Hadeth, Beirut

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Hadeth, Beirut is located in Lebanon
Hadeth, Beirut
Shown within Lebanon
Location 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south southeast of Beirut, Lebanon
Region Mount Lebanon Governorate
Coordinates 33°51′02″N 35°31′40″E / 33.850518°N 35.527864°E / 33.850518; 35.527864Coordinates: 33°51′02″N 35°31′40″E / 33.850518°N 35.527864°E / 33.850518; 35.527864
Periods Heavy Neolithic, Neolithic
Cultures Qaraoun culture
Site notes
Archaeologists Auguste Bergy
Condition built up
Public access Yes

Hadeth Beirut[1] or Hadeth south is a Heavy Neolithic archaeological site approximately 7 kilometres (4.3 mi) south southeast of Beirut, on the road to Sidon in Lebanon.[2][3] It was discovered and a collection made by Auguste Bergy from a spur near a ravine south of the last houses in the village. Heavy Neolithic material of the Qaraoun culture was found of an atypical variety with large, rough flakes including picks, choppers and cores. Some examples showed evidence of burin impacts and twisted forms. The area is now built up.[2]


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