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Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (and Ninjaman)

The Kakurangers (カクレンジャー Kakurenjā?) are the protagonists of the Super Sentai series, Ninja Sentai Kakuranger.


Each member is named after a legendary ninja and master of the Hidden Style Ninjutsu (Kakureryū Ninjutsu). Before entering battle, they say "Hiding among the people and punishing the evil! Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, has arrived!!" (人に隠れて悪を斬る! 忍者戦隊カクレンジャー見参! Hito ni kakurete aku o kiru! Ninja Sentai Kakurenjā, kenzan!?) before giving a thumb's down, saying "Justice will prevail!" (成敗 Seibai!?).


Sasuke/Ninja Red (サスケ/ニンジャレッド Sasuke/Ninja Reddo?) is 26 years old and a descendant of Sarutobi Sasuke, the team's agile second-in-command. He is a dirty-minded, reckless hothead whose faults are outweighed by being good-hearted and loyal. While looking for his Shinobi Scroll, Sasuke's time with Reika allows him to gain a resolve to protect all life on Earth from the Yokai. He has a little cousin named Kosuke. He corresponds to Sun Wukong of Saiyuki.

  • Ninja Arts (忍法 Ninpō?) technique: Cloning.
  • Hidden Style (隠流 Kakure Ryū?) attacks: Full Moon Cut (満月斬り Mangetsu Giri?), Lightning Cut (雷鳴斬 Raimeizan?) & On Saru Nin Flaming Whirlwind (オン・サル・ニン 火炎つむじの術 On Saru Nin Kaen Tsumuji no Jutsu?).

Sasuke is portrayed by Teruaki Ogawa (小川 輝晃 Ogawa Teruaki?).


Tsuruhime/Ninja White (鶴姫/ニンジャホワイト Tsuruhime/Ninja Howaito?) is 15 years old (16 during Part II of the series) and the first female leader of a Sentai, descended from the feudal lords who eagerly answered the call to fight the Youkai. The twenty-fourth protector of the Seal Door, Tsuruhime comes off a strong girl with a displeasure of her upbringing as a rich girl. She is looking for her missing father, Hakumenro. She once fought alongside two other girls, Yukiyo & Tsukiyo, as one of the 'Punishment Sisters'. While searching for her Hidden Scroll, Tsuruhime underwent a test of her character to understand her position as team leader. She corresponds to Xuanzang.

During the events of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Tsuruhime was originally supposed to grant the Greater Power of the Kakurangers to the Gokaigers, which was Ninjaman. However the Gokaigers managed to discover and release Ninjaman before being approached by Tsuruhime. Tsuruhime then decided to allow Ninjaman to grant the Greater Power to the Gokaigers, impressed at the fact that they found and freed him on their own.

  • Ninja Arts (忍法 Ninpō?) technique: Transformation.
  • Hidden Style (隠流 Kakure Ryū?) attacks: Z-Cut (くの字斬り Ku no Ji Kiri?), Dance of the Paper Cranes (折り鶴の舞 Oridzuru no Mai?), Falling Cherry Blossoms (花吹雪 Hanafubuki?) & On Tsuru Nin Dance of Paper Cranes (オン・ツル・ニン 白鶴の舞 On Tsuru Nin Hakutsuru no Mai?).

Tsuruhime is portrayed by Satomi Hirose (広瀬 仁美 Hirose Satomi?). As a child, Tsuruhime is portrayed by Mao Inoue (井上 真央 Inoue Mao?).


Saizou/Ninja Blue (サイゾウ/ニンジャブルー Saizō/Ninja Burū?) is a descendant of Kirigakure Saizo. 22 years old, he is constantly chattering and an easily flattered man who thinks he's a lot smarter than he really is. He likes to help other people, making him popular among children. He is unlucky in most things and His way of talking is a little feminine. He corresponds to Sha Wujing.

