GNoSR Classes X and Y

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GNoS classes X and Y
LNER classes Z4 and Z5
Type and origin
Power type steam
Builder Manning Wardle
Build date 1915
Total produced Class X: 2
Class Y: 2
 • Whyte 0-4-2T
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Driver dia. Class X: 3 ft 6 in (1.067 m)
Class Y: 4 ft 0 in (1.219 m)
Trailing dia. Class X: 2 ft 6 in (0.762 m)
Class Y: 2 ft 9 in (0.838 m)
Wheelbase Class X: 11 ft 1 in (3.4 m)
Class Y: 12 ft 9 in (3.9 m)
Length 23 ft 4 in (7.1 m)
Axle load Class X: 9.6 long tons (9.8 t)
Class Y: 13.85 long tons (14.1 t)
Loco weight Class X: 25.85 long tons (26.3 t)
Class Y: 30.9 long tons (31.4 t)
Fuel type Coal
Fuel capacity 1 long ton (1.02 t)
Water cap Class X: 400 gallons
Class Y: 450 gallons
Boiler pressure 160 psi (1.10 MPa)
Heating surface:
 • Tubes
Class X: 450 sq.ft
Class Y: 546 sq.ft
 • Firebox Class X: 48 sq.ft
Class Y: 54 sq.ft
Cylinders Two, outside
Cylinder size Class X: 13 in × 20 in (330 mm × 508 mm)
Class Y: 14 in × 20 in (356 mm × 508 mm)
Valve gear Stephenson
Performance figures
Tractive effort Class X: 10,945 lbf (48.69 kN)
Class Y: 11,105 lbf (49.40 kN)
Operators Great North of Scotland Railway
London and North Eastern Railway
British Railways
Class GNoS: X and Y
LNER: Z4 and Z5
Retired 1956-1960
Preserved None
Disposition Scrapped

The GNoSR Classes X and Y were two similar classes of 0-4-2T steam locomotives built by Manning Wardle for the Great North of Scotland Railway. The two classes were similar, and were used throughout their lives to shunt on the docks at Aberdeen. They passed to the London and North Eastern Railway at the 1923 grouping, and received the LNER classification Z5. The class X were later reclassified Z4.


When the Aberdeen Harbour Commissioners finally agreed to allow steam locomotives to replace horses on the Aberdeen docks, the GNoSR purchased two 0-4-2T locomotives from Manning Wardle for the purpose. These were designated Class Y and numbered 114 and 115. On delivery these were found to be 2 tons over the maximum weight for operating on the docks,[1] and a further two locomotives of similar design were acquired. These Class X locomotives, numbered 116 and 117, had smaller driving wheels and a shorter wheelbase. In order to reduce the weight of the Class Y locos, they initially operated with their tanks only partially filled.[2]

Both classes remained almost unchanged throughout their working lives which involved working the 1.75-mile (2.82 km) long branch from Kittybrewster to Waterloo Docks in Aberdeen, local trips, and hire to nearby industry. They remained in the GNoSR livery of black with red and yellow lining until painted unlined black during World War 2, although they gained the letters LNER and subsequently acquired BR emblems. The locos also retained their original boilers, there being no spares. Except when on hire to industrial concerns, the locomotives were shedded at Kittybrewster.[3]

The first loco to be withdrawn was 68193 in 1956, followed by 68191 in 1959. The remaining two locos were withdrawn in 1960.

Classification and numbering[edit]

After the grouping both the Class X and Class Y became LNER CLass Z5. This was changed in 1927 when the Class Y was redesignated LNER CLass Z4.[2]

Number history
Class X Y
GNoSR number 114 115 116 117
GNoSR 1915 renumbering 43 44 30 32
LNER number 6843 6844 6830 6832
LNER 1946 renumbering 8190 8191 8192 8193
BR number 68190 68191 68192 68193
Withdrawn date[3] 28-04-1960 31-03-1959 28-04-1960 21-04-1956
Total Mileage[3] 457,000 525,000 255,000 196,000


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