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JKX Oil & Gas plc
Public (LSEJKX)
Industry Petroleum industry
Founded 1995[1]
Headquarters Cavendish Square, London, England
Key people
Lord Fraser of Carmyllie (Chairman of the board), Paul Davies (CEO)
Products Oil and gas exploration and production
Revenue $192.9 million (2010)[2]
$95.0 million (2010)[2]
Profit $21.2 million (2010)[2]
Number of employees
480 (2007)[3]
Website www.jkx.co.uk

JKX Oil & Gas plc (LSEJKX) is a British-based hydrocarbon exploration and production company, listed on the London Stock Exchange. JKX operates primarily in Russia and Ukraine, but has a presence in six other countries in Europe and North America. In June 2011, VTB Capital plc, a subsidiary of Russian state bank VTB, increased its share in JKX Oil & Gas to 6.4%.[4] The deal makes VTB bank the fourth largest shareholder in the company. Ihor Kolomoyskyi, the co-owner of Privat Group, remains the largest shareholder in JKX with a 27.06% stake.


The Company was founded by John Kenny and Paul Davies as JP Kenny Exploration & Production Ltd in 1995 to search for oil and gas in the former Soviet Union.[5]


Ukraine and Russia[edit]

The company concentrates principally on projects in Ukraine and Russia. In the former, JKX is the dominant private enterprise in exploration and production, accounting for over three-quarters of all oil and almost half of all gas produced by non-state-owned companies.[3] The firm has licence to operate in several mainly-onshore oil fields in the Poltava region.[6] The company moved into Russia in 2007 with the $50 million purchase of Yuzhgazenergie, which holds the licence to exploit a gas field in the Koshekhablsky District in the south of the country.[7]

Rest of the world[edit]

JKX also has investments in six other countries around the world: in Georgia it has a small stake in an exploration firm operated by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation focusing on the Black Sea;[8] while it holds minority interests in several onshore exploration licences in Turkey and eastern Bulgaria.[9][10]

JKX also holds an interest in an oil field in Shelby County, Texas in the United States,[11] a 50% stake in two exploration licences in northern Hungary[12] and bought into three licences in Slovakia in April 2008.[13]


As of the end of 2007, JKX claimed reserves of 4.6 million barrels (730,000 m3) of crude oil and 71.6 billion cubic feet (2.03 km3) of natural gas.[14]

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