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Gupta (/ˈɡptə/; Devanagari: गुप्ता) is a common surname of Indian origin.

According to some academics, the name Gupta is derived from Sanskrit goptri, meaning 'protector' or 'governor'.[1] According to prominent historian R. C. Majumdar, the surname Gupta was adopted by several different communities in northern and eastern India at different times.[2]


Unlike other Indian surnames, the surname Gupta has been adopted by various different communities across India irrespective of their caste.

In India, the surname Gupta is used mainly by the Vaishya Bania communities, particularly those belonging to Rauniyar, Agarwal, Mahur, Tailik(Teli), Barnwal, Kanu, Khandelwal, Arora,Jaiswal, Arya Vaishya, Mahajan, Mahawar, Maheshwari, Patwa, Kasuadhan, Lashkari and Mathur Vaishya sub castes.[3]

Additionally, the surname Gupta is adopted by some other communities in other parts of the Indian subcontinent:

  • The Guptas from the West Bengal belong to the Vaidya/Baidya (physician) community, and are related to the Sengupta and Dasgupta communities of Bengal who are also Vaidyas.
  • Kayasthas also use the title Guptha like Sen Gupta and Das Gupta

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