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Kinnigoli is located in Karnataka
Location in Karnataka, India
Coordinates: 13°03′47″N 74°50′50″E / 13.0631°N 74.8473°E / 13.0631; 74.8473Coordinates: 13°03′47″N 74°50′50″E / 13.0631°N 74.8473°E / 13.0631; 74.8473
Country India
DistrictDakshina Kannada
 • Total16,608
 • OfficialKannada,Tulu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Telephone code0824
Vehicle registrationKA-19
Nearest cityMangalore
Lok Sabha constituencyMangalore
Vidhan Sabha constituencyMulki-Moodabidri
ClimateTropical (Köppen)
MPNalin Kumar Kateel
MLAUmanath Kotian

Kinnigoli is a major commercial town in Mangalore taluk. It is located approximately 32 km from Mangalore City, 5 km from Kateel (a famous Hindu pilgrimage center), 8 km from Mulki (5 km from Mulki Railway station) and 17 km from the Mangalore International Airport. Kinnigoli is a fast developing township[citation needed].

Kinnigoli is well connected by road with buses to all major cities and towns of the region. It is a central market place for surrounding villages like Damaskatte, Kirem, Aikala, Pakshikere, Kateel, Punaroor, Ullanje, Kilenjoor, S.kodi, Elinje,Sankalakariya, Patte, Guthakadu, Balkunje, Shimanthoor,Kerekad, Niddodi, Neerude, Talipady, Mundkur and Sacheripete. A weekly market is held on every Thursday. Kinnigoli has got its own supermarket called Daily Needs equipped with fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, frozen foods, juices, etc.

The majority of the people in Kinnigoli work in agriculture. Paddy is the widely grown crop and is mostly grown for consumption rather than sale. Cash crops like Areca nut and cashew are grown in small packets of agricultural land or on uncultivable hillocks. Mango, jackfruit and tamarind trees are scattered over the farm lands.

Kinnigoli is rapidly urbanizing due to a large influx of expatriates returning to Kinnigoli (mostly from middle eastern countries) and settling down there[citation needed]. Kinnigoli has a hospital called Concetta Hospital which is run by the Bethany Sisters of the Little Flower, Mangalore.

Famous Indian philanthropist and cardiac surgeon Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty was born in Kinnigoli.

Srinidhi Ramesh Shetty is an Indian model and beauty pageant titleholder who won Miss Diva–Miss Supranational India in the Miss Diva - 2016 and also Miss Supranational 2016 who hails from Thalipady Guthu, Kinnigoli,

In winter month, usually in January, buffalo racing competition called Kambala is held in the water filled, post harvest, rice fields named Kaanthabare-Boodabare Jodukare in Aikala, just about 3 km from Kinnigoli which attracts hordes of spectators including tourists. The competition attracts well fed and trained buffaloes from the twin districts(Dakshina Kannada and Udupi) and gold medallions along with cash are awarded as prizes.

The other facet for which Kinnigoli is known for is its "Unity and diversity". Despite the presence of various religious groups like Hindus, Catholics and Muslims and proliferations of languages from [Kannada], [Tulu], [Konkani] and [Beary] language, Kinnigoli has been free from any communal tension over the years. Each community supports and in some cases actively encourage the religious activities of the other without any bias.

Due to the large number of Kinnigolians working abroad particularly in the middle east, there has been a large influx of foreign remittances to the small city. With a result, one can find a large number of stylish mansions and bungalows along the roads leading in and out of kinnigoli. However, despite the building boom, the ecosystem has been carefully preserved by taking care to see that trees are not destroyed and overall green cover remains untouched. As a result, the place still retains its green cover and eco friendly habitat. Some modern apartments have come up at Kinnigoli like Pinto's Golden Castle . Kinnigoli has few options of hotels apart from Durga daya in the bus stand . Some good service apartments have cone up near kinnigoli church next to Marywale school called Pinto's Crystal Castle which offers furnished apartments with equipped kitchen. A nice place to stay for families in short stays at Kinnigoli.

There is a regular Kannada monthly magazine called Yugapurusha published from Kinnigoli.

Educational Institutes In Kinnigoli[edit]

Kinnigoli can be called a truly educational center.

  • Pompei College Aikala
  • Mulki Ramakrishna Punja Industrial Training Institute Thokur (MRPITI)
  • Pompei PU College Aikala
  • Pompei Primary & High School Aikala
  • Little Flower Composite PU College
  • Rotary English Medium School ThygarajaNagar Moorukaveri
  • Maryvale English Medium Primary & High School
  • St.Lawrence Indian School (CBSE)
  • Shimanthoor Sharada Model English High School (CBSE)
  • St.Mary's Central School (CBSE)
  • Morarji Desai Residential School Kammaje, Kinnigoli
  • Govt. H.P.School Guthakadu
  • Govt. H.P.School Padmanoor

Banking in Kinnigoli[edit]

There are total 17 public sector,private sector and co-operative banks in Kinnigoli.


  • Sri Mahammayi Temple Moorukaveri, Kinnigoli
  • Sri Mariyamma Temple Maaradka, Kinnigoli
  • Sri Rama Mandira Kinnigoli
  • Sri Mookambika Temple Shanthinagar,Kinnigoli
  • Sri Mahalingeshwara Temple Elathuru,Kinnigoli
  • Sri Adi Janardhana Temple Shimanthoor,Kinnigoli
  • Sri Laxmi Janardhana Temple Elinje, Kinnigoli
  • Sri Vishwanatha Temple Punaroor,Kinnigoli
  • sri lakshmi venkataramana temple talipady.
  • Sri Durgaparameshwari Temple, Ulepady, Kinningoli.
  • Sri Umamaheshwara Temple, Ulepady, Kinnigoli,
  • Sri Adi Janardhana Temple, Elinje, Kinningoli
  • Kantabare Budabare Janma and Karnika Kshetra, Guddesaana Ulepady, Kinningoli


  • Immaculate Conception Church Kinnigoli
  • Our Lady of Remedies Church Kirem,Kinnigoli


  • Mohiyuddin Jumma Masjid Kinnigoli
  • Khiliriya Jumma Masjid Shanthinagar,Kinnigoli
  • Jumma Masjid Punaroor,Kinnigoli

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