  • Ninja Arts (忍法 Ninpō?) technique: Water Running.
  • Hidden Style (隠流 Kakure Ryū?) attack: Square Cut (正方の陣 Seihō no Jin?), Big Wave (ビッグウエーブ Biggu Ueibu?) & On Okami Nin Water Tornado (オン・オオカミ・ニン 水竜巻の術 On Ōkami Nin Mizu Tatsumaki no Jutsu?).

Saizou is portrayed by Hiroshi Tsuchida (土田 大 Tsuchida Hiroshi?).


Seikai/Ninja Yellow (セイカイ/ニンジャイエロー Seikai/Ninja Ierō?) is 24 years old and a descendant of Miyoshi Seikai. He likes video games. He refuses to battle at the beginning, but when he saw Rokurokubi steal children, he changes his mind. He is driven by his desire for food, sleep and women. He is indecisive, but inherits an unusual strength from his ancestor. He corresponds to Zhu Bajie.

  • Ninja Arts (忍法 Ninpō?) technique: Enlargement.
  • Hidden Style (隠流 Kakure Ryū?) attack: Triangle Cut (三段斬り Sandan Kiri?) & Whirlwind (旋風 Tsumujikaze?).

Seikai is portrayed by Shu Kawai (河合 秀 Kawai Shū?).


Jiraiya/Ninja Black (ジライヤ/ニンジャブラック Jiraiya/Ninja Burakku?) is a descendant of Jiraiya. 20 years old, he is a Japanese-American ninja from Los Angeles trained by his guardian Gali after his father, who was a police officer, was killed by the Youkai (but was later revealed to by Gali himself). Jiraiya stands out among the characters because he speaks English frequently (which at first caused both teasing and confusion with the other team members) He learns Japanese as the show progresses. He is a big fan of Japanese ninja movies. During his first appearance, he was helping the Youkai. In reality, he did so to steal four scrolls, previously stolen by Azukiarai, to allow him and the other three Kakurangers (besides Sasuke, who already had his) to become Juushou. He expresses combination of a cowboy/surfer persona. He is the pure fighter of the group. Although he knows Earth-based Ninja Arts, he prefers to fight with his martial art skills. While finding his Shinobi Scroll, Jiraiya was forced to battle Gali, who revealed himself as the man who killed his father and served the Youkai. After the bloody battle between them, Jiraiya learned why Gali did it, as well as hoping Jiraiya would kill him. Both the deaths of Zashiki-warashi and the two men he had known since childhood gave Jiraiya a reason to fight the Youkai. He is the only member with no "Journey to the West" corresponding character, but Yulong the horse also has no "Kakuranger" corresponding character.

  • Ninja Arts (忍法 Ninpō?) technique: Ground Merging/Earth Swimming.
  • Hidden Style (隠流 Kakure Ryū?) attacks: Shooting Star (流れ星 Nagareboshi?), Three Kick (スリーキック Surī Kikku?), Lightning Drop (雷光 落とし Raikō Otoshi?) & On Gama Nin Rock Hell (オン・ガマ・ニン 岩地獄の術 On Gama Nin Iwa Jigoku no Jutsu?).

Jiraiya is portrayed by Kane Kosugi (ケイン・コスギ Kein Kosugi?).


Ninjaman (ニンジャマン Ninjaman?, 36-50, 52 & 53), despite being a bit of a high-strong klutz, is the pupil of the Sanshinshou who battles the Youkai a millennium ago. However, tricked by Daimaoh into hurting humans on the notion that they were Youkai in disguise, Ninjaman gets sent into space within a Jar of Seals that only those of the Tsuruhime line can shatter. Once returning to Earth, Ninjaman is found by Junichi and his sister Mitsuko before the three find themselves attacked by the Youkai Bakuki under orders from Daimaoh to capture Ninjaman to become the Youkai leader's retainer. Luckily, once freed by Tsuruhime, Ninjaman becomes an ally to the Kakurangers. After Daimaoh's defeat, Ninjaman departs with his masters and says goodbye to the Kakurangers. However, this time resulting from not holding back, Ninjaman is sealed again for a few decades before being freed by the Gokaigers and helping them receive the Greater power of his Kakuranger friends.

