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The Gingamen: (from left to right) Ginga Blue, Ginga Pink, Ginga Red, Ginga Green, and Ginga Yellow.

The Gingamen (ギンガマン?, Gingaman) are the fictional protagonists of the Super Sentai series, Seijuu Sentai Gingaman. They are the descendants of the original Gingamen from the Ginga Forest and use a fighting style that originated three thousand years before. They are chosen at a ceremony to become Gingamen. Their enemies are the Space Pirates Barban.[1]

The Gingamen consist of five young warriors chosen as the 133rd warriors of the Star Beast Swords to protect Earth from the Space Pirates Barban. Before battle, the team announces their arrival by saying "We pierce through the Galaxy with legendary blades... Seijuu Sentai Gingaman!" (銀河を貫く伝説の刃...星獣戦隊ギンガマン!?, Ginga wo tsuranuku densetsu no yaiba... Seijū Sentai Gingaman!)



Fire Warrior Ryouma (火の戦士リョウマ?, Hi no Senshi Ryōma) is a 22-year-old man who becomes Ginga Red (ギンガレッド?, Ginga Reddo) leader of the Gingamen, to fulfill his older brother Hyuuga's last wish. He is bright, optimistic and hardworking. He can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Mane of Fire (炎のたてがみ?, Honō no Tategami) and the Star Beast Sword Techniques Flame Flash (炎一閃?, Honō Issen) and Two Swords Flash (used with Kiba Cutter). While as Super Armor Shine Ginga Red, he can perform Power Seal and Beast Fire Flash. In his civilian form, Ryouma wields a boomerang. With the Lights of Ginga, Ryouma can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Red (超装光ギンガレッド?, Chōsōkō Ginga Reddo).

Ryouma was portrayed by Kazuki Maehara (前原 一輝?, Maehara Kazuki)


Wind Warrior Hayate (風の戦士ハヤテ?, Kaze no Senshi Hayate) is a 22-year-old man who fights as Ginga Green (ギンガグリーン?, Ginga Gurīn). He is cool and quick-witted. He is an expert flute player and is the second-in-command. He has a weakness for tomatoes (although this is resolved) and honey. He is engaged to Miharu and always carries the flute and amulet she gave him before leaving the Ginga Forest. He can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Fluttering of a Storm (嵐のはばたき?, Arashi no Habataki) and the Star Beast Sword Techniques Hurricane Gust (疾風一陣?, Shippū Ichijin) and Two Swords Gust (with the Kiba Cutter). As he is a Wind Warrior, he has the power to eliminate evil sounds whenever he plays his flute. He is rivals with Sherinda after she destroys his flute and has a sword fight with her on the day Hayate and Miharu would have been married. He makes a new flute with similar materials on Moon Mountain. He can also use his flute as a pea-shooter. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hayate can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Green (超装光ギンガグリーン?, Chōsōkō Ginga Gurīn). After the final battle, Hayate is reunited with Miharu.

Hayate is portrayed by Kōji Sueyoshi (末吉 宏司?, Sueyoshi Kōji).


Water Warrior Gouki (水の戦士ゴウキ?, Mizu no Senshi Gōki) is a 22-year-old man who fights as Ginga Blue (ギンガブルー?, Ginga Burū). Gouki is strong, shy and slightly nervous, as well as a lover of forests and wildlife. He is good at cooking. In the show, he believes this aspect of his personality would not let him be a good Gingaman, but at the end, he manages to win the love of Suzuko Miyasawa. He can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Pulse of the Stream (流水の鼓動?, Ryūsui no Kodō) and the Star Beast Sword Technique: Rapids Strike (激流一刀?, Gekiryū Ittō). He wields a whip in civilian form. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Gouki can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Blue (超装光ギンガブルー?, Chōsōkō Ginga Burū). In Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai, he lectures Soutarou Ushigome (GaoBlack) on the many strong warriors of the Super Sentai franchise. He later offers his assistance in the fight against Rakushassa alongside the other Dream Sentai warriors.

