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This is a list of equipment of the Ecuadorian Army. Historically, the Ecuadorian Army depended on a wide variety of foreign suppliers like India, the United States and Germany for virtually all of its equipment needs. The rotary wing of the Ecuadorian Army depends on HAL Dhruv helicopters from India. Only in the 1980s did it begin to develop a modest domestic arms industry as the Directorate of Army Industries manufactured rifle ammunition, uniforms, boots, and other consumable items. The Army's present day equipment is mostly of Western origin.

Equipment as of 2010[edit]

Model Origin Type Versions In service Notes
Leopard 1  Germany Main battle tank Leopard 1A5
Leopard 1V
In the Netherlands, there is an improved version equivalent to the A5 called "Leopard 1 Verbeterd", the same version used by the Chilean Army that was sold to Ecuador.[1]
T-55  Soviet Union Main battle tank T-55AM 64 Status unknown.
AMX-13  France Light tank Upgraded 108 In 1988, Ecuador upgraded its fleet of 108 AMX-13 light tanks armed with 105 mm guns. SOPELEM supplied the basic day version of its SOPTAC 18 fire-control system with laser rangefinder and its control unit. Fives-Cail Babcock provided kits to modify the 105 mm gun and its ammunition system to allow APFSDS rounds to be fired. Work on upgrading the AMX-13s started in Ecuador late in 1988 and was completed in 1990.
Infantry fighting vehicle
Engesa EE-9 Cascavel  Brazil Armoured Car 32 Equipped with a 90 mm cannon. 6×6
EE-3 Jararaca  Brazil Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle 10 4×4
EE-11 Urutu  Brazil Armoured Personnel Carrier (wheeled) 32 [2] 6×6
AMX-VCI  France Armoured Personnel Carrier (tracked) 80 [2]
Panhard AML 245 H60/90  France Armoured Car 27-62
Panhard ERC-90 Sagie  France Armoured Car 10(?) 6×6
BTR-3U  Ukraine APC (wheeled 8×8) 3-10(?) 8×8
M113  United States Armoured Personnel Carrier (tracked) 20 Probably withdrawn from service.
M3 Half-track  United States Armoured Personnel Carrier 15 Status Unknown
UR-416  Germany Armoured Personnel Carrier (wheeled 4×4) 10 Status unknown. 4×4[3]
BLR  Spain Armoured Personnel Carrier (wheeled 4×4) 15 Status unknown.[4]
BTR-60  Soviet Union Command vehicle (wheeled 8×8) 6 At least 6 operating within the SA-8 structure. 8×8.
Military vehicles
Agrale Marruá  Brazil 4×4 vehicle AM10
First lot bought by Ecuador in February 2009 as a reconnaissance variant.[5]
Second lot bought in August 2009 as transport variant.[6][7]
AIL Storm  Israel 4×4 vehicle Utility  ? [8]
Tiuna  Venezuela 4×4 vehicle Utility 2 Donated by Venezuela in April 2009.[9]
Humvee  United States 4×4 vehicle Transport
118[10] 118 Humvees were donated by US NAS in 2003. The Israeli MAPATS Anti-tank version was created in 2009. Other Anti-tank variants include the Chinese HJ-8 system. Around 30 humvees are in use within the Naval Infantry Corps.[11][12][13] Less reliable sources suggest that 130+ humvees are currently in use within the Armed Forces.
CUCV II  United States 4×4 vehicle Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle  ? The CUCV II was procured by the Ecuadorian military in limited quantities.[14]
M939 Truck  United States 6×6 truck Transport 76 Donated by the US NAS program in 2003.[15]
M35  United States truck Transport  ?
Hino  Japan truck Transport 15 Donated by the US NAS program in 2010.[16]
Unimog  Germany 4×4 truck Anti-aircraft warfare  ? Equipped with Anti-tank or Anti-aircraft weapon-systems.
Scud-B(SS-1B)  Soviet Union SSM Launchers  ? Reported
MK F3  France 155mm Howitzer Self-propelled 12 The AMX-13 based Mk F3 is the smallest and lightest 155mm motorized gun carriage ever produced.