As a ninja master, Ninjaman wields a katana, the Ninja Sword (ニンジャソード Ninja Sōdo?), and had a wide array of Ninja Arts at his command, including the "Art of Fire Escape", and size manipulation to aid his mentors and the Kakurangers in their fights. He can ride on a cloud called the Kintou Cloud. Whenever a Youkai calls him a "Novice" (青二才 Ao Nisai?), Ninjaman gets angry enough to change into his true form, Samuraiman (サムライマン Samuraiman?), by the command "Anger Explosion!!" (悪女爆烈 Ikari Bakuretsu?). In this form he can connect his katana with its sheath to form the powerful Samurai Javelin (サムライジャベリン Samurai Jaberin?). Samuraiman can create explosive energy spheres formed from his rage in his ultimate attack, Samurai Rage Bomber (サムライ激怒ボンバー Samurai Gekido Bonbā?), or the Samurai Rage Slash (Samurai Gekido Giri) with the Samurai Javelin.

During the events of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Ninjaman was freed from a pot by the Gokaigers. Once freed, he decided to observe the Gokaigers to see if the team was worthy of the Greater Power of the Gokaigers. Eventually they impressed him enough to grant them the Greater Power, which turned out to be himself.

Before entering battle, he says "Ally of Justice, Ninjaman!" (正義の味方!ニンジャマン!! Seigi no Mikata! Ninjaman!?).

Ninjaman is voiced by Kazuki Yao (矢尾 一樹 Yao Kazuki?).

Friends and allies[edit]


Kōshakushi (講釈師?, 1-24 & 39) is a kimono-wearing anchorman who served as the series narrator. During episode 39, Kōshakushi and his news crew wanted to know more about the Kakurangers, getting into their personal lives. But they followed a pair of Dorodoros to Junior's mansion, learning of Nopperabo's revival ability until Daimou sensed them and sicced the Dorodoros on them. While the others escaped, Kōshakushi was caught and thrown off a bridge, although he managed to survive.

Kōshakushi is portrayed by Enjō Sanyūtei.


Sandayu Momochi (百地三太夫 Momochi Sandayū?, 1-3, 5, 9, 23, 24, 26, 28, 30 & 31) is a ninja master who instructs the Kakurangers on their abilities and is considered dangerous by the Youkai. Being a former student of Hakamenrou, Sandayu aided the Kakurangers when Gasha Dokuro set up the beginning phase of Daimaou's resurrection, warning the Kakurangers they are not ready to face him. But the Kakurangers refused to accept that and are quickly defeated before Sandayuu had Tsubasamaru bring them the Wind Illusion Castle to see the Sanshinshou, revealing their origins and that obtaining the Shinobi Scrolls are needed to stop Daimaoh. While Tsuruhime was looking for her Shinobi Scroll, she is found by Sandayuu and taken to her family's mansion. There, Sandayuu uses her quest as a test to prove her worth as the Kakurangers' leader and heir to her family legacy, providing her with karakuri replicas of her teammates. He briefly meets with Hakamenrou, whom he was working with, to rescue Tsuruhime when Hakamenrou fought her. However, Junior learned of this and impaled Sandayuu with his own katana. Sandayuu lived long enough from the wound to tell the team to form Kakure Daishogun during their final fight with Gashadokuro and give them his final words.

Sandayu Momochi is portrayed by Akira Sakamoto.


Zashiki-warashi (ザシキワリシ Zashikiwarashi?, 18): A Youkai mushroom child who uses mushrooms to perform spells and wants to make children happy, pursued by Junior who planned to turn him evil. Though Ninja Black attempts to protect him from Gashadokuro, Zashiki-warashi turns him in and undergoes a ritual to turn him into an evil version of his true form. Attacking the city in his enlarged form, Zashiki-warashi overpowers the Beast General Fighters until hearing the cries of the children he befriended manages to restore him to normal. However, horrified at what he done to the city, Zashiki-warashi attempts to fight Gashadokuro and is mortally wounded. Found by Jiraiya, Zashiki-warashi turns back into a mushroom.

