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Godin Guitars
Industry Musical instruments
Founded 1972; 44 years ago (1972)
Founder Robert Godin
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Area served
Key people
Robert Godin
Products Electric, Acoustic, and Classical guitars
Guitar Cases
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Seagull Guitars
Simon & Patrick Guitars
Norman Guitars
Art & Lutherie Guitars
La Patrie Guitars
Website Godin Guitars
External video
Oral History, Robert Godin talks about at the age of 15, discovering he could modify guitars for the new style of playing.” Interview date January 14, 2009, NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Oral History Library

Godin Guitars (pronounced Goe-dan) is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in stringed instruments, including guitars, electric basses , ukuleles, and ouds. The company is owned by founder Robert Godin.

Picture of a Canadian man playing a Godin SD Electric Guitar.


Godin started building Robert Godin's guitars in 1972 in La Patrie, Quebec.

Godin Guitars' head office is located in Montreal, and they build their instruments in six factories in four different locations, three in Quebec and one in New Hampshire.

Godin Guitars makes instruments under several different labels. Norman makes entry- to mid-level acoustic guitars. Art & Lutherie makes entry-level budget guitars. The Simon and Patrick brand make mid- to high-range steel-string acoustics. La Patrie manufactures classical guitars. Seagull is known for manufacturing solid wood entry- to mid-range acoustic guitars. Guitars under the Godin brand are primarily mid-range to top-of the-line electrics that are made of high quality wood from the northeastern part of North America. They have many models that feature synth pickups and some with piezo pickup-equipped bridges. Godin are notable for their use of synthesizer pickups as a standard feature in their high end models, and many of their electric models use piezo-acoustic pickups integrated with the bridge assembly. Aside from their technical innovations, Godin has a strong reputation among guitarists for their product quality. Most Godin guitars have the same distinctive, yet traditional, body shape, which has been described as a hybrid of the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Telecaster bodies.

Godin's guitars have won several awards, including Guitar Player Magazine's Editors Pick for the LG, Exit 22, and Freeway Classic.

Notable Godin players include Sylvain Luc, Leonard Cohen, John McLaughlin, Muammer Ardy, Daryl Stuermer, Eric McFadden, Steve Stevens, Habib Koité, Andreu Zaragoza, Michael ATONAL VVVick, RG Hughson, Rumesh De Mel, Emilee Petersmark, Michael Holmes, Elliott Sharp, Tim Brady, Hugh Cornwell, Jandek, La Barranca, Roger Waters, G.E. Smith, Curtis Merriman, Paolo Hemming, Hiran and Vinnie Moore. They are also very common among session players and sidemen.

Current Products[edit]

Performance Series[edit]

  • Radiator - A unique Godin design with a pickguard over the entire body and Godin designed single-coil pickups
    Picture of Godin SD Pick Guard and Coil Pickups .
  • Redline 1 - a double cutaway body with one active EMG pickup and no tone controls, available with flame maple tops. The Redline was introduced in 2007. (currently discontinued)
  • Redline 2 - a double cutaway body with two EMGs pickups, volume, tone, and a pickup selector
  • Redline 3 - a double cutaway body with two EMG pickups, volume, tone, and pickup selector, and Floyd Rose bridge.
  • Freeway series - A recent addition to the Performance line, it is a Dual cutaway body with options such as MIDI and Acoustic pickups, Locking and Non-Locking tremolo systems, and flamed maple finishes. It is also available with two EMG 81 pickups, or a Floyd Rose tremolo system. The Freeway line was expanded in 2005 to include the Freeway SA and the Freeway Floyd. The Freeway Floyd is no longer in production.
  • LG - The LG is a fixed-bridge, mahogany solid body with p-90 pickups or Humbuckers. It is also available with flame maple tops as of 2008.
  • xtSA - The xtSA is a solid-bodied electric with conventional pickups as well as acoustic pickups and MIDI pickups (Synth Access). It features a non-locking tremolo bridge.
  • Freeway bass - Available in four and five-string configurations, and active electronics.
  • Triumph - Introduced in 2006, the Triumph is a single cutaway guitar. It has 3 Godin single coil pickups, and is available with either a sparkle finish or natural mahogany finish. The sparkle model has a silver leaf maple body with poplar wings while the mahogany model has a mahogany body. Both models have a rock maple neck. It is no longer in production.
  • Velocity - The Godin Velocity features a double-horned body, consisting of a silver leaf maple center with poplar wings and a natural, solid high-flame maple top, unique to each guitar. The new Velocity is the first of the Godin Electric models to feature the Godin High-Definition Revoicer. The H.D.R. revoices and augments the frequency range of each pickup and allows the player to go from passive to active pickups with the simple push of a button.
  • Progression - Introduced in Fall 2009, the Progression is a double cut-away design made out of Maple body with Poplar 'wings', either a Maple or Rosewood fretboard, and is available with Black, Sunburst, Trans Cream, and Trans Caramel finishes. The Progression has three single coil GS-2 pickups as well as Godin's High-Definition Revoicer. The Progression has a larger body than Godin's other double cutaway designs including the Freeway and Velocity series.
  • Session - Introduced in 2010, the Session is a double cut-away design, similar to the Progression, made out of basswood with either a maple or rosewood fretboard. It is available in satin or high gloss finishes. It has two Godin GS-1 single coil pickups and a bridge humbucker. The user can split the humbucker with a push/pull tone knob.

