Kapóng language

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Native to Guyana, Venezuela
Ethnicity Akawaio, Patamona
Native speakers
unknown (10,000 cited 1990–2002)[1]
  • Venezuelan Carib
    • Pemóng–Panare
      • Pemóng
        • Kapóng
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
ake – Akawaio
pbc – Patamona
Glottolog kapo1251[2]

Kapóng is a Cariban language spoken mainly in Guyana, most commonly in the region of the Upper Mazaruni. Though many speakers don't live in villages, there are a number of population centers, notably Kamarang, Jawalla, Waramadong, and Kako. There are two dialects, Akawaio and Patamona.

Kapóng also goes by its Macushi name, Ingarikó.


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