Zashiki-warashi's human form is portrayed by Kazuyuki Makino while his Youkai one is voiced by Sumiyo Sawada.


Reika (25) was a butterfly given human form by Sasuke's Shinobi Scroll to find him as he arrives to Nasukogen, tending to his wounds after he was attacked by Junior. However, wanting to experience being human, Reika ends up going on a detour to Rindo Lake Family Farm while trying to get Sasuke to lighten up. But when mortally wounded by Ittanmomen while trying to get a bunny to safety, Reika directs Sasuke to the scroll's location before dying and reverting to her true form as she dissolves.

Reika is portrayed by Reiko Chiba, who previously portrayed Mei in Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger.


Bun (ブン Bun?, 26, 30, 31, 42-44 & 51-53) is a Youkai who despises the Youkai way due to being teased by other Youkai. Said to be Sandayuu's apprentice, Bun has been helping Hakamenrou in secret, rescuing Sasuke and company when they are blasted into the raging river. In the end of series, he remains with Hakamenrou after he is finally freed of Daimaou's control.

Taro and Jiro[edit]

Taro and Jiro (太郎と次郎 Tarō to Jirō?, 26, 30, 31, 42-44 & 52) are the twin sons of vassals to Tsuruhime's family, becoming her adopted brothers when their parents, who were once vassals of the Tsuruhime house, had died. When Tsuruhime's father Yoshiteru learned of Daimaou, the brothers accompanied him into the Youkai World to kill the demon before he could be fully revived. However, Taro and Jiro were captured and turned into German Shepherds after Yoshiteru agreed to serve Daimaou in return for their lives spared. However, though the brothers can temporarily regain human form, they can only do it once with a second time killing them. As a result, after escaping back to their world with Bun, Taro and Jiro looked after Tsuruhime in their master's place before revealing their true nature to Sasuke in order to give him Hakamenro's findings on Daradara while asking him to tell Tsuruhime that they will protect her from the shadows. The two eventually return and sacrifice themselves to free Hakumenro from the Youkai.

Taro is portrayed by Daisuke Tsuchiya and Jiro is portrayed by Keisuke Tsuchiya, the latter previously portraying Kazu in Gosei Sentai Dairanger and the former playing Kazu's clone in the 25th episode of Dairanger.


Gali (Gari, 28 & 29) was a Japanese American karate teacher who is an old friend of Jiraiya's father, but also an indentured servant of Nue who is infused with Yokai energy and armed with a claw weapon. Gali's servitude started in 1986 when his daughter is mortally wounded after a car crash, accepting Nue's offer to save his child in return to murder Jiraiya's father. Though he committed the deed, Gali realized the consequences of orphaning Jiraiya. As penance, black mailed into continuing Nue's dirty work, Gali becomes Jiraiya's guardian and taught him martial arts with the hope that his student might kill him. Gali's intent was achieved when Nue sends him after Jiraiya when he was looking for his Shinobi Scroll, revealing truth of his father's murder to have Jiraiya fight him without restraint. Though Jiraiya could not kill him at the last minute, a mortally wounded Gali reveals the truth behind the murder and, in his final words, asks his student to defeat those who use others from the shadows. Soon after, Gali later buried by Jiraiya out of respect.

Gali is portrayed by Sho Kosugi.


