Gulzar Houz

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Gulzar Houz, circa 1880

Gulzar Houz and Gulzar House is a historical fountain located in Hyderabad, India. It is located near Charminar. The fountain is in the middle of the road between Charminar and Madina building.

The area between the four arches of Charkaman was a vast square and called Jilu Khana or the Guard's Square. In the centre of the square was the Char-Su-Ka-Hauz (the cistern of four cardinal points). This was later known as "Suka-Hauz" and now Gulzar Hauz. In the past it is believed to be an octagonal shaped water reservoir for quenching the thirst of the Nizam's soldiers.[1]


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Coordinates: 17°21′48″N 78°28′30″E / 17.36333°N 78.47500°E / 17.36333; 78.47500