Große Laber

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Große Laber
Laber Sünching.JPG
Große Laber at Sünching
Country Germany
Basin features
Main source Lower Bavaria
River mouth Danube
48°53′49″N 12°33′37″E / 48.89694°N 12.56028°E / 48.89694; 12.56028Coordinates: 48°53′49″N 12°33′37″E / 48.89694°N 12.56028°E / 48.89694; 12.56028
Physical characteristics
Length 85 km (53 mi)

The Große Laaber is a river in Bavaria, Germany, right tributary of the Danube. Its source is near Volkenschwand. It is approx. 85 km long. It flows northeast through the small towns Rottenburg an der Laaber, Schierling and Rain. It flows into the Danube near Straubing.


  • Heisinger Bach (left)
  • Koppenwaller Bach (left)
  • Marktbach (right)
  • Hornbacher Bach (left)
  • Rennbach (left)
  • Aumerer Bach (right)
  • Ramersdorfer Graben (right)
  • Lauterbach (left)
  • Raschbach (left)
  • Talbach (left)
  • Rohrbach (left)
  • Altbach (right)
  • Helchenbachgraben (left)
  • Sinsbuchgraben (left)
  • Siegersbach (right)
  • Starzenbach (left)
  • Deggenbacher Bach (right)
  • Oberbach (right)
  • Einhauser Graben (left)
  • Hochwiesenbach (right)
  • Augraben (right)
  • Hartlaber (right)
  • Saubründlgraben (right)
  • Kleine Laber (right)

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