Gouki is portrayed by Shōei (照英?, Shōei)


Thunder Warrior Hikaru (雷の戦士ヒカル?, Kaminari no Senshi Hikaru) is a 17-year-old man who fights as Ginga Yellow (ギンガイエロー?, Ginga Ierō). He can perform the Earth Elemental Techniques Howl of lighting (雷の雄叫び?, Inazuma no Otakebi) and Ancestor Burst and the Star Beast Sword Technique Thunder Sweep (雷一掃?, Ikazuchi Issō), Severe Burn Lava (with Kiba Cutter). Although he is portrayed as being childish at times, he dislikes for others to treat like a kid. Hikaru is a gluttonous prankster. His favorite food is Mister Donut's donut. After the appearance of Biznella, they often fight each other. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Hikaru can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Yellow (超装光ギンガイエロー?, Chōsōkō Ginga Ierō).

Hikaru is portrayed by Nobuaki Takahashi (高橋 伸顕?, Takahashi Nobuaki)


Flower Warrior Saya (花の戦士サヤ?, Hana no Senshi Saya) is a 17-year girl who fights as Ginga Pink (ギンガピンク?, Ginga Pinku). Her admiration for Hyuuga gives her the courage to fight. She is always playing and competing with Hikaru. She loves climbing trees. Saya is strong but introverted. She can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Claws of Petals (花びらの爪?, Hanabira no Tsume) and the Star Beast Sword Technique: Flower Heart (花一心?, Hana Isshin). In civilian form, Saya can wield a slingshot. Later, with the Lights of Ginga, Saya can become Super Armor Shine Ginga Pink (超装光ギンガピンク?, Chōsōkō Ginga Pinku).

Saya is portrayed by Juri Miyazawa (宮澤 寿梨?, Miyazawa Juri)


Fire Warrior Hyuuga (火の戦士ヒュウガ?, Hi no Senshi Hyūga, 1, 2, 25-39, 41-50, Gingaman vs. Megaranger, GoGo Five vs. Gingaman) is Ryouma's 27-year-old brother. He was chosen to become the 133rd Ginga Red but fell into a crack in the ground caused by Zaihab. He is saved by Bull Black, who possesses Hyuuga's body for a while before discarding him. Soon after, Hyuuga is given the power to become the new Black Knight (黒騎士?, Kuro Kishi). He can perform the Earth Elemental Technique Mane of Fire (炎の鬣?, Hono no Tategami) and can perform the sword technique Black Chop (黒の一撃?, Kuro no Ichigeki).

When Gou Taurus is wounded during the battle against Evil Empress Iliess, he is captured by Pucrates who blackmails Hyuuga to work for him so he could sever his connection to the Earth to wield the cursed Knight Axe, the only thing that can shatter Zahab's Star Soul Jewel. Hyuuga agrees to give up his Earth power in hopes of using the Knight Axe to kill Zahab. Hyuuga regains his Earth power in the finale after the Knight Axe is destroyed and fights as the Black Knight alongside the Gingaman to finally kill Zehab.

Hyuuga's element is fire, though he does not often use it in special attacks like the other Gingamen. By taking in Gou Taurus' power, he can grow to a giant and become the Heavy Knight.

Hyuuga is portrayed by Teruaki Ogawa (小川 輝晃?, Ogawa Teruaki) who previously portrayed Sasuke/Ninja Red in Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Bull Black[edit]

Black Knight Bull Black (黒騎士ブルブラック?, Kuro Kishi Buru Burakku, 17-25) is a vengeful warrior. He is the original Black Knight who seeks revenge for his young brother Krantz, who was killed by Zahab during the Barban's assault on their home planet, Taurus. Bull Black originally brought the Lights of Ginga to Earth 3,000 years ago after a long fight. After lying to Sambash that finding them would be easy, Sambash blasted him and caused him to fall into the Earth, as good as dead. Lacking the strength to revive himself, all he cam think about is revenge.

