NER Class W1

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NER Class W1
LNER Class A6
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Build date 1914-1917 (rebuild)
Total produced 10
Configuration 4-6-2T
Gauge 4' 8½"
Leading wheel
3' 1¼"
Driver diameter 5' 1¼"
Length 43' 11"
Locomotive weight 78 long tons
without superheater
79 long tons
with superheater
Fuel type coal
Fuel capacity 4 long tons
Water capacity 1,893 imperial gallons
Boiler pressure 175 psi
Firegrate area 23 sq.ft.
Cylinders two inside
Cylinder size 19" x 26"
Performance figures
Tractive effort 23,830 lbf

The NER Class W1 was a 4-6-2T steam locomotive of the North Eastern Railway. The class was introduced in 1914 as a rebuild of Wilson Worsdell's NER Class W 4-6-0T (introduced 1907). On being acquired by the London and North Eastern Railway in 1923 the W1s were re-classified A6. The information in the infobox (right) is taken from sources.[1][2]


Seven of the locomotives were fitted with superheaters between 1937 and 1944.[3]

British Railways[edit]

One locomotive was withdrawn in 1947 but the remaining nine passed to British Railways in 1948 and were numbered as follows:

  • Superheated: 69791-69793 and 69796-69797
  • Non-superheated: 69794-69795 and 69798-69799

This seems to conflict with the claim that seven locomotives were fitted with superheaters but, possibly, the superheater was removed from one locomotive. This might have happened when a boiler was changed.


One locomotive was withdrawn in 1947 and the others had all been withdrawn by the end of 1951. None are preserved.


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