Signature series[edit]

  • Godin Summit CT - A single cutaway guitar with a carved flame maple top and 2434" scale length. It has a string through body design, two Seymour Duncan humbuckers and flame maple tops. Like the Velocity, the Summit has H.D.R
  • LGXSA/LGXT - Similar to the LG signature, but with Acoustic and MIDI pickups. The LGXSA comes with an ebony fretboard to improve synth tracking. The LGXT comes with a non-locking tremolo.
  • Montreal - Semi-hollow electric with optional Acoustic pickups. Aimed more at Jazz and Blues players than hard rock players like other Godins. The Montreal was introduced in 2004.
  • Multiac Jazz - Based on the Multiac acoustics with acoustic and MIDI options, but with a Mini-humbucker in the neck position and flamed maple tops for warm electric sounds.

Multiac and A series[edit]

The Multiac and A series are acoustic/electric guitars with thinner bodies than traditional acoustic guitars (Godin's sister companies produce traditional Acoustic designs). They are offered with hexaphonic pickups as well as steel or nylon strings. There are various models of the Multiac. These are the Multiac Nylon SA, the Multiac Concert SA, the Multiac Spectrum SA, and the Multiac Nylon ACS-SA. The A series are similar, but offer basses and mandolins and no synth-access options.

Passion Series[edit]

  • RG-3 - Godin's "top-of-the-line" electric, a 3-single coil chambered solidbody available in Sitka Spruce or Cedar bodied versions with maple or rosewood fretboards. This guitar also features the H.D.R. circuit present on other models such as the Velocity (see above). Each RG-3 guitar is entirely hand-made in Quebec, Canada, unlike most other Godin models (parts crafted in Canada, guitars assembled in New Hampshire).
  • RG-2 - The Passion RG-2 is handcrafted using superior tone woods in the Godin Premier Atelier in Richmond Quebec. These guitars represent a culmination of Robert Godin’s hands on expertise, vision and dedication to innovation and above all…his Passion for guitar building. Spruce body & highly figured carved flame maple top. Lightweight Multi-chambered body with 5 tuned Synchronized Resonance Chambers, Inlay pickguard, Smoked binding & Hard wood back plates. 2 Godin Custom Humbucker pickups. A piezo pickup is also included.


The Glissentar is a unique Godin design. It is a fretless nylon 11-string acoustic/electric guitar with the five high strings doubled like a 12-string guitar, and a single low-E string. It is aimed at players who want to incorporate non-western sounds into their music, and is based on a combination of the traditional Western guitar and the North African oud.

5th Avenue[edit]

Full-sized archtop guitars including electric and acoustic models. They come in the following finishes: cognac burst, black, and natural. The lowest model, the acoustic with no pickups, has a street price of about $520 U.S. Dollars. Made from Canadian Wild Cherry, the body of the 5th Avenue features a molded arched top and back, as well as an adjustable bridge, classic f-holes, contoured high-gloss headstock, floating pickguard and cream binding.

Guitars No Longer In Production[edit]

