Feminism in Nepal

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Feminism in Nepal is primarily concerned with equity and equality of opportunity. Nepali society is traditionally highly patriarchal—it was not until 2007 that women under 35 could apply for passports without their father's or husband's permission—and feminists in Nepal seeks to redress this situation. Most women in Nepal are considered to be beneath their husbands and fathers in a patriarchal society.

Statistics from Violence Against Women, a website dedicated to raising awareness as well as finding solutions to present day issues, highlight these inequalities:

  • 77 percent of the episodes of violence against women are reported as being from within the family
  • 22 percent of women aged 15 to 49 have experienced physical violence at least once since age 15
  • 43 percent of women have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.
  • Between 5,000 and 12,000 girls and women are trafficked every year. 75 percent of them are below 18 years of age and the majority are sold into forced prostitution.[2]


The first feminist organization in Nepal was the Nepal Woman Association started under the leadership of Mangala Devi Singh.


  • After the lobbying of various organisations and feminist groups, 33% seats are reserved in every committee and group starting from the grass root level up to the legislative of Nepal.
  • Government grants subsidy on tax while registering property in the name of women to improve the access of women on property.
  • Women are allocating and reserving 33% seats on every possible programs fromm scholarship to government jobs to increase the participation of women.


  • ABC Nepal is a non governmental, non profit organisation based in Kathmandu with regional offices in Bhairahawa and Biratnagar. It has been working since 1987 to empower women, raise the status of women through gainful employment opportunity, vocational training and leadership development in women. It has its focus on anti trafficking campaigns.
  • Maiti Nepal
  • Sancharika Samuha
  • Shakti Samuha
  • Women LEAD is a non-governmental organization based in Kathmandu that provides women's leadership development training and advocacy in Nepal.