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Illicit work is an illegal employment. The working contract is made without social security costs and without paying income taxes, making the work unreported employment. Illicit work is part of the informal economy or so called "shadow economy".


United States[edit]

According to a The New York Times report in February 2013, the Obama administration had demonstrated a new strategy to curb the employment of illegal immigrants by focusing on companies that hire them in the first place. By concentrating on the businesses employing the large numbers of illegal workers, the number of illegal immigrants working in the US would drop dramatically. The U.S. government would be doing so in a less confrontational manner than they had in recent years.[1]

American Apparel incident[edit]

In 2009, American Apparel was convicted of having workers that partook in illicit work. About 1,800 of American Apparel's employees were illegal immigrants who were not authorized to work in the United States. No federal agents stormed into the company's factory demanding the employees to be deported, but rather sent a written notice that stated that American Apparel faced civil fines and would have to fire all workers who were unauthorized to be in the United States.[citation needed]

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