Tunisian Football Federation

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Tunisian Football Federation
Fédération Tunisienne de Football
الجامعة التونسية لكرة القدم
Logo federation tunisienne de football-copy.svg
Sport Football
Jurisdiction Tunisia
Abbreviation FTF
Founded 1957 (1957)
Affiliation FIFA (1960)
CAF (1960)
UAFA (1976)
UNAF (2005)
Headquarters Tunis
Official website

The Tunisian Football Federation (Arabic: الجامعة التونسية لكرة القدم‎‎, French: Fédération Tunisienne de Football, FTF) is the governing body of football in Tunisia. It was established in 1957. It became a member in the FIFA in 1960, and in the same year it also became a member in the CAF association.


Clubs that have participated in the Division Nationale de Football between 1956 and 2016:

Some clubs have used different names.

Source: FTF 75 Années de Football/Tunisian FA 75 Years of Football.

¹² Now Stade Africain Menzel Bourguiba

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