Hakumenro (白面郎 Hakumenrō?, White Masked Man) is an armored samurai who is revealed to be Tsuruhime's father Yoshiteru. Ten years prior, Yoshiteru researched the Youkai and learned of Daimaou's existence. Fearing the danger that would occur if Daimaou was revived, Yoshiteru was forced to leave his young daughter behind as he attempted to destroy Daimaou before he could return. However, with Taro and Jiro captured, Yoshiteru was forced to aid Daimaou as his tactician Hakumenro. However, Hakumenro uses his servitude as a ruse to uncover Daimaou's weakness. Upon arriving to oversee the final steps of Daimaou's arrival, with the Youkai's son Gashadokuro distrustful of him, Hakumenro is forced to fight his own daughter to keep face while arranging for her safety by his former student, Sandayuu, with orders to make the Kakurangers believe that he is beyond redemption. However, due to Daradara's creation as he attempts to find out the clone's weakness, Hakumenro learns that Daimaou knew of his true intentions yet allowed his presence until he served his purpose. Before being captured by Daimaou, he left a clue for Sasuke that showed him how to defeat Daradara, as well as a map to Daimaou's hideout. Though turned into stone by a furious Daimaou over his role in the Youkai's defeat, Daimaou gave Hakumenro to Yamauba as her trump card against the Kakurangers. However, after Tarou and Jirou sacrificed themselves to save him, Yoshiteru is reunited with his daughter.

Hakumenro is portrayed by Takayuki Godai, who previously portrayed Takayuki Hiba/Vul Eagle II in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.

Yamazaki Sisters[edit]

Yukiyo and Tsukiyo Yamazaki (35) are a pair of sisters who are Tsuruhime's childhood friends and are of a ninja family. As a result, treating Tsuruhime as family, the three of them formed a Sukeban Deka-like group called the Punishment Sailor Sisters who put bullies in their place. When their little sister Hanayo told them of strange events going on at her school, Yukiyo and Tsukiyo are reunited with Tsuruhime as they reformed the Punishment Sailor Sisters to go after Kamaitachi. Soon after, the Yamazaki Sisters thank Tsuruhime for helping them while asking her to call if she ever gets in trouble.

The Punishment Sailor Sisters is a parody of Tokusatsu Show "Yūgen Jikkōu Sisters Chouchoutrian" (有言実行三姉妹シュシュトリアン Three Sisters of Action?), the last entry in the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series with references to Sailor Moon and Crayon Shin-Chan which Yamazaki Sister actresses Noriko Tanaka and Kei Ishibashi as well as Tsuruhime's actress, Satomi Hirose, were all a part of.


