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NER Class T and T1
LNER Class Q5
North Eastern Railway Worsdell T class 0-8-0 locomotive 2116 (Howden, Boys' Book of Locomotives, 1907).jpg
NER Nº 2116, circa 1907
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Designer Wilson Worsdell
Build date 1901
Total produced Class T: 40
Class T1 50
Configuration 0-8-0
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm)
Driver dia. 4 ft 7 14 in (1.403 m)
Loco weight 58.4 long tons (59.3 t)
Fuel type coal
Boiler pressure 175 psi (1,210 kPa)
Cylinders two outside
Cylinder size 20 in × 26 in (510 mm × 660 mm)
Performance figures
Tractive effort 28,000 lbf (120 kN)

The NER Class T (LNER Class Q5) was a class of 0-8-0 steam locomotives of the North Eastern Railway.[1][2]


There were two NER sub-classes. Class T had piston valves, while class T1 had slide valves. The London and North Eastern Railway classified both types as Q5.

Between 1932 and 1934, the LNER rebuilt fourteen Q5s with larger boilers and these were given the sub-class Q5/2. The unrebuilt locomotives were re-classified Q5/1.


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