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Black Disciples

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Black Disciples
Founder David Barksdale
Founding location Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Years active 1960–present
Territory Nationwide
Ethnicity mostly black[1]
Membership 15,000+[citation needed]
Criminal activities drug trafficking, robbery, extortion, murder, racketeering, burglary, kidnapping, illegal gambling, theft, arms trafficking, money laundering
Allies Mara Salvatrucha,[2] Folk Nation, Black Guerrilla Family
Rivals People Nation, Gangster Disciples,[1] La Raza, Latin Kings, Four Corner Hustlers

The Black Disciples (often abbreviated as BDN or BDN III) is a large African American street gang based in Chicago, Illinois.


The gang is considered violent and is known to engage in drug trafficking and distribution, theft, robbery, gun trafficking, murder, embezzlement, money laundering, and racketeering, in addition to other criminal activity.

Intergang Relations[edit]

The Black Disciples are part of the alliance of street gangs but are known to engage in violence with other Folk Nation gangs such as the Gangster Disciples. The BDs also have a long-standing rivalry with the Vice Lords, Black Souls & the Almighty Black P. Stone Nation. They have poor relations with other Folk Nation Gangs. The majority of the present conflicts they have with other gangs involve drugs and territory as they are known to be more attracted to the money making aspect of organized crime.[citation needed]

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