  • Doron Changer (ドロンチェンジャー Doron Chenjā?): The Inrō-like transformation devices of the Kakurangers given to them by their ancestors; the Changers hold each Ranger's individual coins and generate their suits. Can also be used to detect Youkai. By using the henshin call "Super Transformation! Doron Changer!" (スーパー変化ドロンチェンジャー! Sūpā Henge Doron Chenjā!?), the user transforms into a Kakuranger. In the final episode, they were used to reseal the Youkai behind the Seal Door.
  • Secret Sword Kakuremaru (秘剣カクレマル Hiken Kakuremaru?, Hidden Round): The main weapons of the Kakurangers. They are the swords passed down from their ancestors that change form whenever the Kakurangers transform. Each Kakuranger is able to perform their own special attack with their sword - Ninja Red's Hidden Style Full Moon Slash (満月斬り Kakure Ryu Mangetsu Kiri?). The Rangers' primary team attack, Lightning Wave (雷光波 Raikōha?), involves all five Rangers crossing their swords in mid-air, which sends a powerful blast that destroys the Youkai.
  • Kakulaser (カクレイザー Kakureizā?): The pistol sidearms for the Kakurangers. Can be converted into a Laser Knife (レイザーナイフ Reizā Naifu?) mode.
  • Ninja Knuckle (シノビナックル Shinobi Nakkuru?): A gauntlet that each Kakuranger possesses. It increases punching power and the Kakurangers' individual weapons can be attached to it, as well as a grappling device.
  • Red Slicer (レッドスライサー Reddo Suraisā?): Ninja Red's personal weapon which can be used as a boomerang or a shield.
  • White Beak (ホワイトビーク Howaito Bīku?): A dagger that serves as Ninja White's personal weapon.
  • Blue Shot (ブルーショット Burū Shotto?): A squirt gun that serves as Ninja Blue's personal weapon.
  • Yellow Claw (イエロークロー Ierō Kurō?): A retractable claw that serves as Ninja Yellow's personal weapon.
  • Black Bow (ブラックボウ Burakku Bō?): A small cross bow with arrows that serves as Ninja Black's personal weapon.
  • Shark Machines: The team's motorcycles. One of the team's finishing moves is Shark Driver (シャークドライバー Shāku Doraibā?), where the Kakurangers combine their Shark Machines and Ninja Red's Shark Bleeder is launched towards the enemy.
    • Shark Bleeder (シャークブリッダー Shaāku Buriddā?): Ninja Red's motorcycle.
    • Shark Launcher (シャークランチャー Shāku Ranchā?): Ninja Blue's motorcycle with a sidecar for Ninja White.
    • Shark Slider (シャークスライダー Shāku Suraidā?): Ninja Yellow's motorcycle with a sidecar for Ninja Black.
  • Kakuranger Ball (カクレンジャーボール Kakurenjā Bōru?): Color-changing football used for the Kakure Shoot (カクレシュート Kakure Shūto?), the team's second finishing move. It's a football that's passed from member to member and changes colors in the process before it's finally kicked into the Youkai.
  • Thunder Sword Hikarimaru (雷鳴剣ヒカリマル Raimeiken Hikarimaru?, Light Round): A short sword given to Sasuke by Tsubasamaru during the final battle with Junior, used with the Kakuremaru sword to perform the finishing attack Hidden Style Thunder Cut (隠流・雷鳴斬 Kakure Ryū Raimei Kiri?). The sword can be used to summon Tsubasamaru.
  • Nekomaru (ネコマル Nekomaru?): A sentient cat-spirit that assumed the form of a bus that functions as the Kakurangers' base and is able to fly through the air. It also serves as a crepe shop when the Kakurangers are not on a mission. Its license plate number is "56-56", that in goroawase can be read as Gorogoro (the Japanese onomatopoeic word for purring).
  • Hidden Scrolls (忍之巻 Shinobi no Maki?): These scrolls contain the essence of Kakure Style ninpo, and allows the Kakurangers to control Muteki Shogun, Kakure Daishogun, and Tsubasamaru freely. In the battle two thousand years ago, the Hidden Scrolls were scattered until the current Kakurangers were able to find them on their own Journey of Trials. Sasuke and Jiraiya found their scrolls on separate mountains, Tsuruhime found hers near a waterfall, and Saizou and Seikai found theirs in the city.

Giant Beast Generals[edit]

The Kakurangers can transform into the five Giant Beast Generals (巨大獣将 Kyodai Jūshō?) by the command "Hidden Style Ninpo Giant Beast General, Jutsu!" (隠流巨大獣将の術 Kakureryū Kyodai Jūshō no Jutsu?). The Beast Generals' group attacks include the Vacuum Hurricane (真空ハリケーン Shinkū Harikēn?) and Hidden Style: Secret, Big Bang (隠流奥義ビッグバン Kakureryū Ōgi Biggu Ban?).

  • Red Saruder (レッドサルダー Reddo Sarudā?): Ninja Red's Beast General form, armed with the Saruder Slicer. Forms the body of Muteki Shogun and stores the helmet. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for monkey ( saru?).
  • White Kark (ホワイトカーク Howaito Kāku?): Ninja White's Beast General form, armed with the Kark Beaks. Forms Muteki Shogun's left arm. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for crane ( kaku?, this is an alternate reading, used only in compounds).
  • Blue Logan (ブルーロウガン Burū Rōgan?): Ninja Blue's Beast General form, armed with the Logan Shaft. Forms Muteki Shogun's right arm. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for wolf ( ?, this is an alternate reading, used only in compounds).
  • Yellow Kumard (イエロークマード Ierō Kumādo?): Ninja Yellow's Beast General form, armed with the Kumard Claw. Forms Muteki Shogun's right leg. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for bear ( kuma?).
  • Black Gammer (ブラックガンマー Burakku Ganmā?): Ninja Black's Beast General form, armed with the Gammer Bow. Forms Muteki Shogun's left leg. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for toad (蝦蟇 gama?).