M114  United States 155mm Howitzer Towed 12
M198  United States 155mm Howitzer Towed 12
M101  United States 105mm Howitzer Towed 30
M2A1  United States 105mm Howitzer Towed 24 The M2A1 is a modernised M101 version.
OTO Melara Model 56  Italy 105mm Howitzer Towed 24
RM-70  Czechoslovakia 122 mm Multiple rocket launcher Self-propelled 8 The Tatra T813 "Kolos" 8×8 truck serves as carrier platform.
BM-21(9K-51  Soviet Union 122 mm Multiple rocket launcher Self-propelled 10
Soltam M-66  Israel 160mm Heavy Mortar Towed 12
M30  United States 107mm Heavy Mortar  ?
M1  United States 81mm Medium mortar  ?
M29  United States 81mm Medium mortar 412
Anti-material warfare
Spike  Israel 170mm Heavy Anti-tank guided missile 244 Deliveries started in October 2009.[17]
MAPATS  Israel 155mm Heavy Anti-tank guided missile  ? Some units are mounted on vehicles.
HJ-8  China 155mm Heavy Anti-tank guided missile  ? Some units are mounted on vehicles.
9M133 Kornet  Russia 152mm Heavy Anti-tank guided missile Kornet-E 288 Deliveries started in October 2009.[17]
Euromissile HOT  France
150mm Heavy Anti-tank guided missile  ? Mounted on Aérospatiale Gazelle helicopters.
MILAN  France
125mm Heavy Anti-tank guided missile  ? Some units are mounted on vehicles.
M40  United States 105mm Anti-tank weapon 24 Some units are mounted on vehicles.
M67  United States 90mm Anti-tank weapon 380 Some units are mounted on vehicles.
C90-CR (M3)  Spain 90mm Anti-tank weapon  ? [18]
M72 LAW  United States 66mm Light anti-armour weapon  ? (M-72A-3 LAW)
RPG-7  Soviet Union 40mm Light anti-armour weapon  ?
Anti-aircraft warfare
Bofors 40 mm  Sweden 40mm Autocannon L/60
Oerlikon   Switzerland 2 × 35 mm cannon GDF-003 30
ZSU-23-4  Soviet Union 4 × 23 mm Anti-aircraft weapon Self-propelled 34 All received from Nicaragua in 1997. Jane's Information Group. 2008-10-30.[19] Retrieved 2008-11-08.
Type 85  Soviet Union
2 × 23 mm Anti-Aircraft Twin Autocannon Towed
 ? Some units are mounted on vehicles.[20]
M163 Vulcan  United States 20 mm Air defence system Self-propelled 70
M167 Vulcan  United States 20 mm Air defence system Towed
ZPU-1\2\4  Soviet Union 14.5 mm Air defence gun\HMGs Towed 128
M-1935   Swiss 20 mm anti-aircraft gun Towed 28
M45 Quadmount  United States 4 × 12.7×99mm NATO M2 Browning machine gun  ? Some units are mounted on vehicles.
SA-8  Soviet Union 200 mm Surface-to-air missile Self-propelled 6
MIM-72 Chaparral  United States Surface-to-air missile Self-propelled 18 Chaparral.
Mistral  France 90 mm Surface-to-air missile MANPADS  ? Some are mounted on vehicles.
Shorts Blowpipe  United Kingdom 76 mm Surface-to-air missile MANPADS 220 220 launchers available, these were efficiently used during the Cenepa War.
HN-5A  China 72mm Surface-to-air missile MANPADS  ? [20]
Strela 2  Soviet Union 72mm Surface-to-air missile MANPADS  ? Also called within the NATO SA-7 “Grail”.
9K38 Igla  Soviet Union 72mm Surface-to-air missile MANPADS  ? Also called within the NATO SA-16 "Gimlet" (earlier versions) or SA-18 "Grouse". It is unknown, which versions are used by the Ecuadorian Army.
Small arms[21]
Browning Hi-Power  Belgium 9mm pistol  ? [22]
Beretta Mod.92F  Italy 9mm pistol  ?