3,000 years later, Hyuuga falls down the same hole as Bull Black. Using the last of his power, Bull Black absorbs Hyuuga's body, using his Earth power to revive himself.

His original goal is to find the Lights of Ginga, to take revenge on Zahab. His means are selfish, as he does not care about hurting innocent humans to reach his goal, which put him at odds with the Gingamen who do care, who offers to be their ally. But Bull Black refuses, choosing to fight alone with Gou Taurus.

In the next few episodes, Bull Black feels Hyuuga, still inside of his body, trying to stop him from pursuing revenge, resulting in chest pains.

In a final act of revenge, Bull Black plans to send powerful energy into Earth's core at Mt. Kongou, destroying the Barban and Earth in the process. However, Gou Taurus wants nothing to do with it. After revealing to Ryouma that Hyuuga was inside of him, he says that to liberate Hyuuga is when he dies.

After Krantz's spirit begs him to stop hurting people, Bull Black releases Hyuuga and takes in the crater's energy, dying in the process. His spirit finds peace after reuniting with Krantz. Later, Bull Black's spirit gives Hyuuga the Bull Riot and the powers of the Black Knight.

By taking in Gou Taurus' power, Bull Black can grow to giant size, becoming the Heavy Knight Bull Black.

Bull Black is voiced by Koji Ochiai (落合 弘治?, Ochiai Kōji).


Krantz (クランツ?, Kurantsu, 19 (flashback), 25) is Bull Black's little brother on Taurus, their home planet. Given a small dagger by Bull Black, before the Barban attacked their home planet, Krantz hopes to become a planet protecting warrior like his brother. When the Barban attack, Krantz is captured by Sunabakutou. Ordered to lay his sword down, Bull Black is attacked and Captain Zehab moves to attack Krantz. Armed with just his dagger, Krantz charges for Zehab but is killed with one slash from Zehab's sword.

Krantz's dagger is all that is left of him. Once in a while, Bull Black flings it at an enemy to announce his presence.

Krantz is portrayed by Masanori Ōtani (大谷 政憲?, Ōtani Masanori).


Fairy Bokku (妖精ボック?, Yoshi Bokku) is a distracted fairy with an acorn-shaped helmet. He is always with Moak and ends every phrase saying "bokku!".

Bokku is voiced by Sanae Miyuki (深雪 さなえ?, Miyuki Sanae).


Elder Orghi (長老オーギ?, Choro Ōgi, 1-2, 50) is the leader of the Ginga people. When the Ginga Forest is attacked by Shelinda to use its energy to revive Daitanix, Orghi casts a petrification spell on himself and everything in the forest to prevent her from absorbing its energy, submerging it into the lake. Before becoming fully petrified, Orghi leaves a pendant with a seed to the Gingamen. In the finale after Zahab's death, the Ginga Forest resurfaces and Orghi as well as the rest of the Ginga people are restored, much to the Gingamen's surprise.

Orghi is portrayed by Hiroshi Arikawa (有川 博?, Arikawa Hiroshi).


Wisdom Tree Moak (知恵の樹モーク?, Chie no ki Mōku, 3-48, 50-Gingaman vs. Megaranger) is Orghi's final gift to the Gingamen before he is turned to stone and is located outside the Silver Star Equestrian Club. Moak senses all the events that happen near any forest or wood, such as Barban's presence. He gives new weapons to the Gingamen. He has knowledge of all Ginga legends. Near the finale, he sacrifices himself to prevent the birth of the Earth Beast and remove the traces of the Extreme Growth Extract which is affecting the Earth and the Gingamen's Earth powers, but he leaves behind a seed. After the Ginga Forest is restored in the finale, Moak is revived when Orghi plants his seed in the Ginga Forest.

Moak is voiced by Rokurō Naya (納谷 六朗?, Naya Rokurō).

