Chung Ching Yee

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Chung Ching Yee
Founding locationChinatown, San Francisco, California, United States
TerritoryUnited States
EthnicityChinese American, Asian American
Criminal activitiesDrug trafficking, fireworks trafficking, extortion, robbery, murder, burglary, theft

The Joe Boys, or JBS (also known as Chung Ching Yee, traditional Chinese: 忠精義; simplified Chinese: 忠精义; Jyutping: Zung1 Zing1 Ji6), was a Chinese American youth gang founded in the 1960s in San Francisco's Chinatown. Joe Boys was originally known as Joe Fong Boys, after its founder Joe Fong. Fong was a former member of Wah Ching. Most of their members were born in Hong Kong or were of Hong Kongese descent.[1] The gang can also be identified by its numbers 1028, J=10, B=2, S=8. They adopted grey and black as their main colors for clothing. They may use the color navy blue.

Author Bill Lee, an author and a former gang affiliate, wrote extensively of the life involvement in the Chinese criminal underworld, and the gang's history in his book Chinese Playground: A Memoir. Joe Boys gained further notoriety after the Golden Dragon Massacre which stemmed over the sale of firecrackers in Chinatown. The massacre left 5 people dead, and 11 others injured, none of whom were gang members. The perpetrators were convicted and sentenced to prison.[2][3]

Since GDM or the Golden Dragon Massacre, the Chung Ching Yee has disbanded due to pressure from the San Francisco Police gang task force in San Francisco's Chinatown.


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