SIG P226  United States pistol 700
S&W .38 Special  United States pistol
M1911  United States .45 pistol  ? [21]
Glock-17  Austria 9mm pistol  ?
FN FAL  Belgium 7.62mm rifle 50,000 Former standard rifle of the Army, it was replaced by the HK 33 since 1994, the FN FAL is still used by some units such as Jungle Infantry where the 7.62mm round has its advantages.[23]
SIG SG 540   Switzerland 5.56mm rifle  ?
M16A2  United States 5.56mm rifle  ? Colt M16A1, M16A2 & CAR-15A1 (M16A1 Carbine delivered.
M4 carbine  United States 5.56mm rifle  ? M4s sold as a 2008 Foreign Military Sales package.[24]
Steyr AUG  Austria 5.56mm rifle  ? Used (also) by: Ecuadorian UN operatives and Jungle warfare units. Delivered between 1987 and 1989.

IMI Galil AR  Israel 5.56mm rifle  ?
Mini-14  United States 5.56mm rifle  ?
M14NM  United States 7.62mm rifle ?
Mossberg 500  United States shotgun ?
HK 33  Germany 5.56mm rifle 33.000+ Used (also) by: Ecuadorian Naval Infantry, Ecuadorian UN operatives, Paramilitary units and the 9th Special Forces Brigade. 30.000 units (produced in England) were delivered in 1994. A further 3000 units were acquired through Chile. An unknown quantity was purchased from Turkey (HK-33A-2 and HK-33A-3).[23]
HK MP5A5  Germany 9mm submachine gun  ? Used (also) by: Ecuadorian Naval Infantry, Air Force Infantry detachments and the Counter-terror unit GEO. Night-vision and SD-versions available.
Uzi  Israel 9mm submachine gun 5,000 Used (also) by: Air Force Infantry
PSG-1  Germany 7.62mm Sniper rifle  ?
FN MAG  Belgium 7.62mm Infantry support weapon  ?
Heckler & Koch HK21  Germany 5.56mm Infantry support weapon  ? [25][26]
Milkor MGL  South Africa 40mm Infantry support weapon  ? [27]
AGS-17  Soviet Union 30mm Infantry support weapon  ?
Colt M203  United States 40mm GL
HK-79A-1  Germany 40mm GL
M1919  United States 0.30 calibre Infantry support  ?
M2HB  United States 0.50 calibre Anti-material
Infantry support
Aircraft Origin Type Versions In service[28] Notes
T-41 Mescalero  United States training aircraft 2
Cessna 182  United States training aircraft 4 [29]
Nanchang CJ-6  China training aircraft 2 [30]
Pilatus PC-6  United States light transport Porter 1 Swiss STOL aircraft, the Porter series was produced under license in the States.
Maule M-7  United States light transport Super Rocket 3
Beechcraft Super King Air  United States light transport 1
IAI Arava  Israel light transport 4 Seven delivered, only four remaining[30] One written off due to a crash.
C-212-400 Aviocar  Spain tactical transport 2 STOL aircraft.
CASA CN-235  Spain tactical transport 2
DHC-5D Buffalo  Canada tactical transport 1 STOL aircraft.
Cessna Citation II  United States aerial survey 1
Mil Mi-17  Russia medium lift-transport Mi-171 6 (+2) [30][31][32]
Aérospatiale Gazelle  France light attack helicopter SA342L 1 ~4 units delivered in total.[30] In 2003 only 26 were operational.[33] One (no#E-342) crashed on August 1, 2008 killing the crew.[31] Two crashed on January 24, 2007, killing the Defence Minister. All were equipped with HOT missiles between 1982 and 1983. Four were upgraded with Israeli technology. It is being planned to modernise and upgrade the remaining helicopters until 2018.[31]
Eurocopter AS332  France medium lift-transport AS332B 1 A total of one unit was delivered.[30] Since then only six are in use. Various sources state that one or few units might have been acquired in the AS332M variant. It is being planned to modernise, overhaul and upgrade the remaining helicopters until 2018.[31]
Aérospatiale SA 315B Lama  France utility SA 315B 1
Eurocopter AS550 Fennec  France utility 2


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