Kronstorfer Messe

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Kronstorfer Messe
Mass by Anton Bruckner
The young Bruckner
KeyD minor
CatalogueWAB 146
FormMissa brevis
Composed1843 (1843) – 1844 (1844): Kronstorf
Performed1 December 1974 (1974-12-01): St. Florian Monastery
Published1984 (1984)
Recorded1998 (1998)
VocalSATB choir

The Kronstorfer Messe, WAB 146, is a missa brevis composed by Anton Bruckner in 1843-1844.


Bruckner composed the Kronstorfer Messe, WAB 146, in 1843–1844, while he was a schoolteacher's assistant in Kronstorf. This Choral-Messe in D minor for mixed choir a cappella, which was presumably intended for the Lenten season.[1]

The work, the manuscript of which was archived in the St. Florian Monastery, was premiered by Augustinus Franz Kropfreiter on 1 December 1974 in the church of the monastery.[2] The work is put in Band XXI/41 of the Gesamtausgabe.[3]


The work is divided into four parts:

  1. Kyrie - Adagio, D minor
  2. Sanctus - Adagio, B-flat major
  3. Benedictus - Andante, D minor
  4. Agnus Dei - Adagio, F major

Total duration: about 5 minutes.

This Missa brevis, also called Messe ohne Gloria [und Credo], exhibits relationships to Palestrina's style.[4] The mass survives only in a fragmentary state, without Gloria or Credo.[5] The manuscript, with, on the front page, an autograph indication "Sine Gloria", contains two blank pages with an autograph indication that they were to contain a Credo in F major.[2][1]

Alike the contemporaneous Asperges me in F major (WAB 4), the Agnus Dei in F major contains audacious modulations.[1]


The Sanctus is re-used in a slightly modified setting for that of the next Messe für den Gründonnerstag.[1]


There is a single, out-of-print recording of the mass:

  • Jussi Kauranen, Tuhansin Kielin, Pirkanpojat boys' choir, Tampere (Finland), 1998 – CD PPCD 02, edited by the choir[6]


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