Rank Insignia of the Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution

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Army of the Guardians of
the Islamic Revolution


Supreme Leader of Iran
Senior officers
Military Branches
Aerospace Force
Ground Forces
Quds Force
Intelligence agencies
Intelligence Organization
Intelligence Protection Organization
Ranks insignia
Imam Hossein University
Baqiyatallah University
Commissioned Officer rank insignia of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)
General Lieutenant General Major General Brigadier General Second Brigadier General Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Major Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Third Lieutenant
Persian: ارتشبد پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سپهبد پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سرلشکر پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سرتیپ پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سرتیپ دوم پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سرهنگ پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سرهنگ دوم پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سرگرد پاسدار‎‎ Persian: سروان پاسدار‎‎ Persian: ستوان یکم پاسدار‎‎ Persian: ستوان دوم پاسدار‎‎ Persian: ستوان سوم پاسدار‎‎
21- Arteshbod-IRGC.png
20- Sepahbod-IRGC.png
19- Sarlashgar-IRGC.png
18- Sartipp-IRGC.png
17- Sartipp 2nd-IRGC.png
16- Sarhang-IRGC.png
15- Sarhang 2nd-IRGC.png
14- Sargord-IRGC.png
13- Sarvan-IRGC.png
12- Sotvan 1st-IRGC.png
11- Sotvan 2nd-IRGC.png
10- Sotvan 3rd-IRGC.png
Enlisted rank insignia of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)
Command Sergeant Major Sergeant Major (Staff) Sergeant First Class/First Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant Corporal Private First Class Private Private
Persian: رزم‌دار یکم‎‎ Persian: رزم‌دار دوم‎‎ Persian: رزم‌آور یکم‎‎ Persian: رزم‌آور دوم‎‎ Persian: رزم‌آور سوم‎‎ Persian: رزم‌یار‎‎ Persian: سرباز یکم‎‎ Persian: سرباز دوم‎‎ Persian: سرباز‎‎
9- Razmdar 1st-IRGC.png
8- Razmdar 2nd-IRGC.png
7- Razmavar 1st-IRGC.png
6- Razmavar 2nd-IRGC.png
5- Razmavar 3rd-IRGC.png
4- Razmyar-IRGC.png
3- Sarbaz 1st-IRGC.png
2- Sarbaz 2nd-IRGC.png
1- Sarbaz-IRGC.png