Klondike Wind Farm

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Klondike Wind Farm
Klondike Wind Farm.jpg
Turbines at the Klondike Wind Farm
Klondike Wind Farm is located in Oregon
Klondike Wind Farm
Location of Klondike Wind Farm in Oregon
Country United States
Location Sherman County, near Wasco, Oregon
Coordinates 45°34′48″N 120°36′36″W / 45.58000°N 120.61000°W / 45.58000; -120.61000Coordinates: 45°34′48″N 120°36′36″W / 45.58000°N 120.61000°W / 45.58000; -120.61000
Status Operational
Owner(s) Iberdrola
Wind farm
Type Onshore
Power generation
Units operational 197 x 1.5 MW
44 x 2.3 MW
1 x 2.4 MW
Make and model Enron Wind
General Electric
Nameplate capacity 399.1 MW

Klondike Wind farm is located in Sherman County, east of the small agricultural community of Wasco, in the north-central part of the U.S. state of Oregon. It was built in four phases and is owned and operated by Iberdrola.[1] The first phase was built in 2001[2] and the latest in 2008.

Phase Capacity (MW)[3] Type number of
Klondike I 24 Enron Wind 16
Klondike II 75 GE Energy 50
Klondike III 120 GE Energy 80
101.2 Siemens 44
2.4 Mitsubishi 1
Klondike IIIa 76.5 GE Energy 51
Total 399.1 242

The wind farm is currently a test site for some new wind turbines, notably the Mitsubishi MWT92, a 2.4 megawatt turbine with a rotor diameter larger than the wingspan of any production aircraft at 92 meters,[4] manufactured in Japan. During the construction of the last phase, an accident killed one worker and injured another.[5]


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