Haruhiko Aoyama[edit]

Haruhiko Aoyama (青山 晴彦?, Aoyama Haruhiko) is a writer of children's stories, who believes in the existence of the legendary Ginga Forest. He offers the Gingaman his ranch for them to live in after their forest home is petrified and records their adventures.

Haruhiko Aoyama is portrayed by Yoshihiko Takamoku (高杢 禎彦?, Takamoku Yoshihiko).

Yuuta Aoyama[edit]

Yuuta Aoyama (青山 勇太?, Aoyama Yuuta) is Haruhiko's 9-year-old son. He does not believe the legend until he witnesses the birth of the 133rd Gingamen. In episode 6, he is given Ginga Leon's planet stone, which he used in the next episode to stop the Barban from trying to collect the energy the Gingamen was using to revive the Star Beasts.

Yuuta Aoyama is portrayed by Shogo Hayakawa (早川 翔吾?, Hayakawa Shōgo).


Suzuko Mizusawa (水澤 鈴子?, Mizusawa Suzuko, 11-50) is Yuuta's teacher at Wakatake Elementary School. Mizusawa is Gouki's secret love. Gouki had a rivalry with Shunsuke Kishimoto, a teacher from another school, for Suzuko's affections. In the end, Suzuko chooses Gouki and proves it by showing him the bracelet Gouki had made for her.

Suzuko is portrayed by Makiko Yoshida (吉田 真希子?, Yoshida Makiko).


Misaki Hoshino (Hoshino Misaki, 14) is an acting idol who looks like Saya, excpet that she has a mole. She is selfish until she talks with Saya. She helps Saya against the Barban.


