe; however, when Gabrielle decides to step down from her role as queen and remain with Xena, Gabrielle gives her Right of Caste to Chilapa to serve as official queen of that tribe.[10] She is played by Nicole Whippy.
  • Draco (portrayed by Jay Laga'aia) is a warrior who fought beside Xena in the past and since then has had an obsession for her. Draco is a very skilled warrior, able to reproduce perfectly the jumps of Xena, using it to his advantage. He is also a master in hand-to-hand combat. Draco once lived by looting villages and trafficking women, until Xena stopped him.[11] Draco attempts to get revenge by laying siege to her home city of Amphipolis, but Xena again defeats him and he is forced to leave.
  • The Furies, based on the characters from Greek mythology, first appear when Ares, God of War, summons them to make Xena pay for not avengeing the murder of her father, who was murdered by her mother.[12] Alecto, the leader of the Furies, deems Xena guilty of the charges and drives her insane. Eventually, Xena turns the tables on Ares, and claims he is her father. The Furies restore Xena's sanity and leave, stating they are going to tell the Gods of Mount Olympus about Ares' actions. Much later, the Furies return after Athena plots to use them against Xena and Gabrielle.[13] They get into Gabrielle's head and drive her to nearly kill Xena's daughter, Eve. After the deaths of most of the gods, the Furies plan to take over Mount Olympus, and get into the now-mortal Ares' head.[14] They trick him into trapping Xena underwater, but a well-timed chakram throw kills the Furies by slitting their throats and causing them to explode. They are portrayed by Asa Lindh (Alecto 1-3), Celi Foncesca (Tisiphone 1), Annmarie Dennis (Tisiphone 2,3), Graciele Heredia (Megaera 1), and Smeta Choto (Megaera 3).
  • Gurkhan is a villain and a mysteriously majestic warlord. He has a very high reputation for being one of the most illustrious men in North Africa and he owns a collection of wives. He also has many loyal bodyguards who act as his decoys so others won't find out his true identity. He is clever for a warlord and he is also rather respectful when it comes to slave trade.[15] Gurkhan is responsible for raiding and killing many villagers in Gabrielle's hometown Potidaea. He beheads Gabrielle's mother and father and kidnaps her niece, Sara. When Gabrielle returns to her home village, she finds out from her sister that Gurkhan was responsible for the raid. Gabrielle travels alongside Xena, Eve, and Virgil to North Africa, where they free Sara and Gurkhan's other wives and trick Gurkhan's own guards into killing him.
  • Joxer, portrayed by Ted Raimi, is a loyal friend to both Xena & Gabrielle. A comic-relief character, Joxer is in love with Gabrielle, but his love is unrequited, so he just settles for being a good friend. Joxer comes from a ruthless warlord family, but he is the white sheep. Joxer is killed by Xena's daughter, Eve.
  • Lila is Gabrielle's only sister.[16] She is a warm and adoring sister to Gabrielle, but very conventional by comparison. She lives at home in Potidaea with their parents Herodotus and Hecuba. At first she resents Gabrielle leaving her, but when Gabrielle returns and helps to save their village,[17] Lila soon develops a high regard for the maturity and the skills that Gabrielle has acquired over the course of her adventures with Xena. She catches up with Gabrielle whenever she can and at one point she travels from Potidaea to Amphipolis to attend a surprise birthday party for her.[18] Many years, after Lila married and had a young girl named Sarah. Things went dark when daughter was kidnapped by slave traders and sold to Gurkhan, a notorious warlord. And with her sister and Xena temporarily missing, her parents and her husband decided to take action into their own hands. The trio traveled hoping to get her back, Gurkhan was quick to have her family beheaded. When Gabrielle and Xena were found alive, the two promised Lila to travel and retrieve her daughter Sarah.
  • Melosa (portrayed by Alison Bruce) is Queen of an Amazon tribe of Greece. Her sister Tereis is killed by an arrow and protected by Gabrielle who bestows upon her her right of caste. Melosa upholds the right of caste despite protests from Ephiny.
  • M'Lila is the runaway Gaelic slave girl from Egypt who teaches Xena how to use pressure points, and many other moves, in the season 2 episode "Destiny". M'Lila frees Xena from crucifixion in this episode, and is killed by Caesar's men while protecting her, which is what turns Xena evil. M'Lila's shirt design is what Xena later on bases her armor from. She is played by Ebonie Smith.
