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Franz von Holzhausen
Picture of Franz von Holzhausen (front) seated in an office with Elon Musk
Holzhausen (front) with Elon Musk in 2008
Born (1968-05-10) May 10, 1968 (age 54)
Simsbury, Connecticut, United States
EducationSyracuse University (1986-1988),
ArtCenter College of Design (1988-1992, B.S. in Transportation Design)[1]
OccupationChief Designer, Tesla Inc.
Known forChief Designer of Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Roadster (2020), Tesla Semi, Tesla Cybertruck and Saturn Sky
Spouse(s)Vicki von Holzhausen[2]

Franz von Holzhausen (born May 10, 1968) is an American[4] vehicle designer. Since 2008, he has been in charge of design at Tesla, Inc.[5] He designed the Tesla Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, and the unveiled but not-yet-released Cybertruck, Semi, and second-generation Tesla Roadster.[6][7] Prior to Tesla, he worked in design at Mazda, General Motors, and Volkswagen.


In 1992, Holzhausen started his career with Volkswagen, where he worked on the designs for the Microbus and the New Beetle concept project, known as "Concept One," under design lead J Mays.[8]

In 2000, he moved to General Motors as a design manager where he worked on the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice.[9]

In 2005, he took a role at Mazda, where he was chief of design.[10] He led the designs of the Mazda Kabura concept car that debuted at the 2006 North American International Auto Show and of the Mazda Furai concept car that was unveiled at the 2008 North American International Auto Show, both in Detroit.[11][12][10]

Franz von Holzhausen at the unveiling of the Tesla Cybertruck

In 2008, he went to work for Tesla. He is known for designing Tesla vehicles, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X,[13] Model Y,[14] and the unveiled but not-yet-released Cybertruck, Semi, and second-generation Tesla Roadster.[15]

Personal life[edit]

Franz von Holzhausen is married to Vicki von Holzhausen, a designer who runs the "von Holzhausen" fashion label focused on vegan leather products made from plant-based materials.[3]


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