  • Ginga Brace (ギンガブレス?, Ginga Buresu): The Gingamen's transformation devices, which are activated by turning a dial to a specific color on the brace. The Ginga Braces were given to the original Gingamen by the Star Beasts 3,000 years ago and passed down through the centuries. The transformation call is "Ginga Reincarnation" (ギンガ転生?, Ginga Tensei).
  • Star Beast Sword (星獣剣?, Seijūken): The team's sidearms, which can be used to perform the Gingamen's individual special attacks or be shortened into a dagger when not in use.
  • Beast Racehorses (獣走馬?, Jūsōba): Horses that serve as transportation.
    • Red Spark (レッドスパーク?, Reddo Supāku): A white horse ridden by Ginga Red.
    • Green Wind (グリーンウィンド?, Gurīn Uindo): A black horse ridden by Ginga Green.
    • Blue Horizon (ブルーホライズン?, Burū Horaizun): A beige horse ridden by Ginga Blue.
    • Yellow Thunder (イエローサンダー?, Ierō Sandā): A bay horse ridden by Ginga Yellow.
    • Pink Flower (ピンクフラワー?, Pinku Furawā): A bay horse ridden by Ginga Pink.
  • Mechanical Blade Kiba (自在剣機刃?, Jizaiken Kiba): Fang-shaped blades that have varied shapes from member to member. When these five come together, they combine to become a finishing weapon, with the attack Kiba Imperial Wrath (機刃の激輪?, Kiba no Gekirin). The Kibas draw power from the Star Beasts' planets. The Gingamen channel their Earth power into them to call upon the Star Beasts' power and later to revive them when they were petrified, also obtaining "newly born" power. They help in the five main Star Beasts' transformation into Silver Star Beasts. They can transform into any weapon the Gingamen choose:
    • Kiba Cutter (キバカッター?, Kiba Kattā): Used by Ginga Red, with its technique Fire Cut.
    • Kiba Shot (キバショット?, Kiba Shotto): Used by Ginga Green, with its technique Blast Shoot.
    • Kiba Claw (キバクロー?, Kiba Kurō): Used by Ginga Blue, with its technique Tsunami Hit.
    • Kiba Knives (キバナイフ?, Kiba Naifu): Used by Ginga Yellow, with their technique Lightning Cut.
    • Kiba Arrow (キバアロー?, Kiba Arō): Used by Ginga Pink.
  • Juugekibos (獣撃棒?, Jūgekibō, "Beast Attack Rods"): Created by Moak, they are rods that can be shortened into bazookas by the command, Juugekiha, so the Gingamen can perform the Ginga Juugekidan (銀河獣撃弾?, Ginga Jūgekidan, Galaxy Beast Attack Bullet) team attack. Ginga Red uses his Rod in the Blazing Flames Juugeki (猛火獣撃?, Mōka Jūgeki) attack. Moak creates more advanced rods in episode 47 to fight the Earth Demon Beast. These Rods can be used with the Beast Armor Shine or by the Gingamen in human form. They can perform an attack called the Senkou Juugekidan ((閃光獣撃弾?, Senkō Jūgekidan, Flashing Beast Attack Bullet).
  • Bull Riot (ブルライアット?, Buru Raiatto): Hyuuga's sword that functions as his transformation device, using it to transform into the Black Knight by using the transformation call "Knight Reincarnation" (騎士転生?, Kishi Tensei). Originally belonging to Bull Black, the Bull Riot can be changed into a laser rifle mode. Attacks with multiple slash attacks; including "Black Chop" and "Black Attack".
  • Shining Beast Armor (獣装光?, Jūsōkō): An armor upgrade the team receives from the power of the Lights of Ginga. It is summoned by the command "Roar! Lights of Ginga!" (ほえろ!ギンガ光!?, Hoero! Ginga Hikari!), but all five Gingamen need to be present for it to work. Their team attack is the "Galaxy War Radiance" (銀河戦光?, Ginga Senkō).
    • Flashing Star Beast Sword (閃光星獣剣?, Senkō Seijūken): Upgraded from the Star Beast Swords.
    • Beast Armor Claw (獣装の爪?, Jūsō no Tsume): A brace with two claw-like blades that is worn on the left forearm.
    • Mobile Steed Galeo Pulsar (機動馬ガレオパルサー?, Kidōba Gareo Parusā): With the knowledge from the deceased Bull Black that the Lights of Ginga can change shape depending on the user's will, the Gingaman, while in Shining Beast Armor form, can gather the Lights of Ginga to create the Galeo Pulsar, a motorcycle that is themed after Ginga Red's Star Beast Ginga Leon. When summoned, it temporarily removes the Beast Armor enhancements from the Gingamen. Attacks include "Lion War Blast", as well as its finishing move, "Lion Shining Armor" (獅子の装光?, Shishi no Sōkō), in which it attacks by ramming into its target with the flaming Lights of Ginga energy. After a Majin is defeated, the Galeo Pulsar changes back into the Gingamans' Beast Armor enhancements, which are then returned to them.
  • Knight Axe (ナイトアックス?, Naito Akkusu): A cursed weapon that Hyuuga receives from Pucrates that has the power to destroy the Star Soul Jewel that sustains Zahab. As Hyuuga had sacrificed his Earth power, only he can wield it as Ryouma once tried to pick it up in Episode 41, only for the energy feedback from the Axe caused him great pain. The Knight Axe is destroyed by Zahab in the finale, but not before damaging his Star Soul Jewel.

Star Beasts[edit]

The Star Beasts (星獣?, Seijū) are sentient beings, originally from different planets (Galeon, Galcon, Garilla, Gaverick, Gat, Taurus, Rhinos, Phoenix and Bitus). They help the Gingaman. The Gingaman's Earth power increases when man and beast combine. When the Gingaman channel the energy of the Star Beasts' home planet through their Kiba Swords the first five Star Beasts are able to transform into Silver Star Beasts (銀星獣?, Ginseijū) by the command "Great Rebirth, Silver Star Beasts!" (大転生銀星獣?, Daitensei Ginseijū).