  • Meg is one of the many Xena look-alikes in the series. She first appears in the episode "Warrior... Princess... Tramp" where she is hired to impersonate Princess Diana, another Xena look-alike who had previously asked Xena to impersonate her as protection from assassins. She appears again during an incident involving a fourth Xena-look-alike, Leah, a priestess dedicated to Hestia. Meg runs a brothel and has a bad reputation as a harlot and a petty thief. Ultimately she has a good heart, working alongside Xena and Gabrielle on numerous occasions. Later in life she marries Joxer and raises three children with him (presumably adopted, as Meg mentioned in one episode was infertile). Meg is portrayed by Lucy Lawless.
  • Mephistopheles is a villain and the well-known "King of Hell". He has a blue-green skin tone and his facial formation and horns resemble a ram's head. He carries a massive trident as his weapon.[19] The evil ruler of hell, Mephistopheles enjoys enslaving souls and corrupting people. He enslaves Xena's mother, Cyrene, to make a bargain with Xena. His desire is to obtain the blood of Eve, Xena's daughter and a messenger of Eli, which will allow him to ascend upon the Earth and be made flesh. When made flesh, he hopes to conquer the mortal plane along with hell, joining the two together and leaving the gateway to hell forever opened. With no "devil" to rule over hell, the gateway would forever remain open and demons would swarm the Earth, turning inhabitants into dark servants of hell, in turn making them undergo the "heart of darkness". This phase would consume the people with hate and take over their emotions.
  • Minya, played by Alison Wall, (First appeared in the second season, episode 15: A Day In The Life). A common woman who yearns to be a fierce warrior much like Xena. However, her attempts at heroics often end in comic relief. She is from the village of Laurel and is initially involved with fellow villager Hower, although later in the series she begins traveling and realizes she is a "thespian" after becoming involved with an actress named Pollina.
  • Najara (portrayed by Kathryn Morris) is the leader of a cult encountered by Xena and Gabrielle in the fourth season episode "Crusader", in Phoenicia. Inspired by mystical voices she calls the Djinn, Najara leads a group of warriors who fight evil, and in particular, combat piracy and slave-trading, which Najara claims are tolerated by local authorities.[20] Xena and Gabrielle join forces with Najara at first, until Xena discovers that Najara gives the wrong-doers she captures the choice to either convert to her cult, which she calls "the light", or be executed. Najara also reserves the right to execute them if she deems their conversion insincere. Questioned by Gabrielle, she acknowledges that she may sometimes kill innocent people, but claims that all she does is send them to "the light."
  • Perdicas is Gabrielle's fiance, but she is reluctant to marry him and runs away to travel with Xena instead.[16] After Gabrielle left, Perdicas becomes a soldier to "toughen up." He meets with Gabrielle while fighting at Troy.[21] He later appears again and explains to Gabrielle that he is totally disillusioned with military service and is tired of killing.[22] He asks Gabrielle to marry him, and she accepts. But soon after their wedding, he is killed by Xena's nemesis Callisto. In the first episode of the series, he is portrayed by Anton Bentley. Scott Garrison takes over the role for further appearances.
  • Solari, portrayed by Jodie Dorday, is a loyal Amazon who befriends Gabrielle and supports her coming Queen of the Amazons. Velasca declares her a traitor to the Amazon nation. In "A Necessary Evil", Solari aids in attacking Velasca and setting up a trap to slow her down. She was killed at the beginning of the episode "Endgame" by Brutus' troops.
  • Varia, portrayed by Tsianina Joelson, was introduced as the second-in-command of Queen Marga of the Amazons after Xena and Gabrielle's twenty-five year sleep.[14] When Marga is killed by Prince Morloch, Xena trains her to become queen and together they defeat Morloch.[23]
  • Virgil, portrayed by William Gregory Lee, is the eldest son of Joxer and Meg. Virgil lives with his parents and younger brother and sister at the family's inn. Virgil is an aspiring poet and warrior. After his father Joxer is reunited with Xena and Gabrielle, Virgil joins them on their quest to find Xena's long-lost daughter Eve. Virgil witnesses Joxer's death at the hands of Eve, then known as Livia, Champion of Rome.

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