Beast General Fighters[edit]

Beast General Fighters (獣将ファイター Jūshō Faitā?) are lightly armored battle versions of the Giant Beast Generals, summoned from each Kakuranger's Doron Changer medal when the "Hidden Style Ninpo: Beast General Fighter" (隠型獣将ファイターの術 Kakureryū Jūshō Faitā no Jutsu?) is performed. While able to act on their own, the Kakurangers can fuse into their respective Beast General Fighter to increase their power by performing the "Beast General Fighter Gattai". Their team attacks include the Fighter Crush (ファイタークラッシュ Faitā Kurasshu?) and the Super Kakure Shoot (スーパーカクレシュート Sūpā Kakure Shūto?).

  • Battle Saruder (バトルサルダー Batoru Sarudā?): Ninja Red's Beast General Fighter form, armed with the Saruder Claw (サルダークロー Sarudā Kurō?).
  • Battle Kark (バトルカーク Batoru Kāku?): Ninja White's Beast General Fighter form, armed with the Kark Cut (カークカット Kāku Katto?).
  • Battle Logan (バトルロウガン Batoru Rogan?): Ninja Blue's Beast General Fighter form, armed with the Logan Kicker (ロウガンキック Rōgan Kikku?).
  • Battle Kumard (バトルクマード Batoru Kumādo?): Ninja Yellow's Beast General Fighter form, armed with the Kumard Head (クマードヘッド Kumādo Heddo?).
  • Battle Gammer (バトルガンマー Batoru Ganmā?): Ninja Black's Juushou Fighter form, armed with the Gammer Three Attack (ガンマースリーアタック Ganmā Surī Atakku?).

Super Ninja Beasts[edit]

After finding the Hidden Scrolls, which hold many of the Kakurangers' techniques and powers, the Kakurangers were able to call forth and pilot the mighty Super Ninja Beasts (超忍獣 Chōninjū?). These mighty creatures are called from the Hidden Scrolls with the command "Hidden Style Super Ninja Beast Jutsu!" (隠流超忍獣の術 Kakureryū Chōninjū no Jutsu?). Although very powerful as separate fighting units, the Beasts can combine to become the last of the God Generals.

  • God Saruder (ゴッドサルダー Goddo Sarudā?): Piloted by Ninja Red, armed with the connecting Saruder Double Swords (サルダーダブルソード Sarudā Daburu Sōdo?) to use its Twin Sword Cut (二刀斬 Nitō Kiri?) finisher. Forms Kakure Daishogun's right arm. Helped out in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.
  • God Kark (ゴッドカーク Goddo Kāku?): Piloted by Ninja White, armed with the Flying Beam (フライングビーム Furaingu Bīmu?). Forms Kakure Daishogun's head.
  • God Logan (ゴッドロウガン Goddo Rogan?): Piloted by Ninja Blue, armed with the Logan Attack (ロウガンアタック Rōgan Atakku?) and Eye Beams. Forms Kakure Daishogun's left arm.
  • God Kumard (ゴッドクマード Goddo Kumādo?): Piloted by Ninja Yellow, armed with Eye Beams and Stomp Attack. Forms Kakure Daishogun's upper torso, and the toy version carries the right hand in its underbelly and sports the left hand as its tail.
  • God Gammer (ゴッドガンマー Goddo Ganmā?): Piloted by Ninja Black, armed with Gammer Fire (ガンマーファイヤー Ganmā Faiyā?) and Gammer Dynamite (ガンマーダイナマイト Ganmā Dainamaito?) (release several smaller versions of itself, which would latch on a Youkai and explode). Forms Kakure Daishogun's lower torso and legs.

Three God Generals[edit]

The Three God Generals (三神将 Sanshinshō?), despite the Kakurangers' earlier notions, are sentient mecha who were originally three divine sages that developed a shinobi spell that defeated Daimaou and the Youkai two millennia ago. Having transcended their humanity, the Three God Generals aided the Kakurangers' ancestors in their fight with the Youkai. Though the Kakurangers' ninpo allowed them to revive Muteki Shogun by combining their Beast Generals forms, they obtain the Shinobi Scrolls needed to freely summon him, Tsubasamaru, and Kakure Daishogun. The Three God Generals represent the Shin-Gi-Tai (心技体 Heart, Technique, and Body?) essence of Hidden Style ninpo, and love, hope, and courage which are the opposite of Daimaou who represents hatred.