The planets of Star Beasts GingaRhinos, GingaPhoenix and GingaBitus were destroyed by the Barban long before. They were converted into Steel Star Beasts (鋼星獣?, Kōseijū) by Biznella under his control when they were rendered dormant. After recharging them with the Lights of Ginga, Biznella set them against the Gingamen. The fact that they were Star Beasts made Super Armor Shine Gingaioh and Bull Taurus reluctant to fight them. However, the Steel Star Beasts were freed from their programming by the brotherhood of their fellow Star Beasts on the night of the "Star Festival". They then destroyed Biznella near the finale. They aided the Gingamen in many of their battles. However, in the Gingaman vs. Megaranger special, Giga Rhinos and Giga Phoenix bid farewell to the Gingamen after fighting Ghelmadix. Giga Bitus is not killed after two of them are sacrificed.

Following the arrival of Grandiene in 1999, the Star Beasts became dormant under the sea, but Dr. Tatsumi locates them in time to help the Gingamen help GoGoFive to battle the Dark Beast with Hyuuga's assistance who uses his power to revive them.

  • Star Beast Ginga Leon (星獣ギンガレオン?, Seijū Ginga Reon) is the red lion-like beast of flame. Its attack is Strong Flame. It appears whenever Ginga Red calls out "Ginga Leon!". A native of the field planet Galeon, it gives Yuuta its planet stone as a sign of their friendship. It later gains the ability to become Silver Star Beast Ginga Leon (銀星獣ギンガレオン?, Ginseijū Gingareon), with an attack called Silver Flame. It helps out in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.
  • Star Beast Gingalcon (星獣ギンガルコン?, Seijū Gingarukon) is the green dragon and falcon hybrid beast of wind. Its attack is Roaring Cyclone. Comes whenever Ginga Green calls out "Gingalcon!". It is a native of the wind planet Galcon. It later gains the ability to become Silver Star Beast Gingalcon (銀星獣ギンガルコン?, Ginseijū Gingarukon), with an attack called Silver Cyclone.
  • Star Beast Gingarilla (星獣ギンガリラ?, Seijū Gingarira) is the blue gorilla-like beast of water. Its attack is Mighty Strength. It appears whenever Ginga Blue calls out "Gingarilla!". It is native to the hidden forest planet Garilla. It gains the ability to become Silver Star Beast Gingarilla (銀星獣ギンガリラ?, Ginseijū Gingarira), with an attack called Silver Blizzard. The toy version stores the Gingaioh fists in its feet.
  • Star Beast Ginga Verick (星獣ギンガベリック?, Seijū Ginga Berikku) is the yellow wolf-like beast of thunder. Its attack is Strong Electric Shock. It comes whenever Ginga Yellow calls out "Ginga Verick!". It is a native of the forest planet Gaverick. It later gains the ability to become Silver Star Beast Ginga Verick (銀星獣ギンガベリック?, Ginseijū Gingaberikku), with an attack called Silver Flash (used with Gingat).
  • Star Beast Gingat (星獣ギンガット?, Seijū Gingatto) is the pink wildcat-like beast of flowers. Her attack is Flower Bullet. She appears whenever Ginga Pink calls out "Gingat!". She is a native of the sand planet Gat and loves sweet-tasting things. She later gains the ability to become Silver Star Beast Gingat (銀星獣ギンガット?, Ginseijū Gingatto), with an attack called Silver Flash (used with Ginga Verick). A gemstone falls from the sky one night and lands near Gingat, turning her into a small kitten, while absorbing her power. A little girl, Yuuko, who was looking for her kitty found the small-sized Gingat, naming her "Mii". The Gingaman track down Gingat, but out of sorrow, Saya leaves Gingat with Yuuko. Yuuko then realizes Gingat was needed for battle and breaks the gemstone, restoring Gingat.