  • SD - This model is somewhat of a mixture of typical guitar types. It has the pickguard, bolt on neck, and single coil pickup configuration typical of a Fender Stratocaster-style of guitar, while bearing a bridge humbucker and the shorter scale length of a Gibson SG. The maple body gives it a bright sound with plenty of attack.
  • Exit 22 - Similar to the SD in pickup configuration and scale length, but with a fixed bridge and solid mahogany body. The Exit 22 does not have a pickguard, and is available with a solid maple neck, or maple with rosewood fingerboard. Left-Handed and Right-Handed. A French man bought one of the last Exit 22.
  • LG Signature - A Signature Series version of the LG. Available with AAA or AA grade maple tops, the LG Signature had a carved top, 25.5" scale length, mahogany bodies and necks, Seymour Duncan humbuckers, and rosewood fretboards. The LG Signature was first produced in 2003 and was discontinued at the end of 2007.
  • LGT - The "T" in LGT stands for Tremolo. Hence, this was an LG model with a floating Tremolo bridge made by Schaller. It has locking Schaller tuners, Schaller Trem 2000 bridge, a five-way selector switch, two single pickups (neck, mid), a humbucker (bridge) - all Godin design. The scale length is 2434", with a 16" radius. The body is Maple, with a one-piece mahogany neck and an Indian Rosewood fretboard. Because this particular model was only produced for a year (between 1996 and 97), it is one of the rarest Godin models around.
  • Flat Five - A hollowbody guitar, the Flat Five had a flame maple top, a 24.75" scale length, silverleaf maple body with poplar wings, a mahogany neck and rosewood fretboards.
  • Flat Five X - A Flat Five model equipped with L.R. Baggs transducers.
  • Artisan Series - some of the first guitars produced by Godin Guitars. These were produced up until around the turn of the century, models are as follows:

Artisan ST1 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), birdseye maple top, maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 3 single-coil pickups, standard trem bridge.

Artisan ST1 Ultimate : same as above with birdseye maple neck; custom Tetrad Blade pick-ups made for Godin by Schaller, which were humbuckers turned on edge to fit a single-coil format.

Artisan ST2 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), limewood top, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, 3 single-coil pickups, standard trem bridge.

Artisan ST3 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), no top, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, 2 single-coil pickups+1 humbucker, standard trem bridge.

Artisan ST4 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), figured maple top, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, 2 single-coil pickups+1 humbucker, fixed bridge.

Artisan ST5 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), figured maple top, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 1 single-coil pickup+1 humbucker, Floyd Rose bridge.

Artisan ST6 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), figured maple top, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, 1 single-coil pickup+2 humbuckers, Floyd Rose bridge.

ST Signature : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), figured maple top, birdseye maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 3 single-coil pickups, Wilkinson bridge. The 1999 and 2000 ST Signature has 3 Seymour Duncan Little 59's pickups.

Artisan TC1 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), flame maple top, birdseye maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 2 single-coil pickups, fixed bridge.

Artisan TC2 : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), limewood top, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, 2 single-coil pickups, fixed bridge.

Artisan TC3 : maple body, no top, maple neck, maple or rosewood fingerboard, 2 single-coil pickups, fixed bridge.

Artisan TC Signature : maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), maple top, birdseye maple neck, ebony fingerboard, 2 single-coil pickups, fixed bridge.

Some mid 90's TC1 and TC Signature guitars have 2 humbuckers.

  • G-Series - Along with the Artisan series, the G-series guitars were amongst the first produced by the company. Some, if not all guitars in the range have "G-Series USA" written on the headstock, meaning that they were hand-crafted in Canada, yet assembled in the USA. The models in the range are as follows:

All G Series models (except the G tour) have a maple or limewood body (depending on the production year), a maple neck a maple or rosewood fingerboard.

The G1000 has 2 singles and a humbucker and a standard trem bridge.

G2000 : has 2 singles and a humbucker and a trem bridge with a locking nut.

G3000 : has 2 singles and a humbucker and a fixed bridge

G4000 : has 2 singles and a humbucker and a Schaller trem bridge

G5000 : has 1 single+1 humbucker and a Floyd Rose bridge.

The G Tour has a semi acoustic laminated poplar body, a laminated cedar top, a maple neck, a rosewood fingerboard, an acoustic guitar bridge, and a single-coil pickup. It was only available in 1993 and 1994, and it is doubtful that more than several hundred were made.

  • Detour - A dual-cutaway "superstrat" design with a fixed bridge and two humbuckers. Some models have active EMG humbuckers and is aimed at modern metal and heavy rock players. The Detour was introduced in 2005.
  • Freeway Floyd - Similar to the Freeway Classic But more aggressive in tone and playing style. Floyd rose tremolo and NHN2 Humbucker(Neck),NHS2 Single coil(middle) and NHB2 Humbucker(bridge).
  • Solidac - A two-voice solidbody electric design (magnetic and L.R. Baggs piezo/acoustic transducers) with a non-locking tremolo.

Brands and products[edit]

Brand Products
Godin Guitars Guitars
Seagull Guitars Guitars
Norman Guitars Guitars
Simon & Patrick Guitars Guitars
Art & Lutherie Guitars Guitars
La Patrie Guitars Guitars
Tric Guitar Cases

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