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The Killer Ds are a group of Texas House Democrats who left Texas for Ardmore, Oklahoma during the week of May 12, 2003. The Killer Ds left to prevent House consideration of the redistricting legislation that would have benefited Texas Republicans. The Texas Constitution requires 100 representatives, or two-thirds of the 150-member House, to conduct business in the lower chamber. The absence of 52 House Democrats prevented Republican passage of the redistricting plan during the 2003 regular session.

Texas Eleven[edit]

The Killer Ds were followed by a group of 11 Senators, called the Texas Eleven, who left the state in August 2003 for the same reasons.[1]


The moniker "Killer Ds" alludes to the Killer Bees, twelve liberal Democratic Texas Senators who busted a quorum during the 1979 regular session to prevent a vote on a presidential primary bill favorable to Republican John Connally.[2]

List of Killer Ds[edit]

The "Killer Ds" are:

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