  • Heavy Star Beast Gou Taurus (重星獣ゴウタウラス?, Jūseijū Gō Taurasu) is the Black Knight's partner and appears when the Black Knight calls out "Gou Taurus!". It is a native of the dead planet Taurus. It transforms the Black Knight into the giant Heavy Knight (重騎士?, Jū Kishi), where he is armed with two Bullsword (ブルソード?, Burusōdo) lances and can perform the Cross Fire Slash (クロスファイヤー斬り?, Kurosu Faiyā Kiri). During the fight against Illies, Gou Taurus is seriously injured and cannot fight in the next few episodes. It forms a bodysuit for Heavy Knight when forming Bull Taurus.
  • Steel Star Beast Giga Rhinos (鋼星獣ギガライノス?, Kōseijū Giga Rainosu) was formerly the red humanoid rhinoceros-like beast Star Beast GingaRhinos (星獣ギンガライノス?, Seijū Ginga Rainosu), but now is a red-armored robot whose body can break into the five Giga Wheels (ギガホイール?, Giga Hoīru), only to reform as one again through its "Beast-Land Fusion" (獣陸合体?, Jūriku Gattai). It is a native of the dead planet Rhinos. It uses its powerful Gigantis Buster (ギガンティスバスター?, Gigantisu Basutā) cannon in battle. It combines with Phoenix for an energy cyclone attack. Giga Wheel 1 forms Giga Rhinos' head and back and the "clip" of the Gigantis Buster that is stored between the "feet" of Giga Bitus' Scramble Mode. Giga Wheel 2 forms Giga Rhinos' upper torso and the "generator" of the Gigantis Buster that is stored in the left "foot" of Giga Bitus's Scramble Mode, to Giga Wheel 3's left. Giga Wheel 3 forms Giga Rhinos' waist and the "frame" of the Gigantis Buster that is stored in the left "foot" of Giga Bitus' Scramble Mode, to Giga Wheel 2's right and Giga Wheel 4's left. Giga Wheel 4 forms Giga Rhinos' arms and the muzzles of the Gigantis Buster. Stored in the left "foot" of Giga Bitus' Scramble Mode, to Giga Wheel 3's right. Giga Wheel 5 forms Giga Rhinos' helmet and legs and the "barrel" of the Gigantis Buster that is stored in the right "foot" of Giga Bitus' Scramble Mode. Giga Rhinos is known to have sharp concentration. Giga Rhinos was later destroyed along with Giga Phoenix in battle with Ghelmadix.
  • Steel Star Beast Giga Phoenix (鋼星獣ギガフェニックス?, Kōseijū Giga Fenikkusu) was formerly the blue phoenix-like beast Star Beast GingaPhoenix (星獣ギンガフェニックス?, Seijū GingaFenikkusu), but now is a blue-armored robot whose body can break into five Giga Wings (ギガウイング?, Giga Uingu), only to reform as one again through its "Beast-Sky Fusion" (獣空合体?, Jūkū Gattai). It is a native of the dead planet Phoenix. With its weapon, the Giganic Boomerang (ギガニックブーメラン?, Giganikku Būmeran), it aids the Gingamen in many battles. It combines with Rhinos for an energy cyclone attack. Giga Wing 1 forms Giga Phoenix's head and arm and is stored in Giga Bitus' jaw, ahead of Giga Wings 2 and 3. Giga Wing 2 forms Giga Phoenix's body. Stored in Giga Bitus' jaw, left of Giga Wing 1. Giga Wing 3 forms Giga Phoenix's helmet, waist and upper legs and is stored in Giga Bitus' jaw, right of Giga Wing 1. Giga Wing 4 forms Giga Phoenix's right leg and is stored in the right "arm" of Giga Bitus' Scramble Mode. Giga Wing 5 forms Giga Phoenix's left leg. Stored in the left "arm" of Giga Bitus' Scramble Mode. Giga Phoenix is known to have a calm edge aesthetic, which makes him a good choice to battle Majins with overwhelming great strength. Giga Phoenix was later destroyed along with Giga Rhinos in battle with Ghelmadix.
  • Giant Steel Star Beast Giga Bitus (巨大鋼星獣ギガバイタス?, Kyodai Kōseijū Giga Baitasu) was formerly a silver shark-like beast Star Beast GingaBitus (星獣ギンガバイタス?, Seijū GingaBaitasu), now serves as a mother ship for his fellow Steel Star Beasts. It is a native of the dead planet Bitus. Transforms from Cruiser Mode (クルーザーモード?, Kurūzā Mōdo) to Scramble Mode (スクランブルスモード?, Sukuranburu Mōdo), armed with the Bitus Cannon (バイタスキャノン?, Baitasu Kyanon). Usually chooses to send Giga Rhinos for his sharp concentration, or Giga Phoenix for his calm edge aesthetic, whenever the Gingamen and their Star Beasts need their help.