Muteki Shogun[edit]

Ninja Gattai Muteki Shogun (忍者合体無敵将軍 Ninja Gattai Muteki Shōgun?, Invincible General) is the first of the Three God Generals to be awakened, representing the "body" of Hidden Style ninpo and hibernating as the Wind Illusion Castle (風雲幻城 Fūun Maboroshijō?) before the Kakurangers' ancestors give the Kakurangers their Doron Changers and give them the means to revive Muteki Shogun by combining their Giant Beast General forms. The castle also contains a stone altar of the Three God Generals that the three beings can speak through. Muteki Shogun is armed with the mighty Flaming Shogun Sword (火炎将軍剣 Kaen Shōgun Ken?), which can defeat nearly any Youkai with its flaming blade and has a hilt which resembles a shachihoko. The sword can be shrunk to human size for the Kakurangers to use in desperate situations. The "Shinobi" kanji medal on his chest can deflect certain youkai attacks. Some of Muteki Shogun's attacks are the Shogun Flower Spray (将軍花吹雪 Shōgun Hanafubuki?) and the Flaming Shogun Wave (炎将軍波 Kaen Shogunha?). Whenever Muteki Shogun defeats a Youkai, he gives a salute and a nod while saying, "Rest in peace. (南無三 Namusan?, literally, Hail to Thee, Three Treasures)".

  • By combining Tsubasamaru with Muteki Shogun, they become Super Ninja Gattai Super Muteki Shogun (超忍者合体ス-パ-無敵将軍 Chō Ninja Gattai Sūpā Muteki Shōgun?, Super Invincible General). Super Muteki Shogun can unleash the Muteki Cannon Full Discharge (無敵キャノン一斉射撃 Muteki Kyanon Issei Shageki?) attack to finish off Youkai.


Seinin Beast Tsubasamaru (聖忍獣ツバサマル Seininjū Tsubasamaru?, Sacred Ninja Beast Tsubasamaru) is giant mythical white falcon with a 85.6 metres (281 ft) wingspan that represents the "heart" of Hidden Style ninpo and can combine with either Muteki Shogun or Kakure Daishogun to increase their power. Tsubasamaru first appeared to help the Kakurangers against Umibozu on his own whim before they obtain the Shinobi Scrolls needed to freely summon him. In episode 31, he spoke to Sasuke and gave him the thunder sword, Hikarimaru.

Kakure Daishogun[edit]

Goshin Gattai Kakure Daishogun (五神合体隠大将軍 Goshin Gattai Kakure Daishōgun?, Hidden Grand General), is the last of the Three God Generals to be revealed, representing the "technique" of Hidden Style ninpo and composed of the five Super Ninja Beasts. His fists are weapons, performing the God Hammer Punch (ゴッドハンマーパンチ Goddo Hanmā Panchi?) with the right arm and using the left arm for the God Burst Chop (ゴッドバーストチョップ Goddo Bāsuto Choppu?). The Iron Fist God Finish (鉄拳ゴッドフィニッシュ Tekken Goddo Finisshu?) is performed when the two attacks are used together.

  • By combining Tsubasamaru with Kakure Daishogun, they become Tsubasa Gattai Super Kakure Daishogun (翼合体スーパー隠大将軍 Tsubasa Gattai Sūpā Kakure Daishōgun?, Super Hidden Grand General) who uses the Flying Kick (Furaingu Kikku). While his usual finishing move is Iron Fist Flying Finish (鉄拳フライングフィニッシュ Tekken Furaingu Finisshu?), Super Kakure Daishogun used a variation called the Iron First Flying Finish Saruder Special against the Youkai Amanojaku.