Star Beast combinations[edit]


Star Beast Combination Galaxy Beast Warrior Gingaioh (星獣合体 銀河獣士ギンガイオー?, Seijū Gattai Ginga Jūshi Gingaiō) is a giant robot formed from the Star Beasts. It is armed with the Silver-Armor Sword (銀鎧剣?, Gingaiken) and the Galcon Bowgun (ガルコンボーガン?, Garukon Bōgan), a bowgun formed from Gingalcon.

Ginga Leon becomes the torso and head. Gingarilla becomes the legs, Gingalcon becomes the back, waist & the crossbow and lastly Ginga Verick & Gingat becomes the shoulders & arms. Its finishing attacks are Galaxy Beast King Cut (銀河獣王斬り?, Gingajūō Kiri) and Shooting Star Bullet (流星弾?, Ryūseidan), in which Gingaioh fires the Galcon Bowgun to destroy a monster. It can also fire the Silver Flower Bullet from Gingat's face which became the shoulder and fire the Silver Flame from the lion's face.

Later, when the Gingaman receives the power of the Lights of Ginga, it enables Gingaioh to become Super Armor Shine Gingaioh (超装光ギンガイオー?, Chōsōkō Gingaiō). This is where Gingaioh receives an armored chestplate and head and the Silver Armor Sword's power is enhanced, becoming the Super Silver-Armor Sword (超銀鎧剣?, Chogingaiken). Its finishing attack is the Great Galaxy Beast King Cut (銀河大獣王斬り?, Ginga Daijūō Kiri). A variant that was used to finish off the Demon Beast Daitanix, is the Galaxy Beast King Unrelenting Cut (Ginga Juo Ougi Kiri).

In the final episode, to defeat the Earth Demon Beast, Super Armor Shine Gingaioh's power is enhanced by Ginga Red's flame ability with attacks such as Galaxy Beast King Flaming Cut (銀河獣王火炎斬り?, Gingajūō Kaen Kiri), Flaming Shooting Star Bullet (火炎流星弾?, Kaen Ryuseidan) and Great Galaxy Flame (ギンガ大火炎?, Ginga Daikaen) (enhanced by Giga Rhinos and Giga Phoenix).


Union Beast-Warrior BullTaurus (合身獣士ブルタウラス?, Gasshin Jūshi BuruTaurasu) is created by the command "Beast Warrior Unite" (騎獣合体?, Jūshi Gasshin). Gou Taurus forms a bodysuit for Heavy Knight when doing so – the rear legs become the legs, the front legs become the arms and the neck swings up to reveal the head.

In this form both of Heavy Knight's Bullswords are combined into a single Twin Bullsword (ツインブルソード?, Tsuin Burusōdo) which Bull Taurus uses for the Bison Fierce Cut (野牛鋭断?, Yagyū Eidan) finisher. Later in the series, after Hyuuga receives the Knight Axe, he also gains the ability to use it as BullTaurus and can use it to perform the Great Bison Fierce Cut (大牛鋭断?, Daigyū Eidan) technique.